Powerful Prayers


**Pray these prayers with even a mustard seed of faith and your faith will increase. Trust Him!


Prayer of Protection

My family dwells in the shelter of the Most High and we abide in the shadow of the Almighty. We say to the Lord, “My Refuge and my Fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” For it is God who delivers us from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence (sickness and disease). God will cover us with His pinions, and under His wings we may seek refuge. God’s faithfulness is a shield and a bulwark. We will not be afraid of the terror by night, or of the arrow that flies by day, or of the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, or of the destruction that lays waste at noon. One thousand may fall at our side, and ten thousand at our right hand, but it shall not approach us. We will only look on with our eyes, and see the recompense of the wicked. For we have made the Lord, our Refuge, even the Most High, our dwelling place. No evil will befall us, nor will any plague come near our tent. For He will give His angels charge concerning us to guard us in all of our ways. They will bear us up in their hands, lest we strike our foot against a stone. We will tread upon the lion and cobra, the young lion and the serpent we will trample down. God says to us… because you have loved me, therefore I will deliver you; I will set you securely on high because you know my name. You will call on me and I will answer you. I will be with you in trouble. I will rescue you and honor you. With a long life I will satisfy you, and let you behold my salvation. (Psalm 91)

Prayer for Those Needing Healing

Christ has redeemed me from every curse of the law (including sickness and disease) and has purchased my freedom. Jesus bore my sickness FOR me, not WITH me. He took my sickness so I could be well.(My healing is blocked by the enemy!) The faithful shall be anointed with oil, their sins forgiven, and as we pray for one another the Lord will restore. I believe that nothing is too hard for God, that he is the God of all flesh and through Him… NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. I believe that Your faithful promises are my armor. As I stand on the promises of God, I say to the enemy, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I command the armor of God (our faith in His word) to go before me and break any hold the enemy has taken on my life and my health. I command the enemy to lose his binding in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. . (Gal 3:13, Matt 8:16-18, James 5:14-16, Jer 32:27, Ps 91:4, Jer 30:17)


Prayer over Your Husband

Father, thank you that (your first husband’s name) is happy because he reverences the eternal. He finds rich joy in your commands. His children rise to power within the land. The race of (husband’s first and last name) is blessed. Riches and wealth are in his house. Good fortune never fails him. Life shines on (first name). He is upright, mild, and merciful. All goes well with him. He is generous and open handed. He acts fairly. Never shall (first name) come to grief. His memory never fades. He has no fear of evil tidings because he trusts the eternal with a steady heart. His heart is firm and fearless certain that he will see his foes collapse. (first name) gives to the poor lavishly and good fortune never fails him. He rises to high power. Ungodly men look on him grieve, they gnash their teeth and disappear. The ungodly hope against (first name) will come to nothing. In Jesus Name. Amen. (psaml 112)


 When You are Experiencing Despair

Dear Lord, please reveal to me any area of my life that I am displeasing you so that I can repent, change my ways, and become a person who lives to please you… not please the desires of my flesh or conform to the ways of my culture. I only want to please you. In doing so, I present myself before you in the name of Jesus, cleansed and ready for battle. I feel the enemy coming against me, his hot breath breathing down my neck, the pressure of his walls closing down on me and/or my family. (NAME YOUR PROBLEM OR WORRY). I believe in the new covenant, that when I accepted Christ as my Savior, by his blood, ALL of the promises of God became mine. I do not limit the blood of Christ to what I understand. I believe in the power of the blood of my Savior and I say today to the enemy, “Satan, you were stripped of your power at Calvary, you are Christ’s defeated foe and because I am in covenant with him, you are my defeated foe. I let you in… but by the blood of Jesus Christ I now cast you out of my life. We both know you are utterly helpless against the blood of Christ!” I cover (NAME the insurmountable problem, heart breaking experience, nagging worry, pulsating anxiety, awful fear, nerve wracking environment or spiritually debilitating experience you are having) by faith with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen (Revelation 12:11)



Who I Am

I clothe myself as God’s own chosen one. I am purified and holy and well-beloved by God Himself.  I am transformed by putting on behavior marked by tenderhearted pity and mercy, kind feeling, a lowly opinion of myself, gentle ways and patience. I have tireless patience which is long suffering and I have the power to endure whatever comes with good temper. I am gentle and forbearing with others and I readily pardon those who hurt me, the Lord has forgiven me, so must I also forgive! I will allow the love and peace from Christ to rule in my heart and I will be thankful always. The Word of God dwells in me and I’ll teach and train others in all insight and wisdom as I sing praises to God with grace in my heart. I do everything in the name of Jesus and will accomplish every task working at it heartily from my soul as something done for the Lord and not for men.  For my reward comes from my Master… not from those I serve in His name. Col. 3: 12-23

Prayer over Teenagers

I pray and make a special request to You dear Lord to fill my husband, my children and my own Spirit with deep and clear knowledge of Your will. Give us comprehensive insight into Your ways, your purposes and discernment of spiritual things. May we live and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of You, fully pleasing to You and desiring to please You in all things… and bear much fruit! I pray that we may be invigorated and strengthened with all power according to Your mighty glory and to exercise every kind of endurance and patience… persevering with joy. Thank You Father for qualifying and making us fit to share the portion of our inheritance as Your holy people in Christ. Thank You for delivering and drawing us to You out of the control and dominion of darkness and transferring us into the kingdom of Your son… in whom we have our redemption through His blood… the complete forgiveness of our sins. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Col. 1:10-14


Remember, fear manifests itself in different ways for different people… basically, if there is an area of your life that is overtaken by worry and is stealing your peace and acting as a barrier to your joy… there is a good chance fear is the culprit! Pray this prayer over yourself and DECIDE to banish fear from your life. Ask God to show you if there are areas of your life that you are experiencing fear. And… if you have insight into the 10 day thing, please share. I don’t completely understand that… but I am praying in faith until the wisdom comes!

My fear prayer:

I will not be seized with fear or struck by alarm; I will only keep on believing. Fear has the power to hold me in bondage throughout the whole course of my life if I submit to it. I will take comfort, be encouraged and confidently and boldly say, “The Lord is my Helper!” I will not be seized with alarm… I will not fear or dread or be terrified. What can man do to me? When Christ comes back to get me, I will be free from fears, agitating passions and moral conflicts. There is no fear in love, so when I fear that is a sign I am not walking in love. Fill me with Your perfect love God! I will fear nothing I must suffer as I stand on God’s word and trust Him. I dismiss my dread and my fear. The devil is indeed about to throw me in prison that I may be tested and proved and critically appraised. For many days (note… the bible actually says 10 days) I will have affliction. I will stand loyally faithful unto death and in the end God will give me the crown of life. I will be free. Mark 5:36, Heb 2:15, Heb 13:6, 2 peter 3:14, 1 John 4:18, Rev 2:10



  1. Please pray for guidance for both my sons. Pray their both settle down to a good honest life find success and happiness. Pray my husband and myself have a close loving bond with each other and both our sons. Pray for good health peace and happiness and together as a family to make a difference. Pray my sons make good choices and strengthen our faith Amen

  2. Please pray for guidance for both my sons. Pray their both settle down to a good honest life find success and happiness. Pray my husband and myself have a close loving bond with each other and both our sons. Pray for good health peace and happiness and together as a family to make a difference. Pray my sons make good choices and strengthen our faith Amen

  3. Prayer for family to come to Christ!my 2 Sons daughter in law, sister, brother, my mom, nieces, nephews, great nephews and grandchildren. That would be my greatest joy. AMEN 🙏

  4. Please, I request prayer support for Celina Thomas Guerro who is on the verge of death and for soul salvation
    Verna Frederick Aguillera who has a stroke and for soul salvation.
    Soul salvation for:
    Wayne Frederick
    Nadine Frederick
    Naeem Freferick
    Tabitha Frederick.
    Allyster Duntin
    Anton Solozano
    Amari Duntin
    Ciema Frederick
    Nacim Frederick
    Jael Solozano
    Jayden Solozano
    Jayce Solozano
    Tamasha Frederick
    Samirah St Marthe
    Alexander St Marthe
    Cindy Patrice
    White’s Family

  5. Please add my brothers name, Shibu Kurian Titus for healing from Chronic Kidney Disease. It functions only 35%. Please pray for complete healing and restoration of his kidneys and overall health. Please also pray for his spiritual healing. Amen.

