Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Saturday 8/04/2018

Thank you Lord for placing remarkable people around my children’s table. May they draw from the spirits of those living from that deep place of fire within … so that the souls of my children catch fire, burn brightly, and bring light to our broken world. As they take action to fulfill the deep longing You’ve placed inside … that fire will grow … but they must move!
Proverbs 11:2, 1Corinthians 15:10

Friday 8/03/2018

My children can’t prosper if they are hanging around fools. Help them discern and choose wholesome minded companions. Thank you for giving them a loving heart and I ask that you guard that heart from joining to the foolish in close companionship (but still love them) … and keep them from judging others … thank God for Jesus … all this would be impossible without Him!
Proverbs 13:20, Ro14:4, Luke 18:20

Thursday 8/02/2018

You have given my children the exact tools to tackle today. I pray their minds stay present and focused on living today like it was the most important day of their lives … for tomorrow You will give them what they need to tackle tomorrow. It is irrelevant that they may not have today what it is they will need tomorrow and a complete waste of time to worry about it. May their faith be strong so they trust You to provide for them. May they not waste one brain cell or resource of today fretting about tomorrow … for if they do my children will come up short today!
Matthew 9:34

Wednesday 8/01/2018

Oftentimes my children forget that God’s children aren’t just the people that seem nice or other Christians or the people that seem safe … but ALL the precious people God created. Let my children find ways to express Your love to the world around them … for You reside in every person walking the planet (whether they know it or not!)
Matthew 25:40

Tuesday 7/31/2018

My children cannot throw out parts of the Bible they don’t agree with … they know this! Let them confess that Your works are marvelous, which includes their own bodies, inside and out! Let them learn that by confessing that they are wonderful is an act of praise to You. Putting themselves down is a direct insult to Your mighty masterpiece … Your children! And please remind them that You made everyone else too, that we are each remarkable creations making our way back to you. Help them look past imperfections and cruel results of sin to see the original beauty You placed in each of us!
Psalms 139:14

Monday 7/30/2018

When Jesus died he did not leave my children an inheritance of junk, he left them His most prized possession … His peace. I pray my children learn the combination to the safe (submission to the Holy Spirit) and choose to withdraw peace from their ‘trust account’ daily. I say choose because it is up to them … I pray their vision increases through faith so they may ‘see’ and embrace all that Christ has accomplished and bequeathed to them!
Colossians 3:15, John 14:27, Galatians 5:22, John 14:1

Sunday 7/29/2018

Teach my children that earthly prosperity is NOT the goal but the result! Help them understand that seeking Your will then following it is the goal … for they will become so filled with joy, peace, and love that prosperity will simply become a fringe benefit … the frosting on the cake … and every parent knows that frosting makes you sick if that is all you get!
2Corinthians 8:9, 3 John 1:2, John 15:4, 11

Saturday 7/28/2018

May my children find the blessings in their trials. Often times it takes the presence of a storm to find peace … as they pass through the storm and walk into the eye they find Jesus. I pray my children find Him without the need of a storm … but if that is not the case, keep them safe and keep them moving until they find You!
Philippians 4:7

Friday 7/27/2018

In the midst of my children’s pain, let them find someone who is hurting and offer them help and hope. In doing so they will please God and possibly save a life!
Luke 23:39-43, Acts 7:59-60

Thursday 7/26/2018

Faith enables my children to receive what God has already done. He has already made my children healthy, wealthy and wise … but they must believe it to receive it. May my children remain patience and steadfast in their faith as they mature in Christ and transform their lives and their destiny through obedience to Your Word.
Mark 11:22-23, 3 John 1:2, Hebrews 11:1

Wednesday 7/25/2018

Give my children tunnel vision … help them see what You see. A lost friend doesn’t result in a life of loneliness; a bad grade doesn’t result in a life of poverty, and a pimple doesn’t mark them for a life of failure. May they walk by faith and not by sight, trusting You to “have their back” as they face another day.
Hebrews 10:38

Tuesday 7/24/2018

As my children mature, give them the right amount of Your wisdom at just the right time. May they steadily grow in Your Word so they don’t become overwhelmed and stumble. Your promises are great … but we must each learn the doors we must walk through in order to receive them.
Psalms 112:1

