Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Sunday 10/02/2022

Take whatever faith my children possess and work with it! Your Word is filled with thousands of promises. May my children use the index at the end of their bibles, find the promises they need to carry them through their current trial… and then believe You that You are able and willing to deliver! May they see me carrying around scriptures tucked in my pockets, enjoy the warmth of my peace and joy… to want what I have and get it for themselves!
Ro 4:17-21, Heb 11:1

Saturday 10/01/2022

Making God the ultimate authority in every decision my children make is the key to unlocking the door that releases peace into their lives. As Christians, the peace is always available to them (as is the love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control) but they MUST choose Your will (they know the sound of Your voice they just sometimes ignore it!) and submit to You through obedience.
Gal 5:22-25

Friday 9/30/2022

I pray my children recognize that their resources are all from You. May they seek Your will and then believe You. I’m quite sure You are asking them to do far more than they believe they are capable of achieving… and I am even more certain the resources You have given them are far greater than they can even imagine!

Ne 9:15-17

Thursday 9/29/2022

May my children dwell in love, to live it and walk it out, and not just love for You but love in action for those around them. For in doing so they place themselves in Your shelter and can weather any storm.
Ps 91:1

Wednesday 9/28/2022

Let my children see that FEAR is a tool of the enemy! May they make a conscious effort to eliminate ungodly fear from their lives. The natural outcome of fear is a propensity to sin… and when that happens… they enemy gets another point!
Ne 6:13

Tuesday 9/27/2022

Give my children a heart and mind to work for Your purposes. Show them the plots of the enemy meant to frustrate and halt their progress so they may call on You. May they stand firm in accomplishing all that You have called them to do, even if that means working with one hand and holding a weapon against the enemy in the other.
Ne 4:6, 15, 17

Monday 9/26/2022

We cannot produce peace, it is a fruit of the Spirit. When my children received Christ they also received His peace… they just don’t always know how to activate it. May they allow the Prince of Peace to govern their lives because it is in circumstances where my children submit to His will (not theirs) that they immediately or ultimately experience peace.
Isa 9:6-7, 2Th 3:16, Gal 5:22

Sunday 9/25/2022

May the Lord make my children increase, excel, and overflow in love for one another and for all people… just as I do for them!
1Th 2:14

Saturday 9/24/2022

Give my children resiliency and a sense of humor. They are a love letter from Christ to the world… and a crabby attitude to their lives is like illegible handwriting to Christ’s love letter.
2 Co 3:3

Friday 9/23/2022

Thank You for giving my children Your Word and giving me the insight to release its power into their lives. May they exercise the power of the Word in their own lives by learning to adhere to, trust in, and rely on it!

1 Th 2:13

Thursday 9/22/2022

Teach my children that Christ has redeemed them from every curse of the law, including sickness and disease… that Jesus bore their sickness for them not with them. Reveal to my children the ways in which the enemy is blocking the manifestation of their healing so they can act to unlock Your promises into their lives!
Gal 3:13, Mt 8:17, Jas 5:15-16

Wednesday 9/21/2022

I pray that at some point in this day I will have the opportunity to teach my children that good and evil are both present in each of our hearts… and that whichever we choose to feed is the one we will become.
Ro 12:21

Tuesday 9/20/2022

Thank you for giving me Your peace. If I become wrought up or anxious about anything today, remind me that I am wasting treasure. Show me that it is as silly as swimming in a crystal clean river and complaining of thirst. Help me teach this to my children.
Jn 14:7

Monday 9/19/2022

When my children are knowingly or unknowingly walking in sin, cause their hearts to soften. May they hear and heed Your messengers rather than mock Your rebukes. Yes, gossip really does sting back and those innocent white lies are still entrances for the enemy. There are natural consequences to sin… may my children repent and turn to You before it’s too late!
2 Ch 36:14-16

Sunday 9/18/2022

My children already possess everything they need to accomplish what they were sent to do. I pray they open their eyes and their hearts to the will of God and learn their mission… for they are equipped with the perfect tools to arrive at their destination… not anyone else’s.
1 Pe 1:3-4

Saturday 9/17/2022

You promise to make my home joyful and favored if I am just and consistently righteous. Make me grateful for that promise so that I take it. In doing so my children will taste the blessing and someday place their home on the same foundation as mine.
Pr 3:33

Friday 9/16/2022

May my children recognize who they are… clay in the Potter’s hand. The pressure, spinning and heat may at times feel ‘too much’ for them as their lives are shaped and formed into vessels God can use to bless… as well as bless others.

Isa 64:8

Thursday 9/15/2022

I pray my children don’t become lifelong whiners… and I pray even harder that I don’t get sucked in by those who do! Give my children warrior spirits so they don’t freak out when they encounter trials (at least not for long!) Let me teach them (by example) to rise in the midst of adversity rather than wilt!
Pr 31:15

Wednesday 9/14/2022

Pride is the bitter enemy of my children. Humility is their dear friend. May I humble myself before God so that humility will be mine. As my children witness my actions they will see with their physical eyes my transformation as I am given a humble heart. They will witness the blessing of God’s strength in my life and the benefits that come with it… and want You for themselves!
Jas 4:10, 1Pe 5:6, Job 38

Tuesday 9/13/2022

The power of sin is broken in my children’s lives. If they choose to receive it (by walking out their faith) then they get to live in the kingdom of God while on earth rather than the kingdom of Satan. Thank You that my children do not have to live in sickness, poverty, depression, controlled by lusts and all
the consequences that result from sinful behavior.
Col 1:13-14

Monday 9/12/2022

When my children recognize they are worrying about something, prompt them to repent then turn to You in gratitude for what they already have… and prayer to strengthen and prepare them for the task at hand.
Php 4:6

Sunday 9/11/2022

As we remember the historical winds of terror brought upon our nation by enemies, let those memories serve to remind us that we are ONE nation under God. That united as one body, each taking our place to serve the needs of our fellow Americans… as well as future generations… that the enemy will fall and in Christ we will stand victorious. May we remember the passion that united us… to forever fuel our daily devotion of service to one another, our country, and our God.
Ro 12:4-11

Saturday 9/10/2022

May my children add You to their speed dial… calling on You first when they have a problem. Their faith grows as they stand firm and believe You can bring comfort and victory to their lives.
2Ch 20:17

Friday 9/09/2022

I pray my children learn this pattern: seek You, listen, trust You, then praise You while they wait! Help my children understand that praising You is the KEY to unlocking Your power into their current situation. It is all about faith… and when their faces are long and their spirits are hopeless… their faith suffers and so does the measure of the power behind it.
2Ch 20:3, 20:15, 20:21-22