Praying For Our Children…Every Day

Sunday 9/201/2015

Thank you for giving me Your peace. If I become wrought up or anxious about anything today, remind me that I am wasting treasure. Show me that it is as silly as swimming in a crystal clean river and complaining of thirst. Help me teach this to my children.

John 14:7

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  1. Adeline

    I would Like to thank God and The Holy Spirit For ur website .
    I really need a serious deep prayers for me my husband and my kids .
    I asked u to find for me a powerful prayer that can convert my Husband to a faithful man , to a Jesus servor , to a non selfish person . I found out after being married that he is kind of Narcisstic … He left us many times …
    Now he sent me a message that ” he met a woman and he is in love and for the first time in his life ” . He said : ” I know that u understand me ”
    He went through leg operation recently and he lost his job . My son is going to travel and to live with him as he wants to find a job . My fear as well is on my son … I m afraid that he will be impressed by his dad and his selfishness disorder ….
    Plsssss help me ….
    My husband is very stubborn and egocentric …..
    He refuses to let God work into his life
    Thank u for ur time …

    September 20, 2015 at 9:31 am

    • prayersoverourchildren

      May you feel the comfort of God’s strength. If you haven’t seen the movie War Room, I believe it will encourage you. There is a prayer posted on this site on the Powerful Prayers page titled Psalm 112. I prayed this over my husband everyday for more than a year… everything didn’t work out the way I planned… but God is good and it He worked on my husband’s heart… my life is full of joy now! 🙂

      September 21, 2015 at 7:04 am

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