  6. Peace and goodwill for All Mankind

    I pray that my daughter would give me a call to let me KNow that she’s doing ok. God’sWill.

  7. Our Heavenly Father -El Shaddai
    We pray for the whole world of children. Lord help us adults be the adults and stop complaining, our children are watching us, let us be humble and obey the laws of the land but most of all be obedience to almighty God, amen and thank you Lord,
    We need peace,

  8. Our children are our future generation. The Devil has targeted to corrupt and destroy them. So I believe in praying for divine protection against health problems and any kind of perversion against them. It’s an obligation for any parent.

  9. Greetings,

    First thank you for these prayers, May God Bless you for helping us. I have several troubles one major one is my 4 year old son since younger has been dealing with something that I cannot explain myself. He wants to hurt himself when I pray over him he screams loud not to pray for him then he like fights it and says yes pray for me and asks me for help. He has also said things like I want you to die mommy and I have prayed so much over him and nothing. He says things that I do not hear other 4 year olds say. He does not watch scary movies or is exposed to any of those things. I want to progress in life find a job or business opportunity but I cannot find one and worst I fear for where would I leave my son in this situation.

  10. I feel so Blessed by these prayers. Please keep my children and I in prayer. I believe GOD is Blessing them with Salvation and the restorative power of Jesus will have us live and operate as a loving Family should. GOD way not our way.

  11. I humbly pray for my adult son Patrick who is a beautiful child of God. He started hanging out with the wrong crowd and has gotten into marijuana and feels very lonely. He also has Crohn’s Disease and anxiety and depression but doesn’t want to get help. He is angry but he is still in there. I see him and know that if only he would go back to church and recommit his life to Christ, it would all turn around for him. My husband, his father, has a quick temper but loves him as well. He tends to talk at him and it makes it worse. PLEASE PRAY FOE MY SON AND OUR FAMILY! I am hurting so desperately and I believe Jesus can work a miracle for Patrick. I feel emotionally sick and spent and I asknyou to please pray that my son take a step to turn his amazing life around. In Jesus’ name I pray….🙏

  12. Please pray for my son Andrew and Bradman. Please pray for their spiritual walk that they would be drawn closer to God and not take their walk for granted. Please pray that God would remove all negative influences in their lives. Please pray that God will open their awareness that without God they cannot do anything. That they will humility and be dependent on a Christ. That they will have burning desire to know God and serve Him and others.

    1. I will pray for your sons and the removal of anything that stands in the way of their walk with God just as I pray for my own son Patrick! God be with you and may His face shine upon you!!

  13. Pray for my family and to remove the hate toward my grand daughter and her father. She was not raised by her father and he has an addiction to drugs, alcohol and women. These addiction has caused him many years of jailed timed and now his daughter to have heat in her heart toward him. Remove my son from my home in peace to allow me the freedom in selling it without legal and Court removal. Pray for my health and remove all fear and anxiety in dealing with this situation.
    No weapon formed against you shall prosper Isaiah 54:17
    In Jesus Name Amen

  14. Please pray with me and be in agreement with me over my daughter Sarah. She is being deceived and blindsided by the devil and his evil angels. She is about to give up her marriage and child to fulfill selfish ambitions and desires. Please agree with me in prayer that Sarah’s eyes will be opened and she will know God’s will for her life.

  15. Please pray for my son Nathan who is going astray mixing with the wrong crowd, please Lord guide Nathan in the right direction help him to be respectful honest keep him away from drugs, alcohol and toxic friends.I pray Lord to help Nathan releases his anger resentment and negative attitude learns to love himself and build his self esteem. Guide him in making the right choices I pray that Nathan does not shut us out but instead let us help him Please hear our desperate plea for help for Nathan Amen

  16. Please pray for me and my children.My daughers’ dad is into demonic cult and we live with him for many yrs.very controlling and does a lot of evil against us don’t know which way to turn depressed.

  17. Please pray for me about my family which is falling apart, and we are 5 brothers and we all can’t get Jobs, our father is being unfaithful to our mother and he is always bringing doubt in each one of us. Please pray for us to be released, and get a breakthrough.

    1. I fervently pray that HE lift you, your brothers and your family up. I pray that God grant you the confidence that comes from Him and knowing that if He is with us no one can be against us. Remember that when self doubt is thrown your way. Also remember that your Father in heaven is faithful, continue to call out to Him and seek to please him with your life and He will never leave you nor forsake you. In Jesus name I add my prayers to yours. Amen

    2. I pray that God will bring peace and harmony into your family and that the spirit of strife and hate will be removed from your house.

  18. Please I pray that my children will be safe everyday that they will be away from me , I’m a single mother my name is Breann I have a daughter and a son , I was a alcoholic. Im 28 years young! I am going off too treatment for 6months to better myself! After treatment I want the best for me and my two children. I pray that god heals my addiction. Please pray that that are safe when I’m gone. Please pray that we live at peace away from our enemies, please guide us on a beautiful journey, please pray that the family curse will break and I will be the one too set us free , I want to live in peace, I am sober know and want to continue to be sober , I want to build a relationship with the lord! please I pray for my ex boyfriend bishop also he is very lost in life, he need to be saved from drugs and alcohol! Please pray that he comes back to the ones that really love him and be saved by the lord! Please! I also would like for you too pray for all the people in the world that have addictions to anything in this world, thankyou so much for reading and thankyou for praying for my family amen!

  19. Please i ask you to pray for my lovely father, he has been on the bed for 17 yrs now due to stoke case. I love hims so much. Oh God please help him

  20. Please pray for my son George, he has been so nervous kind like he always not setled and he is 14 yrs but still wetting on bed and that makes him loose confidence. I trust in God and Jesus Christ..am praying too. May God be with u

  21. Please pray for my children’s health I have 4 children we need strong prayers for healing , I feel I haven’t been the best mother but tonite I’m begging for healing of their health, I thank God for my kids and I plead the blood of Jesus on them. Thank you for the prayers I found I feel god led me here amen

  22. Please, pray for me, I maybe pregnant, and the father and I are not talking, my finances are in shambles, my children, my mom, my job, my book. I want to reach to a level where my children and I are comfortable.

    Amen…but God I thank for the blessing I have and are yet to receive.

  23. I’m asking for prayer for my daughter DJ who’s having a difficult time with her grandmother and her uncle after her dad pass away .

  24. I need prayers for my son who has been absconding school,I’m going through the hard time as he’s far from me.

  25. I really enjoy reading gods word..i love the lord and i need spiritual growth so i can become stronger qnd resist temptaion..please pray for me and my well being my health and most of all my freedom. I made a very bad decision in June qnd now im facing the possibility of incareration and the lost of my car unless the good lord intervenes and forgives me and graces me with his blessing…and please also pray for my mom and my son…my mom recently turned 90 and please pray for her health and well being..and pray that the lord will resides over the many problems my son has gotten himself into..please send my dailey prayers that i can read…thank u and god bless…ps i am a christain of the baptist faith..what denomination are u?

  26. Please pray for my daughter who is 20 and just left the house to move in with her boyfriend and his parents. She knows this is wrong and the parents are enabling this to happen.
    Please pray for the Lord to change her heart and come home. Do make the right decisions.

  27. Please pray for me and my mother due to our financial and health situation.. I struggle with bipolar and schizophrenia and my mother suffers from diabetes and heart complications .. I try to find a job so that me and my mom can have more money to maintain all of our bills .. My mom has to enter the hospital for surgery on June 26th 2017 and I have to go in to have my spine and legs examined due to the harsh pains and then I try to keep myself from going under stress about the whole situation .. When I found this site a year ago I feel better each day knowing that God has been with me and my mom since the day of birth.. Please pray for us Thank you and God bless

  28. Powerful Prayers!!!!!!

    I pray for my family (husband and sons) to be protected against the devil’s evil spirits, harm and deception in the Mighty Name of JESUS’ Amen.

