Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Tuesday 1/26/2021

Do not let my children value what is worthy by the measure of this world. They will not fear displeasing their peers and being left out of certain circles, rather, they will develop a wholesome dread of displeasing You.
Is 8:12-13

Monday 1/25/2021

Let me know my children’s weakness, but show them their strengths; feel their fears but fortify their faith; see their anxieties but free their spirit; recognize their disabilities but emphasize their possibilities.
Pr 27:17 & William Alan Ward

Sunday 1/24/2021

Give my children a new heart and put a new spirit into them. May their hearts be soft and able to feel the exquisite pain of the piercing of Your arrows… so that their hearts are no longer hardened against the piercing of Your word and the teachings of our Master.
Eze 36:26

Saturday 1/23/2021

Keep my children from busying themselves with other people’s affairs rather than doing their own work. I will correct them as needed without becoming weary or losing heart in doing right. I will be consistent.
1Th 3:11-13

Friday 1/22/2021

Give my children the wisdom of Joseph to know that God is in control of our lives at all times, even in long times of trouble. May they grow in this time so they will be prepared to accomplish God’s will when the pieces fall into place. And they will!
Ge 45:8

Thursday 1/21/2021

You promise to make my home joyful and favored if I am just and consistently righteous. Make me grateful for that promise so that I take it. In doing so my children will taste the blessing and someday place their home on the same foundation as mine.
Pr 3:33

Wednesday 1/20/2021

My children will follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit within them and stay away from sin. The act is arbitrary. That is why God says that breaking one law or commandment is as detrimental as breaking them all! The fact that we reject His authority is all that matters, on a large or small scale.
Ge 4:3-4

Tuesday 1/19/2021

Your word teaches us that if anyone will not work, neither let them eat. As my children mature, help me identify appropriate ways to hold them accountable for idleness and not taking care of their business!
1Th 3:11-12

Sunday 1/18/2021

Prepare my children to grasp the glorious future You have laid before them. Make their dreams strong and clear so they will have the vision to endure the trials and obstacles that will stand in their way.
Ps 105:19

Sunday 1/17/2021

Let Your Holy Spirit lead the lives of my children. As they learn to yield to Your spirit, strengthen them to be a bearer of Your love to a broken world. May Your Holy Spirit give them great love for others.
Col 1:8