Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Saturday 9/21/2019

I pray that at some point in this day I will have the opportunity to teach my children that good and evil are both present in each of our hearts … and that whichever we choose to feed is the one we will become.
Romans 12:21

Friday 9/20/2019

Thank you for giving me Your peace. If I become wrought up or anxious about anything today, remind me that I am wasting treasure. Show me that it is as silly as swimming in a crystal clean river and complaining of thirst. Help me teach this to my children.
John 14:7

Thursday 9/19/2019

When my children are knowingly or unknowingly walking in sin, cause their hearts to soften. May they hear and heed Your messengers rather than mock Your rebukes. Yes, gossip really does sting back and those innocent white lies are still entrances for the enemy. There are natural consequences to sin … may my children repent and turn to You before it’s too late!
2 Chronicles 36:14-16

Wednesday 9/18/2019

Teach my children to be content regardless of circumstances. Once they finally learn to depend on You to fill their needs they will be free. Free from the bad moods of others, the ugly words of others, the gloom others bring into their day … my children were created with a need only You can fill … let them STOP depending on circumstances or loved ones to fill them up!
Philippians 4:11-13

Tuesday 9/17/2019

Give my children a pure heart. Place in them a desire to study Your word and identify all sin lurking in the corners if their life. Let them receive Your cleansing so their hearts will be free to obey You.
Matthew 5:8, Hebrew 12:1, John 15:3, Psalms 50:10

Sunday 9/15/2019

I pray my children don’t become lifelong whiners … and I pray even harder that I don’t get sucked in by those who do! Give my children warrior spirits so they don’t freak out when they encounter trials (at least not for long!) Let me teach them (by example) to rise in the midst of adversity rather than wilt!
Proverbs 31:15

Saturday 9/14/2019

Pride is the bitter enemy of my children. Humility is their dear friend. May I humble myself before God so that humility will be mine. As my children witness my actions they will see with their physical eyes my transformation as I am given a humble heart. They will witness the blessing of God’s strength in my life and the benefits that come with it … and want You for themselves!
James 4:10, 1Peter 5:6, Job 38

Friday 9/13/2019

The power of sin is broken in my children’s lives. If they choose to receive it (by walking out their faith) then they get to live in the kingdom of God while on earth rather than the kingdom of Satan. Thank You that my children do not have to live in sickness, poverty, depression, controlled by lusts and all the consequences that result from sinful behavior.
Colossians 1:13-14

Thursday 9/12/2019

When my children recognize they are worrying about something, prompt them to repent then turn to You in gratitude for what they already have … and prayer to strengthen and prepare them for the task at hand.
Philippians 4:6

Wednesday 9/11/2019

As we remember the historical winds of terror brought upon our nation by enemies, let those memories serve to remind us that we are ONE nation under God. That united as one body, each taking our place to serve the needs of our fellow Americans … as well as future generations … that the enemy will fall and in Christ we will stand victorious. May we remember the passion that united us … to forever fuel our daily devotion of service to one another, our country and our God.
Romans 12:4-11

Tuesday 9/10/2019

May my children add You to their speed dial … calling on You first when they have a problem. Their faith grows as they stand firm and believe You can bring comfort and victory to their lives.
2Chronicles 20:17

Monday 9/09/2019

I pray my children learn this pattern: seek You, listen, trust You, then praise You while they wait! Help my children understand that praising You is the KEY to unlocking Your power into their current situation. It is all about faith … and when their faces are long and their spirits are hopeless … their faith suffers and so does the measure of the power behind it.
2Chronicles 20:3, 20:15, 20:21-22

Sunday 9/08/2019

Of course my children will fall, that is the nature of humanity! I pray they don’t view the fall as the end … but the beginning. Thank You for extending Your hand down to them … I pray they take it, rise in Your strength and finish the course You have set before them!
Proverbs 25:16

Saturday 9/7/2019

May my children learn to abide in the Shadow of the Almighty by taking cover in Your light and letting You expose their sin so they may work to overcome it. In doing so, they embark on a journey of divine favor and protection.

Friday 9/06/2019

You planted my children in the garden of their lives. Show them their role in tending that garden … that everything they need is there, but they must work it and take care of it to produce fruit. You give my children all the resources, but they must do their part!
Genesis 2:8, 2:15

Wednesday 9/03/2019

May my children hear the whispers moving them to serve others. Their physical eyes hinder their God given sight … let them see past the physical imperfections of others and see what God sees!
1John 2:20, John 16:14

Monday 9/02/2019

Being filled with pride comes naturally. Give my children more heroes like David Robinson who gives all glory to You! It is only when my children finally admit their victories are simply reflections of Your glory that they are supplied with the supernatural strength of a humble spirit. Humility is not a sign of weakness … it is the mark of a life being fueled by God’s blessing and protection.
James 4:6, 1Peter 5:5, Matthew 5:3

Sunday 9/1/2019

You reveal things to my children they can neither prove nor explain. May they stop living beneath their spiritual privilege and LISTEN to the promptings warning them to avoid certain situations or certain people … I pray they stay connected to You so this incredible insight into discernment may always be present in their lives.
1John 2:20, John 16:14

Thursday 8/29/2019

Help my children grasp that Your promises apply only under covenant relationship. Let them understand that You never break Your promises … but if my children choose to break covenant with You by living in unrepentant disobedience … they have broken the covenant and ultimately their conduit in receiving Your promises.
1 Chronicles 28:9

Wednesday 8/28/2019

May my children reach deep and put on strong and courageous behaviors and move forward doing what you have called them to do. As they remember that You are with them, my children will fear not nor be dismayed. You promise not to fail or forsake them as they complete the work You have set before them. Thank You for being there for my babies!
1Chronicles 28:20

Tuesday 8/27/2019

Sins are to my children’s lives as weeds are to the garden. They are going to pop up but we must diligently be on the watch and eradicate them from our lives before they take over. If not, my children’s lives will not produce the fruit God intended where he planted their seeds.
Romans 6:12

Monday 8/26/2019

My children’s present struggle may be over what You want to do through them! When the world is saying no but something deep within my children stands firm, let them see that this is You … and if they walk it out … my children will achieve their God given destiny.
John 7:38, Philippians 2:13

Sunday 8/25/2019

My children are only accountable for what You give them. Do not let them become bogged down comparing their lives to others. You have planted very specific purposes in their hearts and given them the resources necessary to accomplish them. Let my children rejoice when others bear fruit and let my children be satisfied with theirs!
John 15:5, Matthew 13:8

Thursday 8/22/2019

Make my children willing to suffer for Your name, to choose not to sin and stand firm in pleasing You. This is one of the ways they show their love for You and place themselves in the Shelter of the Most High and causes them to dwell in love.
Psalms 91:1