Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Monday 6/01/2020

Give my children a heart of wisdom. Help them understand the importance of developing their gifts and using their passions to make the world a better place … give them the insight to put it all together and accept beyond doubt that they are here to introduce You to others … not save others … that is Your job … their job is to make sure the world knows about Your love … simply by just being their true selves.
Romans 12:12, Proverbs 11:30&19:21, IJohn 5:10, IThessalonians 1:8, Mark 15:15, Psalms 67:2, Ephesians 5:15

Sunday 5/31/2020

Reveal Your magnificence to my children … use the mountains, the testing of someone like Nick Vujicic (worth Googling), or the wonder of the tiny snowflake … just help my children view themselves in relation to You so they may remain humble … for only the humble will be lifted up and their lives made significant!
James 4:10, 14

Saturday 5/30/2020

Help my children see that becoming a person of discipline has nothing to do with talent or conditions … it is about choice! As they work to reach the goals they have made for themselves, give them the spirit of practice … keep that fire of desire burning in them and the discipline needed to accomplish what they set out to achieve. They are young, but their dreams are strong. If my children learn that they have what it takes to accomplish the goals of their youth … I can’t help but grin as I imagine the impact they will have on this planet throughout their lives!
1Timothy 4:15

Friday 5/29/2020

I pray my children love those around them and remain faithful to others You place in their lives. When they do, my children’s lives will not only be filled with earthly blessings but more importantly have access to Your place of Shelter … and remind them that love is “doing” not just “feeling!” Show them opportunities to love others today through acts of kindness …. then give them to courage and selflessness to follow through.
Ruth 3:12

Thursday 5/28/2020

Dear Lord, in the face of my children’s most grievous trouble, remind them to bend down and pray, that nothing is too hard for You. Your word tells my children that You will bend down and listen to them … but first they must submit to Your authority and have faith that You do indeed have the power to fulfill Your promises!
Psalms 116:1-6

Wednesday 5/27/2020

Let my children savor the fruits of their own industry. Give them a spirit of independence so they taste the exquisite reward of freedom … then let them readily share the overflowing abundance of their hearts and their treasure … for when they truly love others my children will begin to see God’s hand working in this world.
Zechariah 3:10, Matthew 5:8

Tuesday 5/26/2020

God gives different missions to different people, and equips each person to accomplish their purpose. Don’t let my children get bogged down with hang ups about other people’s gifts. Help them see that it is not only a waste of time, but questions Your authority and capability. I pray my children do what they were made to do, let others be free to do what they were sent to do, and rejoice in everyone’s differences! Let my children celebrate each other’s gifts and know that it is all for the Glory of God … not theirs!
Galatians 2

Monday 5/25/2020

As my children mature allow me to give them the dignity of making more and more of their own mistakes and then letting them learn from those experiences. They belong to You not me … keep me from hindering You from working in their lives by over parenting.
Romans 12:16, 14:3, 14:23

Sunday 5/24/2020

Secure my children’s values so they stand firm when tempted. May they know who they are. Then release them from the urge to compare themselves to others, especially those that are not pleasing You. Give them the grace to free others from conforming to their standards and the security to believe that judgment is Your job … not theirs.
2Corinthians 10:2, Romans 14:4

Saturday 5/23/2020

Teach my children to speak their truth … to know who they are, why they are here … and have the courage to live accordingly. God, You gave each of my children a plan and a purpose and through Jesus Christ they will discover their own personal truth … and when they do and choose to live accordingly, they will be free.
Psalms 15:2, John 8:32, Ephesians 4:1

Friday 5/22/2020

Blaze Your promises on my children’s hearts. As they see Your promises come to fruition their trust in You will become unshakable. May I stand on Your promises as I face today’s struggles and may I display the fruits of Your Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. As I do, my children will want what I have and follow me … not their peers.
Hebrews 6:12-15, Galatians 5:22-23

Thursday 5/21/2020

As a new day dawns, show my children what old ‘thing or habit’ they need to get rid of. They will not be held back by the past. They will move boldly into this day, their future … with no baggage or regret!
Isaiah 43:18

Wednesday 5/20/2020

Give my children a wholesome dread of displeasing You so they will be intrinsically motivated to obey Your commands. Let them experience the light free feeling that flows from doing the ‘right’ thing so that they crave more and truly begin to understand that obedience is not only the root of character but the foundation of all happiness.
Ecclesiastes 12:13

Tuesday 5/19/2020

Let my children be fire lighters, inspiring those around them to dream big. Reveal to them those phrases they use that tear others down so that they will become effective in lighting the fire of passion throughout their lifetime … let it start today.
Jeremiah 20:9

Sunday 5/17/2020

Let my life be a reminder to my children that we must obey the commands of God revealed to us through scripture. Many things are kept secret and for those we aren’t responsible … but where scripture is clear … there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ nor exceptions.
Deuteronomy 29:29

Saturday 5/16/2020

My children will not be hindered by their past mistakes. When thoughts of hurt and betrayal enter their thoughts today, remind my children that You gave Your Son for their forgiveness … so they appreciate Your ultimate act of sacrifice so that they may live a free, peaceful, and joy filled life. Once their mind is no longer cluttered with painful junk from the past, they will be free to live for You and Your purposes. Please take Your mighty hand and do a clean sweep of their thoughts today and free my children!
2Corinthians 10:4-5

Thursday 5/15/2020

Thank You for giving my children one heart and one way. Thank You for Your everlasting covenant with them, that You will not turn away from following them to do them good, and You will not depart from them!
Jeremiah 32:38

Thursday 5/14/2020

Guide my children along right paths. Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Cowardice asks: Is it safe? Consensus asks: Is it popular? Character asks: Is it right?” Help my children do the right thing, especially when it costs them, when the wrong this is more expedient, or when no one is looking.
Psalms 23:3

Wednesday 5/13/2020

My children will learn to seek Your wisdom in all situations. There are many people on this earth who are out to trick them … my children will be protected from false motives as they learn to seek You.
Joshua 9:14

Tuesday 5/12/2020

Give my children the kind of faith that will give them the patience to wait for everything good that they want. Let them delight in and celebrate You so that You will give them the desires of their heart.
Psalms 37:4,7

Monday 5/11/2020

Let my children hear the instruction of their father and not reject the teaching of their mother.
Proverbs 1:8

Saturday 5/09/2020

You know what You are doing. You have it all planned out. Plans to take care of my children, not abandon them. Plans to give them the future they hope for. When they call on You, when they come and pray to You, You will listen. When they come looking for You, You’ll find them. Yes, when they get seriois about finding You and want it more than anything else, You’ll make sure they won’t be disappointed … You will turn things around for them.
Jeremiah 29:11-14

Friday 5/08/2020

Surround my children with people who celebrate and worship You. May they love and be kind to all people, especially those who don’t know You … keep them from adopting the ways of those who do not trust You … so they do not fall victim to the enemy.
Joshua 23:14

Thursday 5/07/2020

Make my house strong so the enemy can’t use us to hurt each other. As I parent Your remarkable children … I will keep them from hunger, anger, loneliness, and exhaustion … that is when they become vulnerable and make bad decisions. Thank You for loving me and sharing this wisdom with me this morning.
Matthew 24:43