Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Thursday 9/13/2018

The power of sin is broken in my children’s lives. If they choose to receive it (by walking out their faith) then they get to live in the kingdom of God while on earth rather than the kingdom of Satan. Thank You that my children do not have to live in sickness, poverty, depression, controlled by lusts and all the consequences that result from sinful behavior.
Colossians 1:13-14

Wednesday 9/12/2018

When my children recognize they are worrying about something, prompt them to repent then turn to You in gratitude for what they already have … and prayer to strengthen and prepare them for the task at hand.
Philippians 4:6

Tuesday 9/11/2018

As we remember the historical winds of terror brought upon our nation by enemies, let those memories serve to remind us that we are ONE nation under God. That united as one body, each taking our place to serve the needs of our fellow Americans … as well as future generations … that the enemy will fall and in Christ we will stand victorious. May we remember the passion that united us … to forever fuel our daily devotion of service to one another, our country and our God.
Romans 12:4-11

Monday 9/10/2018

May my children add You to their speed dial … calling on You first when they have a problem. Their faith grows as they stand firm and believe You can bring comfort and victory to their lives.
2Chronicles 20:17

Sunday 9/09/2018

I pray my children learn this pattern: seek You, listen, trust You, then praise You while they wait! Help my children understand that praising You is the KEY to unlocking Your power into their current situation. It is all about faith … and when their faces are long and their spirits are hopeless … their faith suffers and so does the measure of the power behind it.
2Chronicles 20:3, 20:15, 20:21-22

Saturday 9/08/2018

Of course my children will fall, that is the nature of humanity! I pray they don’t view the fall as the end … but the beginning. Thank You for extending Your hand down to them … I pray they take it, rise in Your strength and finish the course You have set before them!
Proverbs 25:16

Friday 9//7/2018

The hands of angels are holding my children, guiding them and protecting them from danger. I pray my children feel the warmth and protection of these celestial beings sent to them from God … I pray I feel them too!
Daniel 10:10

Thursday 9/6/2018

You planted my children in the garden of their lives. Show them their role in tending that garden … that everything they need is there, but they must work it and take care of it to produce fruit. You give my children all the resources, but they must do their part!
Genesis 2:8, 2:15

Wednesday 9/05/2018

You have planned out and made ready the good life for my children to live. Your Word does not promise a ‘bad life’ for my children … show them who they are living for when they make bad choices (the enemy) … and please help them stay on Your ‘good path’ so they may experience Your peace, joy and fulfillment!
Ephesians 2:10

Tuesday 9/04/2018

The seeds have been planted! My children have talents they haven’t discovered and dreams that haven’t been filled. Give them the faith and patience to know they are evolving … to keep them humble in seasons of great harvest … and strong in times of lack.
Genesis 2:8