Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Sunday 3/07/2021

I trust Christ to save me. Use my life to teach my children that God’s way of making us right with Himself depends on faith, not their own goodness. Let them experience the mighty power that raised Christ from the dead.
Php 3:9-10

Saturday 3/06/2021

Teach my children the secret to releasing Your power through their prayer. Give them divine understanding of Your will so they may be confident You are listening whenever they ask anything in line with that will. You have taught us that when our requests line up with Your will, we can be sure You will give us what we ask for.
1Jn 5:14-15

Friday 3/5/2021

Sometimes when my children are experiencing a season of loss… they forget the good stuff. Their own loss hardens them to the plight of others as well as their own blessings. Their happiness will never come from getting what they want, but only through gratitude for what they already have. Please remind them today to appreciate all that they have and focus less on what they have lost.
Ruth 1:21

Thursday 3/04/2021

Equip my children with all they need for doing Your will. Produce in them, through the power of Jesus Christ all that is pleasing to You.
Heb 13:20

Wednesday 3/03/2021

As my children walk in Your will and obey Your commands, pour out Your spirit upon them and make Your words known to them. Thank You for such a life giving promise.
Pr 1:23

Tuesday 3/02/2021

David killed Goliath with a slingshot and a stone. Teach my children that they don’t need an army to defeat their giants… they just need praise. As they learn to praise You in the trenches my children will learn that You live in that kind of atmosphere and a channel is created through which You enter and go to work on their problems.
Ps 34:1, 22:3

Monday 3/01/2021

Make my children leaders. Help them understand that the true measure of
a leader isn’t getting people to work nor getting them to work hard… it is about getting them to work together.
1Sa 7:12 Nu 11:14, Ne 4:6

Sunday 2/28/2021

My children will constantly listen to and obey Jesus. This is a direct command from You! I will do the same.
Mk 9:7

Saturday 2/27/2021

Don’t let anyone lead my children astray with empty philosophy and high sounding nonsense that comes from human thinking and from the evil powers of this world… and not from Christ.
Col 2:8

Friday 2/26/2021

Help my children understand that they will need people to help fulfill Your purpose for their life and get them where they need to go next. Let them see me humble myself to others as well as honor those God has placed in my life.
Romans 16:3