    I thank God for our Life, Wisdom, Guidance, Protection, Wealth and all blessings in JESUS’ Name Amen

  29. Let me thank my heavenly Father for the provisions and His ways are far better than we can find anywhere. I thank Him for finding this page. It has great information.
    May God bless you always for the sharing.

  30. Hello

    I am asking for prayer for my Daughter who is having difficulty talking. I know there is nothing too hard for our Heavenly Father. Thank you

  31. Please pray for my son to open his eyes and ears to God’s will. He is14 and is making life extremely difficult for our family. I pray God will release him of his anger and negative attitude.

  32. I would like to thank you God for your blessing on my life. I would like to request that you pray for the finances needed to fix our roof, also for a settlement to be resolved, I would love to start my taxi business, and be able to stay home with my kids, please pray for my family, my job, my love life. Please just pray, that every plan I have for my kids, that it comes to pass, in Jesus name. Amen

  33. I just want to thank God for the power he gives us in his words . I want to the you guys for sharing .mostly I will like for you guys to pray for my family my son in I have work to do bring him home Father God

  34. Please pray for my family protection against the flesh and evil, restoration in terms jobs, finance , health , kid education thanks amen

  35. I would like god to help my sister she’s 15 &having trouble in her like I hope she gets well has faith & stays strong please God help her & guide her the right way in life so she can come home soon. Protect her & my little girl & me God thank u Amen. 🙏

  36. I am asking all to pray for my son his name is Christian has been struggling with an addiction and was out of control i called the police and got arrested he is 21-year-old first time in jail never gotten in trouble im praying that god shines his glory and open up his eyes so he can turn his life around overall i feel bad i called but he was out of control breaking stuff at home .but i Have faith my lord Jesus Christ will save him and protect him ….

  37. These powerful spiritual warrior prayers are my daily encouragement and reassurance and have helped me over the months cope and battle with various health/family issues and attacks. I can do all things through God who strengthens me. Be encouraged this day that God hears all prayers and sees all tears and these prayers should be a daily mainstay for peace, comfort and strength among your battle(s). Never give up as no one is exempt from trials and tribulations. Everything will turn out ok in God’s perfect timing. Stay the course!

  38. I need a special prayer for my older grand daughter to get a good christian school and for my younger sin in law a job who is waiting for over 7 months

  39. I love to read the Prayers you post, they are real help
    I have been praying for a financial blessing and a house I am a single Parent, and I used all my Finance to put my children through School, now I am about to retire and have nothing, no House no finance no nothing. I would much like your help. Thank you

  40. I need prayers for my business, something is wrong, all my bills are piling up I owe debtors almost quater million I owe the banks I need a financial Blessing.
    My home I need a house not an apartment

  41. I love to read ur prayers the are so powerful.I would like u to pray for me to get a job and that I will be able to take care of my children.

    1. Hi …I so enjoy your different prayers. It really uplift and strengthen me. At times when I don’t have the words to pray I know where to go to. I would love for you to pray for my two sons who need to find marriage partners. They are of age and I would like for God to come through for them. Thank you for this wonderful site….May God bless you..

  42. I am praying and believing God to give me a greater job and financial breakthrough to be able to build and pay all my loans. Pray and believe with me. Amen

  43. Thank you for posting these prayers of protection. I am a very young, new, and single mommy and I have been under spiritual attack. I have been fighting relentlessly to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ for months and I am growing stronger in Christ, as is my baby girl. (Even though she is already perfect and innocent.) I know that God is preparing Chloe girl and I for His kingdom, as He revealed that to me in a very vivid dream; where I woke up extremely emotional (in a good way) upon realizing that God had revealed His amazing purpose for Chloe and I in Heaven. I am spiritually, mentally, physically, and by definition – clinically exhausted because of my daily and constant devotion to praying to our Lord Jesus as hard as humanly possible for my baby girl’s safety and protection in God’s mighty arms now and forever more. I love my child so unbeliveably much that I know I have to pray tirelessly for her sake. I constantly dedicate my life to prayer of protection over my baby girl forever more while teaching her to always serve and follow and trust in Jesus Christ and in God’s promises. I know that my Chloe is so special to God and I devote my entire life and my whole heart and soul to praying for her safety and well being and protecting her in Jesus’ name. God bless you. And God bless my sweet angel, Chloe. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  44. Please guide and help my son during university help him to finish his studies, make the pathways of learning easy give him confidence subdue his anger ., protect him dear lord comfort him ..stand by him .. amen

  45. Thanking GOD who has a strong hold on my life. I am delivered from every negetative thing that has tried to take me over. God is my refuge and my keeper. He is always protecting me and my family. I want to serve God and enter into his kingdom. God is showing and transforming me into what he wants me to be. He is directing my every path in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  46. I thank you and Praise You Lord that this is the perfect time to serve you to praise you and give you all the glory and the honor forefather you daily loadeth us with blessings you will never leave it you will never forsake those you will never turn your back on it all those blessings and miracles Supernatural interventions now come for for your people guy we’re calling up on you we trust you we command the angels to hear the word of God and to obey in Jesus name We Praise You Lord For the fire of the Holy Ghost is destroying every Power Of Darkness assigned against our people your people father your children in Jesus name amen

  47. Thank you so very much! I request additional prayer please for my grand daughter Giana. Giana is 7 and in 2nd grade and comes from a broken family. She spends one week with her dad, brother and fiancé and one week with just mom. On occasion spends time with me, her grandma. For like a month now all of a sudden she cries to not go to school every morning. She has been at this school for 2years and this now her 3rd year. We have asked her why or what has caused this and her response is, I don’t know! It’s gotten to where she just clings to us to not leave her. So I ask for prayer that she may find her peace and return to being our beautiful healthy and happy little princess. Please remove from her whatever it is that’s causing this pain dear God, please??? I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen🙏🙏🙏

  48. I truly was blessed this morning by reading all the prayers The Living Word the promises of God they are really transform change my life immediately the word is alive and Powerful may God richly bless the person that posted these prayers online like this

    1. Please pray for my daughter Angelica that went to see her dr and he had to take some of her cervix and send it out for a biopsy please pray that everything comes out good she is so worried so please pray for . Thank you her mom Mary

  49. i pray for peace and love in both of my families,my husband and my family,my mother she must love his children and grandchildren equally,i pray God that we pay all our depts and see where our money have worked,my husband must get promotion and my kids must get success in life, may God help us to build our house and buy cars,we must not saver anymore,i ask all this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  50. I came seeking prayers and guidance frim God and came upon your page! I thank you whole heartedly! I am in need of a miracle for my son. (Legal issues) ! You have truly helped me. Be Blessed and Thank you again!

  51. Amen i need lots and lots of peayer i have alot of faith the lord jesus and i know gods very powerful and i need prayer for my grandson deanni and david my son to reunify today…to be able to come home now .AMEN

  52. To God be the glory. God bless everyone and thank you for these prayers, they helped me feel calm, as I’m so worried about my son, and the destructive path he has chosen. Please protect and guide my son home Father God, lead him back onto the right path. Amen❤️

  53. Prayers for my children. Pray for peace that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING. Prayers for an increase in a job. So I will have the money to take care of my children and have a place hard enough so when they come visit period at least 3 bedrooms

  54. Lord Jesus I am asking you to heal my sons James and Ernest from their addiction and free James mind from all his evil thoughts and Heal him and make him whole again and bring him inner peace. Also pleAse

  55. 8/30/16
    I’m asking for prayer for all three of my children and niece/nephews as we’ll. Just o a day to day life and living. Bless them all mentally, physically and financially. Give them strength and courage to in this world today lord. Keep them encouraged and always striving for the best. Not allowing anyone or anything hender them. In Jesus name, Amen

  56. Thanks for all of your prayers that you have given me to read pray for me over this man in my life please he’s on drugs@ alcohol@ he’s a good person@ l do know that God can change him but i want to be sure if this is a good man to marry to because I really don’t want to make a mistake down this read again this will be my third marriage.