Monday 7/23/2018

Make my children strong … may they NEVER opt for the easy way out and detach from people. Christ gave his life for people … and we were left here on this earth for the purpose of connecting!
Matthew 24:12, John 17:18

Sunday 7/22/2018

Show my children that keeping score is a sign of immaturity. Show them that forgiveness is defined by their actions … and that if they truly forgive someone who offended or hurt them, their actions towards that person will communicate that fact. Rather than withdraw their spirit and retreat into a protective shell around those who have brought pain to their lives or rather than boil over with anger in their presence … my children will have the courage to ACT in love towards them … offering patience and acts of kindness. They don’t have to stay in relationship, that requires earned trust, but they must be able to smile and have a genuine heart of forgiveness towards the offenders.
Matthew 17, 1Corinthians 13:4

Saturday 7/21/2018

Thank You Father for breaking the hold sin had over my children. May they receive this incredible gift by faith, believing that through Christ, they have the power to resist sin. I am so grateful that You have made a way for us to travel from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God … may my children see me making the journey … and follow!
Colossians 1:13-14

Friday 7/20/2018

The next time my children are offered an invitation to a pity party, their own or to that of a friend, I pray they turn it down. Let them become so filled with gratitude for all the good in their lives and may their eyesight become so sharp that they are able to point out all the good to others whose sight has grown dim. When they are tempted to focus on the negative, may they remember Christ’s sacrifice and see that the power of the negative forces in their lives can only function if they allow it to … that all sin (this includes sickness, disease, poverty and lack) was nailed to the cross and is powerless … if only they call on You to rescue them!
1Thessalonians 5:16-18, Romans 10:13

Thursday 7/19/2018

Let the spirit of Christ grow strong in my children, for that is the assurance that they will share in His glory. May Christ’s mighty power mature in them so they can share His glory with others.
Colossians 1:27

Wednesday 7/18/2018

To have a profitable business, my children must know that business inside and out. I pray they approach the Word with even more fervor … spending time each day learning from Your wisdom. For just as one must be well versed in his business to stay afloat and prosper, one must be well versed in the Word to truly succeed in life!
James 1:21

Tuesday 7/17/2018

Do not allow my children to fret about the unsaved. It is not their job nor do they have the power to save others. Let them live a joyful life knowing You have their back here on earth and that they will spend eternity with You. Their job is to plant the seed then remain humble and trust You enough to do the rest.
John 12:32

Monday 7/16/2018

I pray my children seek You for a vision for their future … so that I can become their biggest cheerleader. My spirit agrees with theirs when they are walking in Your will so that I get to support rather than correct! They will not allow facts or naysayers to interfere with their God given visions and they may look to me for a reassuring word or smile in the face of big odds … because I know You are bigger!
Joel 2:28

Sunday 7/15/2018

Dear Lord, I know that you have the power to do anything I ask … and when I don’t please let me acknowledge my lack of faith so You can give me that, too! Today, my children will speak promise and success over their situation (and they always have SOME situation!) They will not rehearse the curse of negativity with ‘whoa is me’ and ‘what am I going to do now’!
Mark 11:12

Saturday 7/14/2018

Focus my children on solutions … not problems. Let them tackle their day with a happy heart, confidently knowing that You are in control. They will spend at least a few minutes getting the word of God in them either through song, a teacher, nature, or my voice! I believe that their life, health, love and all that encompasses earthly need will prosper as their soul prospers … give them wisdom and circumstance to help feed their souls!
3 John 1:2

Friday 7/13/2018

Give my children a tender heart … may they feel Your pain in the presence of friends who have closed their ears to Your Word and chosen not to receive or obey Your promptings. May these experiences cause them to renew their faith in Your way. And I ask You to help my children understand that You are mighty to restore Your wayward servants … that it is Your place, not theirs, to decide who stands or falls before You.
Psalm 119:136, Romans 14:4

Thursday 7/12/2018

I pray that my children leave their comfort zone today and share Your name when the time arises … they will know … let their ears be open to Your voice and their hearts be full of Your love so that Your goodness will naturally flow out of them to bless others.
Matthew 9:38