Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Thursday 8/13/2020

You have assured us that if we believe in You that we will be able to do the things that You do, and that we will do even greater things because You have gone to the Father. It is with this authority that I break every hold the enemy has over my children and deliver them before the throne so that You can teach them how to unleash Your power into their lives!
Jn 14:12

Tuesday 8/11/2020

Give my children a revelation of communion. Jesus is the Bread of Life and I pray my children will KNOW this so they will never be hungry or thirsty and will continually be filled with Him so they lack nothing. Jn 6:35

Monday 8/10/2020

My children have been given the authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and the physical and mental strength and ability over all the power that the enemy possess so that nothing shall in any way harm them. I pray they take it!
Lk 10:19

Sunday 8/09/2020

May my children grow in the footsteps of Christ and become strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and may the grace of God be upon them.
Lk 2:40

Saturday 8/08/2020

I pray your sword pierces my children’s souls so that the secret thoughts and purposes of their hearts may be brought out and disclosed… and if what they see is not pretty… I pray my children wake up, repent, and receive forgiveness. In doing so they will feel a spring in their step!
Lk 2:35

Friday 8/07/2020

The hands of angels are holding my children, guiding them and protecting them from danger. I pray my children feel the warmth and protection of these celestial beings sent to them from God… I pray I feel them too!
Dan 10:10

Thursday 8/06/2020

May my children see me honoring God with the first of my increase so they understand and therefore chose to live by the spiritual principal of receiving the blessings of God. May God’s blessing rest of the homes of my grown children!
Ez 44:30

Wednesday 8/05/2020

I know all about sin! Let my children admit their shame to me so that I can help relieve their guilt, lighten the heaviness, and restore their spirits. I pray they take my hand… as I know the way to the cross!
Gal 6:1 BG 7-26-08

Tuesday 8/04/2020

Thank you Lord for placing remarkable people around my children’s table. May they draw from the spirits of those living from that deep place of fire within… so that the souls of my children catch fire, burn brightly, and bring light to our broken world. As they take action to fulfill the deep longing You’ve placed inside… that fire will grow… but they must move!
Pr 11:2, 1Co 15:10

Monday 8/03/2020

My children can’t prosper if they are hanging around fools. Help them discern and choose wholesome minded companions. Thank you for giving them a loving heart and I ask that you guard that heart from joining to the foolish in close companionship (but still love them)… and keep them from judging others… thank God for Jesus… all this would be impossible without Him! Pr 13:20, Ro14:4, Lk 18:20