    1. Dear Lord, fill Cheryl with your wisdom. Show Cheryl her worth. Help her understand that you want your BEST for her. May Cheryl come to understand that ONLY you can change the heart of another person. Give Cherly supernatural faith and courage to find a church and meet with a church counselor or pastor right away. She needs your love and support NOW and YOU have called the right people to walk this road, hear her story, and seek your wisdom. They are there in the local church waiting for her. May she find them THIS WEEK. They will bring LIGHT to her situation and the SCALES of darkness will fall away so that Cheryl can see the truth and the way you want her to proceed with her life, especially in the area of marriage. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  57. Thanks for the Powerful Sculptures. Please pray for my 👪 Family’s Salvation. In Jesus Mighty Name. Siblings Grandchildren and Son.

  58. I ask for prayer for my family. My husband and I need our marriage restored. we are also going through fertility treatments and are stopping if not pregnant. a lot of stress on our family right now between the two. I am wanting to get out of this marriage because I don’t feel like it can be saved but in my heart I know it can. Lots of mixed emotions and just need lots of prayer

  59. I would love to get prayers for my son an daughter in law kendrick an lafonda asking god to light a fire underneath their feet to boost them to take care of their wedding plans that will take place Aug 20 2016 to give them wisdom knowledge power an understanding through their journey an to bind an rebuke the enemies that are wishing for their special day not to be special lord i’m praying for a beautiful an prosperous day in the name of Jesus I rebuke all the evil spirits lord god in the name of jesus lord I ask u in the name of Jesus to let thisday Aug 20 2016 be à good an blessed day filled wit jot love peace an happiness in jesus name an also lord i’m asking prayers for myself to be stress free from today until this day is over in Jesus Name Amen thank you lord I kno u will do it because in your words u said ask an u shall receive seek an u shall find knock an it shall be open unto u psalm 23 says the lord is my sheperd I shall mot wAnt i’m claiming everything that i’m asking for lord in the mighty an wonderful name of. JESUS

  60. This family pray has strengthened me . I love it. It is so powerful. I have been praying it over and for there is power in prayer and I feel it running through me in Jesus name

  61. Please pray for my son Nicholas R. For health, and his life situation to completely change. In the name of Jesus. Thank you.


  63. Thank you for these prayers. I have son 21 and 23 and my concern runs deep for them as they try different things not of God trying understand who they are as men. I pray for them constantly knowing God’s promise is for them, and also for God mercy and grace to reach them in the time of their wondering, but I battle in my on life as well. I want to be used by God, but some thing must change in me also. I pray God renews my heart so that I can continue to walk forward never looking back. Please keep my family in your prayers. God is good

  64. I am so thankful for these prayers. The Holy Spirit speak to me so loudly as I pray, and I know the answers are already manifested. Amen

  65. Good morning,
    Thank for helping me pray with scripture this morning i prayed for my husband, our children and myself, we’re under attack, My husband’s job is at stake, our children’s health, our finances are very bad, we’re owing the bank and a number of people, invested some money that will not be released, My husband has worked very hard to have some business deals work, it’s like something keeps on pulling us down, please we need God’s devine intervention in our lives. JESUS HAVE MERCY ON US.

  66. Lord I pray you heal my toddler mind and make him whole. I was told by a speech therapist my son has autism. My son has not been tested yet. We go to see a neruolgist on July 7. Lord I’m praying for a miracle and I’m believing I will receive that miracle in Jesus name Amen.

  67. Our Perfect Holy God is Awesome. Thank you for being obedient in your ministry. Therefore, by faith families will come out of bondage by the Blood of Holy Lamb and in His name with thanksgiving Amen.

  68. I need a prayer for my daughter who has moved out with her boyfriend he whispers negative things to her so that she turns away from me . I understand that she cares for him I just want her to have God in her life. HELP

  69. Please pray for my son to be set free from excessive drinking, strife and discontent, unforgiveness. I know God has a good plan for his life. When he was a baby, God showed me he would be a minister. He later confirmed it through someone else. I know this will come to pass. Satan is a defeated foe.
    Thank you, I will pray for the other families on this website as well. The prayer requests really touch my heart, we all want our children walking with Jesus. Jesus is so good!

  70. I found this site while searching for biblical prayers for my daughter and family. I think my daughter may be in some kind of trouble but she wont communicate it to my wife and i. She has a young child to look after and was layed off from a decent job and cant find another decent one. Im dealing with depression and ptsd from being physically and verbally abused as a child, as well as molested. I have dealt with a number of other difficult things. I almost feel like Job. Im frightened for my daughter and family. Prayers would be much appreciated.

  71. Praying along with this great prayer im healed and people started recognised me as aliving somebody,i really appreciate what is happening with me and i know i will still receive more.amen in the name of almighty Jesus of nazarreth,amen.

  72. Please pray for my oldest grandchild. He is 15 years old and he is starting to rebel. He’s never liked School, and he has two classes to take over before he can get into the 10th grade. Please pray for clarity, in his mind. And the desire to do better thank you a concerned .grandmother

  73. Pray for my Son Aakash who is taking cigarette I don’t sleep I don’t know what to do please I need u lord to help me and I need prayer warriors please

  74. I need prayer my son has been missing since Monday my heart aches I don’t sleep I don’t know what to do please I need u lord to help me and I need prayer warriors please

    1. I am praying for you son. I am so sorry. Please pray for my son who is a drug addict and is in trouble with the law. He is going to be homeless if he will not get help today. God is good he will pour out his favor on us.

  75. Please pray for me I don’t want my Son to move out and take my Grandson to move to a bad neighborhood. We live upstate he’s in a better school . Please everyone pray for me so they could stay . My son is a single Dad and my grandson needs a mother figure . Pls pray for me .

  76. Please I am asking for everyone’s prayers I am a foster mom who received this beautiful little girl when she was 2 months we were told that her goal changed to adoption and my entire family was so happy this meant we could keep here well things changed so quickly she is now 19 months now we are all heart broken I know I am being selfish and its not what God wants from me but its been almost 4 months and her mom says we can see her but it hasn’t happened so please please i am begging everyone to pray that her mother lets us see her soon please god hear our prayers please let us see our little girl my heart mind and soul hasn’t been the same since she left us.

    Thank you from a broken hearted foster mom

  77. I pray that every heart and soul that was here ,is here and the ones coming will let our Almighty Father in Heaven,His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit into their lives, that every child of God find their way back home to His Pure Sacred Heart of Grace. May God’s will be done. In Jesus name,Amen

  78. plse god make doors open for me for n work and n place to stay lord.protect me and my baby from evil and evry curse plse god.AMEN

  79. Please pray with my child to get healed and be discharged from hospital.let us bind the spirit of sickness over our children.GOD is making a way out

  80. I need prayers for my daughter and her 2 kids..that she may get a break threw in life get a work and get out from under her enemies. ..

  81. Please my grandson needs prayer. Spiritually Emotionally. He has no interest in school 🏫. He needs help from the Sanctuary. He has no desire to even try to well in school 🏫. Please I need scripture (stand in the Gap Prayers)
    Desperately in Jesus Name.

  82. My daughter kiara is in the youth center and she go to court May 2,2016. I am asking for someone to pray that she avle to come home… I love and miss her so much… Please pray for us….

  83. Dear All, Please back me in prayers as I lift my son Colbert Fraser before God seeking His help to cause my son to be successful in his National Grade Six Examinations. My son has studied as the Lord expects us to prepare and so now I declare Success in Jesus name. His exams are on April 27 & 28, 2016.
    Thank you and may God richly bless you and your family also in Jesus’ Name.
    Love, Shelly Levans

  84. I’m so thankkful that I found your website. Please help me pray for my family.
    My husband is an alcoholic and smokes alot.
    My 14 year old son, Rexie has (mild asthma) and my 9 ear old son Jerry has hernia. He was operated on it six years ago and now his left side’s dropped again.
    Been praying about all these and I also would like you to help me in your prayers.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  85. Please pray for my Son Miguel Fernando Valdez i believe evil has no power over him I believe God is his lovas power over him. My son to the almighty God now and for ever Amen.

