Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Tuesday 3/02/2021

David killed Goliath with a slingshot and a stone. Teach my children that they don’t need an army to defeat their giants… they just need praise. As they learn to praise You in the trenches my children will learn that You live in that kind of atmosphere and a channel is created through which You enter and go to work on their problems.
Ps 34:1, 22:3

Monday 3/01/2021

Make my children leaders. Help them understand that the true measure of
a leader isn’t getting people to work nor getting them to work hard… it is about getting them to work together.
1Sa 7:12 Nu 11:14, Ne 4:6

Sunday 2/28/2021

My children will constantly listen to and obey Jesus. This is a direct command from You! I will do the same.
Mk 9:7

Saturday 2/27/2021

Don’t let anyone lead my children astray with empty philosophy and high sounding nonsense that comes from human thinking and from the evil powers of this world… and not from Christ.
Col 2:8

Friday 2/26/2021

Help my children understand that they will need people to help fulfill Your purpose for their life and get them where they need to go next. Let them see me humble myself to others as well as honor those God has placed in my life.
Romans 16:3

Thursday 2/25/2021

pray my children view their circumstances with You as the focal point and see that their problems are a platform to display Your power to act on their behalf… may they understand this, stand firm in their faith, and NOT let the enemy get the best of them!
Mt 14:24-33

Wednesday 2/24/2021

Work in my children; give them the desire to obey You and the power to do what pleases You.
Php 2:13

Tuesday 2/23/2021

Help my children see that constantly seeking council from friends is a sign they aren’t hearing and understanding Your voice. Gently correct their sins so that their hearts will be pure and they can receive Your words.
Mt 5:8

Monday 2/22/2021

By faith, my children will walk under the protection of their Lord. They will serve You and have no fear of being tormented or injured by the creatures of the pit. They are called to evangelize and to total faithfulness out of concern for others who do not share this protection, even in the face of martyrdom.
Rev 14:4-5

Sunday 2/21/2021

Help my children understand that many are called to God but few are chosen. They must put on the robe of righteousness when presenting themselves before God. Show them that Jesus Christ is that robe and then help dress them for the rest of their lives in Your eternal garment.
Mt 22:14

Saturday 2/20/2021

I pray that You strengthen my children with Your glorious power so that they will have all the patience and endurance they need.
Col 1:11

Friday 2/19/2021

When my children throw a pity-party for themselves, help them stop! Open their eyes to the immediate needs of others around them and let them find ways to help, prayers to pray, and above all… offer unconditional love.
Ps 25:16

Thursday 2/18/2021

My children will be the salt of this earth, daily preserving the attributes of Christ within them so they may bring forth Your love to a hurting world.
Lev 2:13, Mk 9:50

Tuesday 2/17/3021

Help my children understand what it means to honor one another above themselves. Let them experience the unexpected joy of helping others and the unbelievable peace that comes when they stop believing that their way is the only way.
Ro 12:10

Tuesday 2/16/2021

Thank You for giving my children tender hearts. Yes, they feel pain as their hearts break for what breaks Yours, and they feel the piercing arrows of Your correction. May they never harden so that this divine connection of the heart they share with You remains strong. Their faith is defined as they learn to walk with You… when they get busy going about life… it is these tugs on their hearts that remind them they are living for You.
Joel 2:12-14, Ez 36:26

Monday 2/15/2021

Lord, please reveal to my children the areas of their lives that displease You. Give them a wholesome dread of displeasing You so they will choose obedience. In doing so, they will release the power of Your blessings over their lives.
Ps 25:11-14

Sunday 2/14/2021

Use me to fill up anything that may still be missing in my children’s faith. Make their love grow and overflow for each other and to everyone else so that Christ will make their hearts strong, blameless, and holy when they stand before You on judgment day.
Th 3:12-13

Saturday 2/13/2021

Our world offers powerful substitutes for needs that only God can meet. Show my children that it is their union with Christ that makes them complete. He is the only answer.
Col 2:8-10

Friday 2/12/2021

Don’t let my children close their eyes to Your goodness because of any hurt
they are nursing. Help them hold on to what is good and keep them away from every kind of evil.
1 Th 5:16-22

Thursday 2/11/2021

Show my children that it is the condition of their heart revealed to You through their acts of obedience that define their worship as true or simply formalistic. Let them draw from the story of Cain and Abel the difference between a heart that seeks to please God and one that just jumps through the hoops.
Ge 4:3-5

Wednesday 2/10/2021

My children have talent and God requires them to use it. They will not spend precious time strengthening the talents they want rather than the ones they already have.
1 Co 12:11

Monday 2/08/2021

Give my children a hunger for Your word. Place them under the care of teachers and spiritual leaders who are strong Christians so they may further grow in truth. Expose false teachers sent by the enemy to shift their focus and energy to unworthy things. Keep them on guard so they don’t find themselves valuing that which is not God.
2 Jn 1:7-11

Sunday 2/07/2021

We offer You our hearts, dedicated and fully immersed in a lifestyle of continual worship. Let my children release their gifts, talents, and abilities to You so they may hear what kind of sacrifice You want from them. With a pure heart they will serve You first so the purpose of their lives will be fulfilled.
Ge 4:3-5

Saturday 2/06/2021

Lord, let me hear the sweet comfort of Your voice. Those moments when my mind becomes sharp, clear, focused and completely consumed by my connection to You. My children will benefit as I carry them along my path, teaching them to walk with You also, and then rejoicing as they recognize Your voice and follow You.
1Sa 3:9, Pr 22:6, Dt 11:19, Dt 4:9