Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Thursday 6/19/2022

Let my children be fire lighters, inspiring those around them to dream big. Reveal to them those phrases they use that tear others down so that they will become effective in lighting the fire of passion throughout their lifetime… let it start today.
Jer 20:9

Wednesday 5/18/2022

Develop my children’s natural abilities and place opportunities in front of them that line up with those abilities so they can discover what they love to do. Lead them in the direction of that beloved endeavor. Place other people in their paths that encourage them to stay the course. Most of all, give them the strength to pursue and develop this passion so they truly accomplish the work You have placed them here to accomplish!
2Ti 1:6

Tuesday 5/17/2022

Let my life be a reminder to my children that we must obey the commands of God revealed to us through scripture. Many things are kept secret and for those we aren’t responsible… but where scripture is clear… there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ nor exceptions.
Dt 29:29

Monday 5/16/2022

My children will not be hindered by their past mistakes. When thoughts of hurt and betrayal enter their thoughts today, remind my children that You gave Your Son for their forgiveness… so they appreciate Your ultimate act of sacrifice so that they may live a free, peaceful, and joy filled life. Once their mind is no longer cluttered with painful junk from the past, they will be free to live for You and Your purposes. Please take Your mighty hand and do a clean sweep of their thoughts today and free my children!
2Co 10:4-5

Saturday 5/14/2022

Guide my children along right paths. Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Cowardice asks: Is it safe? Consensus asks: Is it popular? Character asks: Is it right?” Help my children do the right thing, especially when it costs them, when the wrong this is more expedient, or when no one is looking.
Ps 23:3

Friday 5/13/2022

My children will learn to seek Your wisdom in all situations. There are many people on this earth who are out to trick them… my children will be protected from false motives as they learn to seek You.
Jos 9:14

Thursday 5/12/2022

Give my children the kind of faith that will give them the patience to wait for everything good that they want. Let them delight in and celebrate You so that You will give them the desires of their heart.
Ps 37:4,7

Wednesday 5/11/2022

Let my children hear the instruction of their father and not reject the teaching of their mother.
Pr 1:8

Tuesday 5/10/2022

It is only our faith and trust in God that makes us truly successful on earth. My children will remain strong in the Lord for the short time they are here and NOT become enamored by the ways of the world.
Jos 23:13

Monday 5/09/2022

You know what You are doing. You have it all planned out. Plans to take care of my children, not abandon them. Plans to give them the future they hope for. When they call on You, when they come and pray to You, You will listen. When they come looking for You, You’ll find them. Yes, when they get serious about finding You and want it more than anything else, You’ll make sure they won’t be disappointed… You will turn things around for them.
Jer 29:11-14

Sundat 5/08/2022

Surround my children with people who celebrate and worship You. May they love and be kind to all people, especially those who don’t know You… keep them from adopting the ways of those who do not trust You… so they do not fall victim to the enemy.
Jos 23:14

Saturday 5/07/2022

Make my house strong so the enemy can’t use us to hurt each other. As I parent Your remarkable children… I will keep them from hunger, anger, loneliness, and exhaustion… that is when they become vulnerable and make bad decisions. Thank You for loving me and sharing this wisdom with me this morning.
Mt 24:43

Thursday 5/05/2022

I pray my children know You through Jesus… for He is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to You but through Jesus! May they humble themselves and finally accept that they can NOT earn Your love, forgiveness, devotion, or salvation!
Jn 14:6

Tuesday 5/04/2022

My children will be strong, courageous, and firm in the face of their enemies; they will fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is You, the Lord our God who goes with them. Thank You for the promise to not fail them or forsake them.
Dt 31:6

Tuesday 5/03/2022

Focus my children. Reveal to them the purpose You have placed in their hearts so they don’t waste time and energy chasing someone else’s dream.
Pr 4:27

Monday 5/02/2022

Keep my children from jumping to false conclusions. When they see each other seemingly displeasing You, let them take the time to ask for each other’s explanation. Most likely, all is well, as the Israelites discovered of their brethren in the matter of the Lord’s alter near the Jordan.
Jos 22

Sunday 5/01/2022

Do not let my children be deceived into believing they are immune to the judgment of our Lord because they reject His authority in their hearts and minds. This world has powerful pulls of deception working to distance us from our maker… strengthen my children’s faith so they will stand firm.
Dt 29:19-20

Saturday 4/30/2022

My children have made a difference in my life, just be being who they are. Help them make a lasting difference in the lives they touch. Develop their character… help them become the kind of people who put others first and fight for truth. Let their lives be an example for others… even after they are gone.
2Pe 1:15

Friday 4/28/2022

My children will fear no enemies, not one! They will not tremble today or be terrified because of them. You are with them crushing those enemies and saving them from the potential pain of falling into traps and a life of destruction.
Dt 20:3-4

Thursday 4/28/2022

Teach my children to pray heartfelt and continuous prayers and reveal to them the life changing power available to those who live a life pleasing to you… may the resurrected power of Christ dwell in my children so they may become a mighty force for Your kingdom leading Your sheep back home!
Jas 5:16-20

Wednesday 4/27/2022

My children will be more influenced by the future than the past. What they
commit themselves to will determine who they are today and who they will become.
Php 3:13

Tuesday 4/26/2022

May the sunrise become sacred to my children as the Glory of God speaks out over all the earth. May they exalt God above the heavens as they are reminded in Technicolor to live this day for You!
Ps 57:11

Monday 4/25/2022

My children will pray for those who persecute them. Give them the heart of Christ and let them react to persecution the way the soldier in the story did. When boots were thrown in his face as he knelt in prayer, he did nothing… and the next morning… the boots were polished and returned to the offender’s bunk. Give my children that kind of strength and understanding of Your Word!
Mt 5:49

Sunday 4/24/2022

Give my children an overcoming spirit. Turn their weakness into strength so that they may develop the kind of faith that refuses to settle for anything less than God has promised.
Heb 11:34