  86. Please pray for my Son Miguel Fernando Valdez i believe evil has no power over him I believe God is his loving father and no demond has power over him. My son belongs to the almighty God now and for ever Amen.

  87. Dear lord I ask you to guide me through this process. I will not forget that you have died for our sins. In Jesus name amen.

  88. Thank you Lord. For today I am not ashamed of you who is not ashamed of my life. I’m sure that you have a busy schedule.please lord I ask for your forgiveness. In Jesus name amen.

  89. My son Trevor Rask needs prayers I was told he has three aneurysm’s in his head I don’t no what else but God has heard his voice of crying out loud in his head and to others including me I ask all to pray for whatever may be wrong with my son to be heard by God he told me he’s Heald don’t worry about it or anything I’m here for him and he will live along happy life with his soon to be wife and will grow old with her and his kids and grand kids told me to believe and remember how God saved me and God said all is Heald for my son’s and they are well and I told him I believe he is and has Heald my son Trevor and I no my son Aaron is well and with out bad health cause I believe in God and he will grow old with his son and grandkids they both will grow old till there 80 or 90 and God is a wonderful man he has Heald my head my husband head and has blessed us all with good health I believe that in Jesus especially for my boys and God no’s the rest keep my boys safe out of trouble and no karma to fall on them for others ignorance and the same for my husband and me the lord is good o yes he is amen

  90. Dear lord I ask you to take care of alexa. Give her the wisdom to know that you are with her. I’m happy for your love. In Jesus name amen.

  91. Greeting in the name of the Holy One. I would like everyone to prayer with me for my only son who has the ability to do his school work and be an A student at his High school but he has little interest in his studies. Also the way sometimes he speaks to me with no regards for who is there or not. It hurts my heart to see I am trying and he is not pulling his weight. I know some of your wishes maybe great than mind but my heart hurts for my son. In the Lords name help me to pray for him so that he can be a much better “A” student.
    Blessed be to everyone. Thanks again Amen

    1. Your all praying in the name of Jesus. What did Jesus teach us? He taught us to help one and other! Just praying alone is not enough! Jesus taught us to take action. The washing of the deciples feet was an example of how we are to take action by being Christ like to one and other. Its easy to pray but a true Christian uses prayer and reaches out with a helping hand. I’m here to do both.

  92. Greeting in the name of the Holy One. I would like everyone to prayer with me for my only son who has the ability to do his school work and be an A student at his High school but he has little interest in his studies. Also the way sometimes he speaks to me with no regards for who is there or not. It hurts my heart to see I am trying and he is not pulling his weight. I know some of your wishes maybe great than mind but my heart hurts for my son. In the Lords name help me to pray for him so that he can be a much better “A” student.
    Blessed be to everyone. Thanks again

  93. Please pray for my three daughters Soannia Raja KUMAR, Nathiya Raja KUMAR, Ysabelle Mira KRISHNAN. Please pray they have perfect health and long good happy life and all 3 of them will walk in the path of the lord.

    Please pray they marry good men who will cherish, love, protect and provide for them. Men who also walk in the path of the lord.

    Thank you. Amen

  94. My. Family doesn’t understand how. God works. They think all they have to do is. Go to church but I know better. I have two sisters. That haven’t talked to each other in 9yrs. An I’m trying to get them to open there. Eyes. Before it to late. I also have two brothers. That haven’t. Talked. In 28yrs. An I have 5children an two step kids. They all have been baptized. But they’ve lost THERE sight of God.the devil. Has a strong hold on them. With drugs an drinking. They need God!!! In there. Life. Can u give me a war room prayer. That will help.? Thank u God bless

  95. Thank you Jesus I believe and trust in you. That I will be healed and my children will be to. And that whoever my husband shall be…be healed as well in Jesus name I pray amen.

  96. What powerful prayers…. How I really enjoyed praying them!!!! Thank you so much , you are His good and faithful servant..
    Kind regards and blessings
    Peta Adams

  97. I pray for apartment cause I’m homeless floating I sign applications that it comes fast I pray my daughters stop drinking smoking weed and them to respect me has there mom my girls dressing sleeping with different people cassandra britto shanice britto my girl stop this and there behavior bad friends out of there life change there fb health I pray for finances get out of debt pay life insurances get nice furnure for my house when I get it be debth free I pray for all my grandkids kids health my mom to she find somebody be happy all five my kids to change be respectable to me cassandra britto shanice britto James whitehead Jean in britto Carlos britto.I pray me get out of debt and heath be happy some nice guy be in relationship get married travel and spoil me and erick McBride give me my diamond ring he bought me I pray for everybody in the world amen

  98. Good morning. Thanks for all the beautiful and powerful prayers. I read and prayed all those prayers over my love ones. Please remember to pray over my daughter Tiffany F. A gno. She is rcurrently diagnosed with LUPUS. SHE has an appointment with her Physician and they need more blood test because of her Kidneys are worsen. Please pray for complete healing in her Kidneys and her autoimmune system. Blood pressure to be normal and every ORGAN in her body won’t affected from this as wful disease of Lupus. The doctor might suggest to put her back to the hospital. Please pray that she does not end up in dialysis. And pray for miracle healing over her kidneys and every ORGANS, BLOOD, BONES and her whole body. Thanks again for your powerful prayers. in her body, IN JESUS CHRIST Name. AMEN!…May GOD bless you:)). From Priscilla (Pousilla N. Agno) & (Tiffany F. Agno).

  99. Please pray for my son, John. He’s facing a lot of years in prison. He’s not a bad person. He’s just done some stupid things. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. Jail isn’t the place for him. It’ll only make it worse. He needs rehabilitation for drugs so bad. He was arrested 4 times back to back in the same vehicle on the same street with these drugs. Like he was asking for help. Prison will ruin my son. Please pray for him. Thank you

  100. Please pray for.my family drugs prison and the.devil have.been allowed in well i as their mama stand today.for God take hold and release the devil sickness addiction. Prison and any other bind bond or bold rebule jt off myself my kids my grandkids and their kids THANK YYOU JESUS FREE US GIVE US HOPE WE ARE TIRED CARRY MY KIDS TILL THEY CAN WALK WITH YOU ON THEIR ON LLORD I GIVE YOU MY KIDS AND ALL THAT OF MR THANK YOU JESUS

  101. My children and i enjoyed these prayers. We added our names. I added in several to restore and rebuild my marriage, as we are going through difficulty. My husband, Jason, wants a divorce. I continue to pray for him, our family, communication, and complete marriage restoration. Any christan support/prayers are appreciated.

  102. I need a prayer for my grandson. He has been arrested for having Crack and cocaine on him. He has never been in trouble before. He is really a good kid. Anymore it is so easy to get drugs, and it amazes me how many young people are using drugs. Instead of jail time I would rather he go into rehab, and do community time. Putting him in jail with hard nose criminals is not the answer. I pray that my Heavenly Father will hear my request. Amen

  103. I pray that God reunite my daughter Miracle who has severed ties with her family (mother Gwen, sister Courtney, uncle Frank and others) and pray that Miracle reunite her children with their family members in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  104. Lord Jesus hear my prayer, and please bring my son D’Marcus home safely and in no trouble. Help guide him in the direction of righteousness and be a success in life and use him to minister your word. Remove any and all demonic spirits that have encamped around him and his life. Help us build a better relationship and grow together in CHRIST JESUS. Protect me (us) in our home and protect my job security and that I always have one where I can help and be a blessing to others. May my current job is secured and exceed and make a different. My supervisors recognize and reward me for my hard work, dedication and a wonderful job I have been doing. Acknowledge me and apologize for not accepting me good deed and allowing the enemy to block there judgment about me. Lord please use me to minister your word to those in need who know you or who have lost there way. In JESUS might and marvelous name AMEN

  105. I am humbled by what the power of prayer can do. stick and abide by his word all heartedly in all truth know my break through is coming and I am not shaken by the devil for Greater is he that live th in me,than of this world. please help me pray for progress @ my work place,making fixed decisions.

