Why are we Praying?

Beginning in 2007 and concluding in 2008 the Holy Spirit gave me 365 prayers to pray over children. I faithfully obeyed and quietly held the pen each morning as I sat and waiting for the prayer. They were so powerful and so beautiful that I believe they are for everyone and not just my children… and so I post them here.

My family prays these God given prayer over you (all people are children!), your children and grandchildren (if you have them), and all people on our planet. The prayers come in the format for children. I am not the author of these prayers…I just hold the pen!

I know it sounds odd… but I do truly love each of you (even though we may have never met… or have only had a brief encounter).

If you would like to pray with us, just subscribe to this blog and I will add you to the distribution list. If you will include the first names of your family members, I will make sure to include them on the prayer list.

I never share the list with anyone, and your email address will never appear on the email.

Joyfully and with love,


Live well…laugh often…love much


  1. Please add my children to your prayer list:

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing these prayers for us all to pray for God’s children.

    Please add my children and to the list. God bless you always.

    Jessica (self)

  3. Pray for all children : Aidan, Leeliana,Bradley, Caleb,Hannah, Andrew, Isaiah, Lorenzo,Atraya, Mariah, Devin, Maleah, Devon, Tamerah, Stepfanie,

  4. Pray for peace and love for my blended family of 10 years. And to get rid of anger and rrsenment and to replace it with love and forgiveness.
    Tom-boyfriend, Ava,Gavin, Mason, Dylan.

  5. Please keep my family in prayers. Eldred (Husband), Maria & Kaitan(In -laws), My children -Jonathan & Mercy

  6. I would like my children to be added in your prayer list.

    Soannia Raja Kumar
    Nathiya Raja Kumar
    Ysabelle Mira Krishnan

  7. Please pray for my family, my husband John, my son Melvin, daughter Jessica, niece Neona, brother Manish, sis Reena. My mum,dad. My husbands sisters and brother and their families. That we may grow spiritually strong and that we will be protected by the blood of Jesus.Thank you so much

  8. Please pray for my family, my husband Devon, my daughters Jessica, Melissa, Khadijah, Adriana and my son Jahmar and our five grandchildren. Thank you 🙏🏾

  9. Edward, maricela, Alexis,Alfonzo, Brittney, monica, Edgardo, Aberham, Anthony, Daniel, Eddie. Grandbaby’s. Eva,Jayla, Arracelle, Annabelle.

    1. Please pray for my family and my brother Sergio Gamboa let him come home April.My mother and brothers and sisters Amen

  10. Hi, can you please pray for my children, they are going through a serious struggle that no one can seem to help them with. I have tried everything I can and everything seems to be getting worse, I feel like I’m losing control. Please pray for them, their names are Jahla, Alaynah and Ashton, we truly need a break through.

  11. Beautiful website, please pray for my family, my fiancé Tyree, my two daughters mila and alofa that they and I will come to know The Lord more and more with each day!! Please pray for our children, nieces, nephews, family and friends: lester, Catherine, ahuriri, awatea, jarita, christine, elvis, Dior, Daniel, man, kataraina, Isla, missy, roz, sefa, Karen, Anton, Amanda, Phillip, Nikki, dario, Mao, Matt, Matt, Tui, sandy, trinity, moko, Tina, lucky, Tricinta, terry, Tammy, mason, kimani, rochelle, max, Ryder, lee, Donna, Jessie, babara, cadence, hare, Marie, Manuelle, Corey, Clement, Albert, Sarah, carol, David, Eden, Elizabeth and all that require the blood of Jesus. Amen

  12. prayers for my sons jose victor marcelo to get there education to lose their rebellionous and to become men of god.showing them gods ways and bringing them christian friends who may teach them the words.

