Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Monday 9/03/2018

May my children hear the whisper moving them to serve others. Their physical eyes hinder their God given sight … let them see past the physical imperfections of others and see what God sees!
1John 2:20, John 16:14

Sunday 9/02/2018

Being filled with pride comes naturally. Give my children more heroes like David Robinson who gives all glory to You! It is only when my children finally admit their victories are simply reflections of Your glory that they are supplied with the supernatural strength of a humble spirit. Humility is not a sign of weakness … it is the mark of a life being fueled by God’s blessing and protection.
James 4:6, 1Peter 5:5, Matthew 5:3

Saturday 9/01/2018

I pray my children humble themselves before You rather than forcing You to humble them. May my children find a quiet place to humble themselves before You today so that the boulders of their pride roll off their road to freedom which are blocking their spirits and lives from receiving all that You have planned for them.
Daniel 4:37, 1Peter 5:6-10, James 5:11

Friday 8/31/2018

You reveal things to my children they can neither prove nor explain. May they stop living beneath their spiritual privilege and LISTEN to the promptings warning them to avoid certain situations or certain people … I pray they stay connected to You so this incredible insight into discernment may always be present in their lives.
1John 2:20, John 16:14

Thursday 8/30/2018

You purposely created my children with a need that only You can meet. When they come to depend on other sources to fill that need they are guilty of idolatry. May they recognize what they are doing, stop, and learn to enjoy the fullness of a daily relationship with You.
2Peter 3:9, Isaiah 55:6

Wednesday 8/28/2018

Help my children grasp that Your promises apply only under covenant relationship. Let them understand that You never break Your promises … but if my children choose to break covenant with You by living in unrepentant disobedience … they have broken the covenant and ultimately their conduit in receiving Your promises.
1 Chronicles 28:9

Tuesday 8/28/2018

May my children reach deep and put on strong and courageous behaviors and move forward doing what you have called them to do. As they remember that You are with them, my children will fear not nor be dismayed. You promise not to fail or forsake them as they complete the work You have set before them. Thank You for being there for my babies!
1Chronicles 28:20

Monday 8/27/2018

Sins are to my children’s lives as weeds are to the garden. They are going to pop up but we must diligently be on the watch and eradicate them from our lives before they take over. If not, my children’s lives will not produce the fruit God intended where he planted their seeds.
Romans 6:12

Sunday 8/26/2018

My children’s present struggle may be over what You want to do through them! When the world is saying no but something deep within my children stands firm, let them see that this is You … and if they walk it out … my children will achieve their God given destiny.
John 7:38, Philippians 2:13

Saturday 8/25/2018

My children are only accountable for what You give them. Do not let them become bogged down comparing their lives to others. You have planted very specific purposes in their hearts and given them the resources necessary to accomplish them. Let my children rejoice when others bear fruit and let my children be satisfied with theirs!
John 15:5, Matthew 13:8