Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Monday 7/13/2020

Give my children a tender heart … may they feel Your pain in the presence of friends who have closed their ears to Your Word and chosen not to receive or obey Your promptings. May these experiences cause them to renew their faith in Your way. And I ask You to help my children understand that You are mighty to restore Your wayward servants … that it is Your place, not theirs, to decide who stands or falls before You.
Psalm 119:136, Romans 14:4

Sunday 7/12/2020

I pray that my children leave their comfort zone today and share Your name when the time arises … they will know … let their ears be open to Your voice and their hearts be full of Your love so that Your goodness will naturally flow out of them to bless others.
Matthew 9:38

Saturday 7/11/2020

I pray my children’s lives become a conduit to bring Your love and purpose to fruition in the lives of those around them. Give me the wisdom to cleverly get Your Word into them until the day they begin to crave time alone with you … and that time will come!
Isaiah 55:10-11

Friday 7/10/2020

Give my children x-ray vision … to be able to spot the goodness in every situation. Just for today, I pray my children make a conscious effort to only see the good in every person and every moment. As their grumbles transform to laughter I pray they recognize the power of gratitude … their own attitude … and try it again tomorrow!
Hebrews 13:15

Thursday 7/09/2020

At some point we each learn (usually the hard way) that we prosper in direct correlation to the prosperity of our soul. I pray the Holy Spirit becomes so strong in my children and they hear His voice so clearly that their soul becomes strong and Christ like … for when it does, the gates of heaven will open and pour divine health, divine love, divine forgiveness, divine wealth and all forms of earthly prosperity into the lives of my children.
1John 3, Romans 5:5, Tit 3:6, Matthew 3:10

Tuesday 7/08/2020

I pray my children NEVER ignore the poor … for he who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be answered.
Proverbs 21:13

Monday 7/06/2020

May my children choose to love You. Talk is cheap … their actions prove to You who they serve! You have given each of them the gift of Your voice, the constant presence of Knowledge available to them. I pray with all my heart they learn to LISTEN to You (that still, small voice in their minds!) I pray Your presence outgrows the overpowering ‘promptings’ of the enemy that come in the form of peer pressure, media, celebrity, and physical desire to make my children believe satisfying the craving’s of their flesh in ways that dishonor God is perfectly acceptable because “everyone is doing it … their parents don’t care!”
Romans 8:29-30

Sunday 7/05/2020

Give my children the wisdom necessary to understand the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice. You teach us that sin has earthly consequences and You also teach us how to avoid the eternal consequences of our sin. Open my children’s hearts and make them tender … may they feel the pain of their own sin so that they accept the full measure of Your forgiveness. May they turn from their sin and live only for You.
2Samuel 12:9-14

Saturday 7/04/2020

Don’t let my children conform to this world but let them be transformed by the renewal of their mind. Give me a heart to be their spiritual blacksmith so that I may use my time with them wisely … molding them to follow You.
1Samuel 13:19

Friday 7/04/2020

Do not let my children develop an attitude of superiority. You created them to carry the burdens of others … and their load will require assistance, too. Let them receive the understanding and concept of teamwork and allow themselves to need help. The people You then place alongside them will take their breath away!
1Kings 10:20