Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Saturday 1/17/2021

Let my children organize their time and follow through with their plans. In doing so, they won’t be consumed by the busyness of life and the frantic “catch- up” which steals their peace. They will then experience a multitude of quiet moments throughout their day. These still quiet moments are the gateway to Your presence and the pathway to Holy Ground.
Ex 3:2-5

Friday 1/16/2021

Prayer is more than a string of words or a list of requests; it is the act of intimacy with God. Coming into intimacy with You is the principal purpose of prayer. Let my children experience Your amazing presence through their prayers so they will know the power of keeping those lines of communication open. They will learn that leaning on You at work, play, or rest is worship… and they will feel blessed.
Rev 8:3-4

Thursday 1/14/2021

Build strong character in my children by teaching them the importance of self discipline. Their greatest victories will be their internal ones. They will set their standards high by following the example of the spiritual strength and character needed to accomplish great things for You.
Pr 16:32, Mt 16:24

Wednesday 1/13/2021

My children will not have the kind of faith that allows them to be lazy or
apathetic while waiting on the Lord. They will use all that has been given to them to do all that they can… then trust God to do the rest.
Prov. 16:9

Tuesday 1/12/2021

Teach my children to live in Your will by giving them the resources they need minute by minute as they plunge into their unique adventures with You. The right provision at just the right moment will encourage them to stay on this awesome ride with You- fulfilling their purpose in the body of Christ!
Mt 6:33

Monday 1/11/2021

Impress upon my children the urgency and importance of today. Rather than put off their obligations or delay their dreams, they will begin today, and in doing so release Your power over their lives. They will live by faith and not the illusion of their own power.
Gal 6:4

Saturday 1/10/2021

Bless my children with the kind of faith that empowers them to receive what they ask for in prayer. Prompt them to forgive all grudges they are holding against others. In doing so, they are equipped to embrace Your promise that whatever they ask for in prayer, if they believe that they have received it, it will be theirs. Please give them the patience and hope to enjoy every day while waiting on that delivered promise.
Mk 11:23-26; 1Co 12:9

Saturday 1/09/2021

Make my children confident and courageous. Take their hand and lead them to start something today that they have been putting off rather than waiting for perfect conditions to begin. Take my hand, too!
Ecc 11:4; Dt 1:29-30

Friday 1/07/2021

My children will learn to be courageous much like they learned to walk. They will see Your outstretched arms and hear Your loving voice saying, “Come, you can do it!” Make them understand that the assurance of Your voice, Your presence is all they need to tread safely into the unknown.
Dt 31:6

Thursday 1/07/2021

My children will learn to be courageous much like they learned to walk. They will see Your outstretched arms and hear Your loving voice saying, “Come, you can do it!” Make them understand that the assurance of Your voice, Your presence is all they need to tread safely into the unknown.
Dt 31:6

Wednesday 1/06/2021

Build strong character in my children by giving them a clear sense of purpose. As they mature in character they will crave Your word, then all will be revealed; why we are alive, how life works, what to avoid, and what to expect in the future. My children will build their lives on eternal truths, not pop psychology, success, motivation or inspirational stories.
1Co 2:7, 1Ti 1:12

Tuesday 1/05/2020

Help me take my tired hands and stand firm on my shaky legs. Give me wisdom to mark out a straight path for my feet. Then my children who are following me will not stumble and fall but will become strong.
Heb 12:12-13

Monday 1/04/2020

Teach my children the power of Selah (pause and reflect.) Don’t allow them to race through life without capturing the meaning. When they experience those ‘ah ha’ moments, they will pause, give thanks for Your constant companionship in their lives, and then strive to comprehend that You were there all along.
Ps 3:1-8

Sunday 1/03/2020

Teach my children that they must first obey Your voice and step out into Your will, then You will give them the ability to accomplish the goals You have placed on their hearts. Show them through successes that the call comes first, and until they mature in You… the questioning, but ultimately, if they obey, the provision will follow. I delight in living by Your Holy Spirit; give my children that same joy!
Eph 2:10

Sunday 1/02/2020

Reveal to my children that letting their minds become seduced from wholehearted, sincere, and pure devotion to Christ is no different from Eve taking that apple. Both hinge on the test of obedience. Eve wasn’t ejected from the garden simply because she ate the fruit but because she disobeyed God by rejecting His authority. We won’t be rejected from the Kingdom for any of our acts, but because we disobey God by rejecting the authority of His Son.
2Co 11:3, Ge 3:6

Saturday 1/01/2021

Go with my children into the New Year so they will live and not hide. Give them the catalyst to activate their faith… courage. Show them how to tremble their way to confidence, that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the conquest of it.
Dt 31:6

Wednesday 12/30/2020

God speaks to us through the magic of music. Hearing a new song sometimes puts a bounce in our step or a smile on our face that lasts all day, or an instrumental arrangement that for some inexplicable reason fills our eyes with tears… thank You for these little previews of heaven while on this earth. Let my children pay the closest attention to these moments, for You are whispering secrets of where they have come from and unveiling the mystery of where they should go next.
Rev 14:3

Tuesday 12/29/2020

Give my children the drive to know You intimately, then help them understand it won’t happen overnight. Let my children witness me taking the time and effort to become deeply acquainted with You so that they will have the faith to pursue a relationship with You that is so close that you will walk together whatever comes.
Php 3:10

Monday 12/28/2020

Don’t let my children compare themselves to others and conclude that they aren’t worthy because they are missing particular talents, attributes, or possessions. Show them it is what they already possess that You will use to fulfill Your purpose in their life. Give them the faith to see that what they are holding onto is all they need to accomplish great things… then to place it in Your hands and watch as amazing things happen.
Ex 4:2, Heb 11:6

Sunday 12/27/2020

It was never Your intent for us to view our faith as a private personal matter. Engage my children with others to be a vital member of Christ’s body sharing life with other believers. Let them serve together and develop true spiritual friendships. They will not co-exit, but co-labor for your great cause. You designed us to be interdependent. Make my children complete!
3Jn 1:3

Saturday 12/26/2020

Let my children run in stride with those who (like them) are committed to lives of purity. Let them draw on examples of commitment to the Lord, like Eric Lidell (Chariots of Fire) and my life as encouragement to pursue their faith and finish their race. 2Ti 2:22

Friday 12/25/2020

Gift my children with your Holy Spirit, giving them vision, inspiring them with creative ideas, introducing them to the right people, and empowering them to do the job. Fill them completely with faith and the love of Jesus Christ. Have mercy on them because of their sin and use them as examples to other sinners that they too can believe in Him and receive eternal life.
Lk 1:35, 1Ti 1:15-16

Thursday 12/24/2020

Left alone my children are vulnerable and incomplete. Surround them with Christians of all ages who continually motivate them to love Christ better and better. Create among them a spirit of Christian community where it isn’t odd or weird for them to reach out to each other for prayer or spiritual based encouragement.
3Jn 1:1-2

Wednesday 12/23/2020

Do not allow sin to control the way my children live. Teach them that living without restraint is like removing brakes from a car, while the ride will be exciting, it will end in disaster. Help them see that whatever they choose to obey will become their master, and then give themselves completely to You!
Ro 6:12-16