Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Monday 4/12/2021

When my children complain they become confused when it backfires! May they learn to simply ask for what they need or want from me instead of assuming, demanding, or complaining!
Php 2:14

Sunday 4/11/2021

My children always have the last word. May they learn to speak encouragement over themselves, tune out the naysayers, and even their own self doubt will begin to disappear… replaced with a winning spirit!
Isa 65:16

Saturday 4/10/2021

Teach my children to pray for all people, to make their requests, plead for God’s mercy upon them, and give thanks.
1Ti 2:1

Friday 4/09/2021

My children will smile today when they think of You. They will spontaneously do something nice for someone else as they are reminded of how much You have already done for them.
Jn 4:23

Thursday 4/08/2021

As my children mature, focus their energies on forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead. They are citizens of heaven, straining to reach the end of the race and make it back to You.
Php 3:13, 20

Wednesday 4/07/2021

Make my children’s roots grow down into Christ and draw up nourishment from Him, so they will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth. Let their lives overflow with thanksgiving for all You have done!
Col 2:7

Tuesday 5/06/2021

As my children charge through their day and face the many battles waiting for them outside our door (and in their own hearts) make Your presence known. Let them know You have their back so they may confidently traverse the path You have set before them.
Dt 20:1

Monday 4/05/2021

Teach my children the secret of living in every situation, how to get along happily whether they have much or little: For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need.
Php 4:12-13

Sunday 4/04/2021

Strengthen my children, encourage their faith, and keep them from being disturbed by the troubles they go through.
1Th 3:2-3

Saturday 4/03/2021

Let my children think of ways to encourage one another (and the world) with outbursts of love and good deeds.
Heb 10:24