  106. Prayers are powerful..
    Lord please hear our many prayers, and please bring my family close again and bring my son Domonic home, restore my moms health, remove all the ugly from my family life as well as the many torn families in the world. Amen

  107. I am praying to GOD Almighty to provide me with wisdom, strength and perseverance to let me see my kids Justin and Jackie again after 16 long years and help my Mother Rosa to get well who is suffering of leukemia. Please GOD grant my wish to see my family once again and also see my mother who is currently sick and that she needs my support in this difficult time.

  108. I am praying to GOD Almighty to provide me with wisdom, strength and perseverance to let me see my kids again after 16 long years and help my Mother get well who is suffering of leukemia. Please GOD grant my wish to see my family once again and also see my mother who is currently sick and that she needs my support in this difficult time.

    Thank you Lord!

  109. Amen amazing God thanks for protection of my granddaughter and her college roommate in a bad car accident but only you Lord of all Lord s and the blood of Jesus!! Thank you for Mariah & keyla

  110. Please pray for my family, Edgardo to pass test for promotion, Aberham to get a raise at his work.my daughter is looking for a new appartments let her find a beautiful one that it a lot less then she pays. My son, school send him Godly friends and a wife. My husband and I let the VA give him 100%,legal matter be done and over with and his renburstment. Testing for my Real estate let me pass the test Let me be able to sell my home. Amen

  111. My Family is torn apart. I lost my husband and my dad. I take care of most of my family memebers. I live in a house with my brother who had AIDS and my mum who is 77 and has come thru cancer and a heart attack. A sister who lost her husband and also had a heart attack and has a little daughter who is 12years and no one in this house works. I rented a container that I run a shop from and am now told that I am tradind illegally as the man who owns this container doesn’t have legal documents to trade so I face closure. This is my only income. I have fibromyalgia and a lot of debt on my name. ……….GOD IS GOOD! He will see me thru. He is my strength. I wake up because Jesus is with me! Be Strong and put ur trust in God.

  112. Thank you lord for helping find this thread,
    Please pray for me to get out of debt, I have financial difficulties that makes me feel that the enemy is blocking my success, pray for me to get my own house and live a happy life.
    Pray for my children to get better education,

  113. Thank you for the prayer against fear. I have been struggling with the fear of driving. Thank you Lord Jesus for setting me free from the bondage of fear

  114. i need prayers for protection of my daugter as her father decided to take her awsy from, i to need a powerful prayer to get a job, to pass my exams and for god to protect me and the rest of my family against evil.

  115. I thank you Lord for all you have done in my life. You have blessed me in so many ways, and I can’t thank you enough. I pray and ask that you will continue to be the centre of our hearts and also the centre of our family. May your Holy spirit guide us through in everything that we do.
    Lord, please help us to better ourselves from 2015 to 2016. Equip us O Lord to do your will and to go and serve you and your people. Help us Lord with our daily struggles and keep us safe in your loving arms always.
    We love you Lord.
    In Jesus name,

  116. Could you please pray for my son Everton he is sad because he’s waiting to get call for work and it about three weeks he’s not working he has to pay his bills and he just buy a condo
    Please pray for him to get a job soon please thank you , also for him an his sister to get along better .

  117. May God bless you for this website. I would like you to help me pray for myself so I can have the fire and passion for Christ again and also pray against setback in my small business and also so that my husband find a very good job.

    May main passion is to change other people’s life’s but now I can’t and it’s killing my spirit.

  118. I.am so glad i found this.pages with this powerful prayers becauce i need one for my son he was.useing.drugs.before than.he take Jesus in his heart for a few.month than he use it again me and my wife.gave oure heart to Jesus.long time ago please pray.for Nazirodien Isaacs

  119. Please pray for my granddaughter that she make right choices and find God. Please reverse the damage that her wring choices can cause. Thank Jesus!

  120. please god protect ky kids julianne and samantha i need you to protect and survive us our life is so complicated and lot of trial please help me god please be with us all the time. amen

  121. I need total prayer for my Daughter in her daily walk in school. She is struggling in work. I know God is watching over but I still want prayer for to be focus in her journey god and on earth

  122. Please pray for my baby i am 3 months pregnant doctor said baby doesnt have heartbeat doctor gave 5 days time please help my baby with heartbeat let my baby live plase pray for my baby

  123. Please pray for me all of a sudden my family wants to isolate me, my visits, my time with the kids . I am lonely and desperate for the love of family. They are not inviting me to anything it hurts my heart.

  124. I have right breast cancer which has progressed to the brain, liver. I also have seziures, 2 of my ribs removed. My 3rd time chemo has been stopped as I have to go for full head brain radiation on December 14, 2015. Please pray that the radiation works and the tumors in my body shrink and remain under control. Please ask Jesus to remove all the swelling from my brain, liver and body, also to remove the excess water from my liver and legs, to dry the liquid from my right breast which is still oozing out. Please pray for my cancer to go into remission in Jesus’ name.

  125. If you can please pray for me and my children to keep the devil away. And for us to praise the Lord. Thank you..

  126. I would like you’ll to pray for my daughter Kiara athaide. .she has got a sprain in her leg…& today was her heats in school…all these days she was coming out 2 nd in the race….Pls pray that her catch dissappea so that she can run fast in the race.

  127. Great prayers, pls help and pray for Gods financial breakthrough, we need to pay for our accomodation very urgently so my family can have a roof and shelter and for my husband to get a good miraculous job this month because today is his birthday

  128. I need a powerful pray for my daughter an also my kids an me to be strong. My daughter just had a baby an she feel as if she can’t do it by herself praying for her mind strength power any sign of weakness

  129. Please pray for my children. My marraige is in a mess and has been since the birth of my childre. My husband and myself are currently not speaking for around 5 day and webdo not even sleep in the same bed. Pornography has caused my husband not to be satisfied by anything that I do. There is always a depressing atmosphere in our house. My children are 7 and 8 years old and seems to get depressed. My son has anger against me and did not even greet me when leaving for school this morning. I am so worries abd so sad.

  130. Thank you Lord for coming into our lives . We going to hard My daughter in state custody right now and we need all the prayers and help. Please Lord bless me and family. Also need someone to help us deal with what we r going threw. And hopefully blessed with a home cause me n her dad live in a homeless shelter and need a home to bring her too. We’re just two people being reborn again and learning bout God.

  131. Thank you from my whole heart for posting these prayers. My daughter and myself are the pray-ers in my family and these written prayers make it so nice and easy. The enemy attacks so harshly that I am left feeling broken and weary. Please pray for me, as I am the backbone of the family. I am forever grateful for this and will pick up this torch and carry it on further. My plan is to make a Facebook group and post these prayers for my friends. Love and God’s divine favor, April

  132. Please I ask prayer for a house for I live in a room with my kids n grandkids. Also ask for prayer for financial difficulties n curses on my family n prayer for my eldest daughter’s marriage to end for we know she’s not happy n her eyes are closed for her husband’s lies n she left her 3 pretty little kids with me, her mom so she could marry him in court n went to go stay in a 1roomed apartment with her husband, who’s not her kids dad. She also struggles financially and told me 3months ago the sunday that she’s getting married the next day, monday without our ( her parents ) permission.

    I ask in the Name of Jesus, Amen n thank you.

  133. Prayer for me Lavonne Whitt, my husband Spencer Whitt. Our children Charlise Witcher, James Witcher, Tyrone Whitt, MarcAnthony Whitt, grandchildren, Kobe Sanford, Da’Marko Sylvester, Anna Sylvester, I’aira Witcher, Taylor Pruitt, Aiden Pruitt

  134. Pls pray for my family
    For strong loving relationship .
    For my son Joel Lim
    Study well and stay in faith with lord. And give him a Christian partner.
    Good health & faithful with lord

    For hubby Frankie
    Love and bone back to lord and family
    Be a responsible father and husband.

  135. Please pray for my 3 sisters, they are of age and are not in any relationship nor married, pray they get God fearing husband’s, pray for me to get another baby, been trying for the last 7 yrs to no avail, to also get a job, lost my job last year June, to date been applying but not successful and finally, for my healing, I’ve been on medication for some abscess on my spine for the last one year.