  13. Please pray for me and my family for Devine healing. My children, nieces, nephews and grand children, sisters, brothers and loved ones. Names are Richard, Eugenia, Patrick, Deanna, Richard, Sarah, Elisha, Dan, Deeny, Jemmy, Eustacia, Osman, Anesthesia, Cynthia, Dione, Judith, Hulda, Ernest, Ophelia, Randolph, Joey Memuna, Theresa, Brittany, Jacob, Josephina, Dean, Maliyah, Olivia, Annisa, Ezra, Dominique, Cordelia, Estela, George, Adeyinka, Hazel, Eudora, Henry, Henrietta, Fanny, Mabel, Claude, Balo, Bill, Teresa, Viv, Joseph, Claudia, Rudolph, Edison, Andrea, Gloria, Olivia, Oliva, Teddy, Deolinda, Henry, Shauntel, Keeyana, Zeriah and Lucinda.
    Thank you Heavenly Father for all that you have done and continue to do for us.

  14. Lord I ask you you to stay by my darling daughters health issues and all those in medical profession whom care for her. As I am age 79 now and have been carer for 43 yrs .care in the community is being set up in the next month for us .i thank God for this lots ,my daughter herself has lots of little doubts about our tiny wee home having carers around daily. I believe God has special appointment in whom will be assisting us ,pray they share our faith and prayer life..lord I ask you restore our joy once more and lift our hearts in prayer and thanksgiving for all you have done in our lives. Cover my big family with your daily protection children grandchildren great grandchildren lord I pray for a new outpouring of of your Holy Spirit on all this night bring unity peace and love in abundance. Praise you Lord for this site. I was crying before the lord middle of night asking for his help and deliverance from things that trouble me.lifted my daughters I pad up came your page what a Gods send.thank you .Deo Gratias.

  15. Praise him.. & give thank to Almighty God.. what he had done… in our life. He turned my mourning into dance. I believe what ever I asked in my Almighty God.. I received.. I will received. Nothing is impossible. When we weak he gave strength to overcome all the situations. Thank you Lord… Thank you Lord… ! All I want to say thank you Lord..

  16. please pray for my family, pray for my mother who have the Rheumatoid arthritis that she have in her knee and in her waist. pray for my children Jhanell who is 8 and sade who is 14 years old, pray so they know right from wrong and also teach the knowledge about god and do very well in school. as for my big girl who is 14 years old who’s father have passed away in 2007 that she really don’t know him only when she was smaller show her the way t she know that her dad love her. Pray for my brother Robert who have this ignorance about him and this behavior of miserableness that he have pray for him to ne calm and have a understanding about other feeling. Pray for my spouse Khatanga Robinson we have been together for 14 years teach him understanding and make him be mature about life itself acknowledge him more about god and pray fro his kids Jaheim and Jahmani Robinson and for me Elizabeth Taylor please pray for me to be strong and have great faith and a good understanding open up my eyes to know god more I love god so much pray for me for things get better for all of us

  17. Please pray for my beautiful special needs daughter, Carlie. We are having to go through the court system to protect her rights and present residential program . This program is out of state for her condition, Prader Willi. Our state changed the funding stream and does NOT understand the importance of her residential program of 9 years. She is protected, loved, honored and HAPPY where she is. We pray the state and the court system sees the importance for her disability and uses her new waver to keep her where she is, happy, blessed and loved. Thank you,
    ~ Mother of Carlie, my angel

  18. Please help me to pray for my children to completely be used in the ministry.. This are the names: Tuscany, Micha (girl), Luke and Ariel (girl).. Help me to pray for my husband too….. Pray for us to be greatest worshipers and to fulfill his calling.. Thank you so much and God bless!!

  19. This are the names for my husband and our children:- Nicholas, Judy, George, Walter,
    Marion and Randy. We need prayers. God bless

  20. This is a wonderful idea!. As I looked at the list, I laid my hands on the screen, to keep my place, but I also felt like I was laying hands on the people I was praying for!! I am anxious to pur my family names on thhe list to be prayed for!

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