  136. Please pray for my sons and grandchildren. I have one grandson who is facing a difficult time with not having his mom. She was killed when he was only bout 18 months old.

  137. please pray that I can become a better person for myself because I want to be a better mother to my two boy GOD blessed me with them so I believe that he thought me to be fit I love more then anything I just dont want to let them down please pray for my family and that we can become stronger and build and rekindle bonds please pray for the world and that we may never see perfect but that we can live together no matter our differences GOD made us in his image help us to understand what that means….. THANK YOU

  138. I need prayer for my younger brother. He is currently thinking bad thoughts of hurting himself over a girl. And I am in a different state so I know that my prayers will be heard.

  139. Please pray for my son Paul to be healed and choose the right path away from drugs and alcohol. Paul is a senior in high school and he needs prayers for him to graduate with his peers. Thank you…all praise and glory to God!

  140. Please pray for my son Ezra he was born premature had to have a emergency c-section. He still can’t feed on his own and his 3 month their giving him formula from the tube in the nicu. Thank you much

  141. Pray for my daughter she cant use the bathroom her stomach hurts her head hurts the doctor said she has a blockage thats why she cant use the bathroom he gave her medicine but that doesnt work abd shes in college please that it gets unblocked

  142. Im praying for my family bless u lord in Jesus name help my daughter to get all ten of het. kids in jesus name make us a strong families open doors in our life in Jesus name

  143. I ask for everyone to stand in agreement with me for protection over my grandsons who are being attacked by ungodly spirits,, I ask for Gods Angels to surround them and protect them as they go through thier lives.. I ask the same for my daughters as they raise them…

  144. Please pray for my son, J.Jose He’s a father of 3 children a single parent raising he’s children. Please pray that God will give him the wisdom, patience’s and the love to be a great father to his children. Also prayer for healing in his Spirit , Soul and body and to seek God as his personal Lord and savior. Thank you… God Bless!

  145. Pray for my daughter Randy who is going to have surgery, a growth was found in her jaw, pray please that all results are negative. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  146. Thanks for the passage they are very helpful when you going thru your trails an it seem like you need one on with the Lord. Pray change an covers all

  147. Plz pray for the family Ferrer Tamez thank you very
    Am going thought a lot pray for my daughter in law she very mean 🙁 to me

  148. Thank you I am praying the I am prayer daily and the fear prayer. I will also be passing out the prayers at my bible study…

    Could you also pray that I am able to go back to school, stay strong in my marriage, do homework with kids, work, and do ministry all with balance

    I also need a better position with more pay for my family

  149. I know all things possible through Christ need prayer we about to lose our home to a inheritance issuse after 40 years so unbelievable family can be so curel but I know when one door closes Another is open and for the best pray we get it back or better

    1. Genesis 50:20-21 what the enemy meant for bad God meant it for good as God did it for Joseph with hood family he will do it for you! I hope you remember to post the praise report whenever it comes

      I would love to hear how God worked it out my name is Lyndra August on Facebook

      Be blessed and remembee Romans 8:28
      Everything works out for the Good of those who love the Lord

  150. Please lift my son Lee A. Richmond III up in prayer as he begins to take the ACT test this morning that the Holy Spirit guides him through to open up the need doors of the scholarship monies that has been selected for him since the foundation of the earth.

  151. Please for me that i may get a job to sustain my son and i, my son needs to start school in January and i have no finances, i have so many debts to pay to the point of loosing friends, pray with me that God may remember me because i have reached the end of the road

  152. Im 28 indian and a mother of 2. A boy of 3and a girl of 2. I live with in laws who are sikh but im Christian. I face battles everday as im not aloud to exspess my faith and forced to listen to their chatting and have to cook and clean everday the lord has helped me block it out and bring my thoughts onto jesus. But the worry is on my children i want them to grow up knowing jesus the way the truth and the life we are currently bidding on the coucil for our own home so we can be free please could you all pray out there for the coucil to push our file to the top and make us priority. I have been through so much with my in laws i have been to charis bible collage for comfort and pray. Thank the lord its not as bad as when i 1st came the lord has quitened me wisened me but i dont want my children to be brought up the wrong way please please could you all keep us in your prays thankyou x

    1. Hi Nikki I too am Indian & know the struggles that you have. Remain in Him & He will remain in you…Heavenly Father our Lord God in heaven I lift up Nikki & her family to you, may you fill her with your love, your peace & your strength Lord…… “I bind you Satan & I loose you off of Nikki, her husband & children! You have no place over her, I command you now with the power of Jesus Christ & the holy spirit release your hold off this family, I crush & break you now! I reverse every curse, I break those chains, go & flee from her now! I command you to drop your weapons & Go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ the son of God be gone! Go go go in Jesus powerful name!”….
      I ask you Lord to cover Nikki, her husband & her children with the blood of Jesus from the tips of their heads to the soles of their feet. Let the blood be that protection covering against nothing that’s Not of you Lord. Provide them a home full of peace, love & joy. Surround her mind & heart with an auora of love & peace & acceptance into her husbands family. I pray that you place a great church near their new home where they can grow closer to you Lord & praise and honour your holy name. Amen!

  153. Thanking for sharing so i may seek God and find hope in what i thought was like for me a spiritul experience of myself travelling through a desert dry land not seeing and sign of life till now very relieving and to pray without ceasing trusting Gods power over my childrens life and me and hubbie is so powerful and very healing experience

  154. Oh Dear heavenly father Our Lord Jesus christ
    Please help me get a job nd for.me.to stick with it, not to give up on it… i have five kids whom i love forever… I am a single mother nd i wanna support them to show them that i am a strong mom whose doing everything for them…. Also for my kids to stay in school and for them to finish… I also have my first grandbaby coming soon,please protect my grandbaby… keep my kids juan adrian colin ronada nd britney nd myself stephanie safe…
    Thank you
    Ibpray in the name of our Jesus Christ

  155. Thank you jesus… i love you
    Keep my kids my family nd myself safe..
    Thank you
    i pray in the name of Jesus

  156. so encouraging words our God is always kind and merciful…please join me in thanking Him for what he has done for me and what he is yet to do…please help to pray for a permanent job, a God- fearing husband,forgiveness of sins and his blessing to my son….

  157. Please pray for my husband he is working but always something wrong. The loads get cancel and he doesn’t get pay we don’t have money to pay bills and rent .When we received something good and we get our hopes up ,then out of the blue something happens and stop the blessings to come, we receive promises from God but then everything turns negative, he gets depressed his back hurts so bad he cannot move . He is a truck driver right now he is at Arkansas he was going to pick up a very good load and they called him at 2:00 AM to cancel the load , so he has to stay the whole weekend stop in the middle of nowhere with no money until Monday, I am not working so the family depends on him and We have been praying but it’s like is not enough. Our faith is strong but we don’t have strength to keep going.there is so much we can take until we brake . I think we are there

  158. Please pray in agreement that my grandson 1st year in college is going to be bless, and he will be a light to everyone that cross his path. And that he get a closer relationship with Jesus Christ so deep that it will change and shape his entire future of his entire life , for God to get all the glory, and my grandson will benefit from serving the Lord even in college. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour when he was 8 years old.

  159. Prayer is for my 12year son to continue to be smart an to get what he needs to get to college grant him a better min’ dset give him a mind to study read an do his math he good but give him better help from latanya hull

  160. thank you i am asking to please keep me in your prayers i am going threw a custody battle my son also i am am struggling financially i pray things will turn around in Jesus Name thank you

  161. This helped me a lot I’m seeking prayer for my children to be returned to me and for all negative things in my life to be removed

  162. Please keep me in your prayers and my children i am a divorced mom raised my children on my own by the Grace of GOD. I live in Ottey Cape Town South Africa daily i was victimize in my work place,community. Because i am the only white women that lives here was bully out of my work place file for condonation at the CCMA to get my job back struggling financially i live on a council flat for yrs and even tried to get me evicted broke in my flat took my belongings that i worked so hard for also mock me daily thanks for your understanding your sister in Christ Sharon Scott

  163. Pray for my son Donald who applied for a promotional post. And my son Ernest who is facinncing a court for his car.

  164. Please pray for our family as we are going through a troublesome time. My daughter recently got a divorce and gets anxiety attacks as a result. My son lost his job and has not been able to fine one, My mother is bleeding internally and doctors can’t identify from the problem. I have a disabled brother that had a trauma injury and is not doing well. I suffer from depression, nerves and anxiety. I also have a granddaughter that seems to have inherited the same anxiety. Lord put your arms around us and protect us. We ask and thank you for your healing and provide a job for my son . Thank You Lord Jesus son of God

  165. Catherine Paye: I just found this page and saw your post after the recommended prayers. I have found a prayer of healing and protection for me and my son on this page. Know that I am praying for you as well. The other posts are not in order so I hope you are able to see this. I am asking for prayers as well, from whoever reads my post. Prayers of healing, and forgiveness. Thank You, God Bless.

  166. Please pray for my family, we have lost two pregnancies over two years and my wife is extremely worried and out of control. We have to grow our faith in the Lord and know nothing is above Him.

  167. Please pray for my nephew Shane, Nicola, Shawn,Selvin. they are growing up to be troublesome and need guidance and Our Lord’s saving grace.

  168. I have loved all these prayer guidelines & I believe I shall interceed & meditate upon then.
    I’ve passed through a lot of challeges & the biggest problem is lack of stable job which has resulted int financial difficult. I request u all to stand with me & pray over my-life maybe the almighty will hear & free me from the hands of evil-doers who have set fire to completely eliminate me. I’m in my late 20th but I have never been engaged nor tried marriage. I’m tired of being sheltered coz they are shutting me up & soon they will throw me out. pliz, plead with me

  169. Thank you very much for the wonderful prayers,I will pray them with my child and husband and I know god will answer us. You are doing a good job,I feel blessed already.god bless you

  170. I want to request prayers for the health of my 2 daughters, my husband, and myself. Today I want to specifically pray for my daughter Alexia. She needs a good friend in her life. Someone she can trust and have fun with. I don’t want her to be sad or depressed or thinking about anything bad. I want her to be happy and be her usual self. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  171. I would like the favour of marriage over my fiance & I, the favour of prosperation over my little business & favour over my personal finance, more love & effection from my God & most of all to pray for my purpose on earth & a closer relationship with God. I would love prayers associating with my requests. Thank you. God bless

  172. Lord I pray that that my family lives in the truth and wisdom of your word, that fear and temptation of addiction leave my family. That anger, vendictivness, and dishonesty leaves us along with the evil that tempts us daily. I pray we live in the peace and light of Jesus and that our hearts no longer be weighed down by the injustices of the past. I pray that our light shines fiercely to be a beacon to others who walk aimlessly, and that the testimony of our suffering lend comfort and promise to others. In Jesus Name Amen.

  173. Thank you Lord for directing me to the most powerful prayer. All my life I have been suffering. But I feel the light. Thank you god for answering my prayers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Merle Villanueva Rodriguez. Please pray for my family and children that god will heal all sickness and diseases; bad luck, negative aura, black magic, vodoo, generational curse, evil spirits, financial bondage. That they will be financially secured and debt free. That they may help others who are suffering. Please pray for Merle Villanueva Rodriguez, Diosdado P. Maniago, Brandon Rodriguez, Faith Meilani Arreola, Precious Leilani Maniago, Francisca Villanueva, Elaine Rodriguez Lloyd, Norma Rodriguez Sutherland, Cora Rodriguez Galinato. Very Rodriguez, John Butler, Karen Yokota, Wendy Young, Aliah Rodriguez. Aden Rodriguez, Al Galinato, Eddie Lloyd, Roger Sutherland. Please pray that god will keep my family from danger and sickness , disease and keep my family safe in the palms of our lords hands. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, My Lord.

  174. i will love to add my newly born daughter (first child) Olafare Aishat Lawal to this prayer list name

  175. Please pray for my meeting with my son headmaster to be good with no negative toward my son who is only 9.
    Rebuke all the lies and negativity, let the teachers praise him Lord.

  176. Please pray for my family for peace and especially for my son Guy who is going through judgment at young age.please pray for the devil to stop is work toward my son.

  177. I need prayer in all aspects of my life. I need prayer for my children to return home, prayer for my blended family to love and respect each other. Prayer for a successful transition from my 20 year military service and an overflow of blessings and favor in the next job that I get. I need prayer for a better and stronger relationship with God. To be obedient to God. I need prayer for an overflow in my finances so I maybe a blessing to others.

  178. I give The Lord all the praise and Glory to His Name.please pray for my two sons for the Lord to guide them nd protect them..and pray for my healing nd my spouse whose in iraq for protection nd that we may b re-united real soon.and my brother who is alcoholic to be free from that bondage.My God is able and in Him i find shelter i put my whole faith nd trust in Him that all shall surely come to pass in Jesus Name Amen.

  179. I just want to ask for prayers to help my daughter Nikita she is only 15years of age and has lost her way. At this time we don’t know where our daughter is,only that she is somewhere in Middleburg. Please pray that we find her so she can come home to us and also pray so she can find her way back to our heavenly father. Thank you and God Bless.

  180. Please pray for my son. We have been having inexplicable behavioural problems for more than two years. We tried everything – therapy, doctors, tests, behavrioual therapy, Occupational therapy – nobody can find any fault. we just cannot tame his behaviour. he is a splendid, clever boy, who behaves fantasitcally, is very polite, is linguitically very good… unless contradicted or challenged – when this happens he hurts others, children or grown up, through kicking, hurting, biting. He knows its wrong, and is always so sorry – but seems cannot help it. I have prayed and prayed. I have talked to him, devised ways to spend time together, we have punushed him, explained to him, cajoled him, done wverything and tried so many different things and opinions. My husband and I are exhausted. Please pray for us to see the light in this matter. We are really tired. We cannot understand why he does this. And this is also putting so much strain on our family. God, I ask for the blood of Jesus to tame him. Help me be a good, understanding mother. Help me give him exactly what he needs. Show me what to do, what YOU want me to do – not what the doctors tell me to do. Send your protection over him. Change him, Help us God. Please pray for us.

  181. These scriptures are very comforting for this difficult time I’m going through. My son is 11 years old and his father has been trying to take him from me since he was 4. The judges never proved I was an unfit mother because I’m not. My son’s father allowed the enemy to take him completely over. I pray to God every single day for this issue to go away. I pray that God will take away my son’s dad’s evil ways.

  182. I pray that the good Lord guides my children, Danielle & Devin, to the path of healthy, happiness and safety. They both need to find their way. This I ask in Jesus’ name.

  183. I need a prayer for my kids,my daughter Is 6 and doesn’t eat on her own and my son is 4 and doesn’t know how to eat food only baby food…and I have a half sister and two other sisters that don’t like me,they want me out of our parents life…and my husband an alcoholic,I feel so stressed,Please pray for us,Thank you

  184. Please pray for me and my babies. I am a single mom with two kids. We have been through so much in the last two years. I have so much anger inside me. I pray that God will give me a forgiving heart and help me become a better mother for my kids.

  185. I need prayers for me and my kids am going through a divorce right now and I don’t know where to start am in a country all by myself and kids with no family I need to start over need a job and go back to school life is a roller coaster right now I need prayers so things can get better

  186. I need a prayer , for my family but mostly my son . I’m in a custody battle with his father who 2 years ago did something horrible to my little boy and some how it feels like I’m losing this battle against his father . And I don’t get it his father has been in trouble so much and it seems like people think he is great . I love my son and I don’t want him to have to go back to see his father the person that hurt my little boy .

  187. please pray my childrens…
    They are lack of unity..cooperation
    high pride,they cannot seen my effort as
    mother of them..GOD help to gather my childrens in easy ways…GUIDE THEM TO your WILL..&ways..in Jesus name amen..

  188. Please help I need prayers desperately my husband and I have 5 beautiful children and here recently my husband got in trouble and had to go to jail for two weeks now he us out and went straight back to work no questions ask but we are so far behind in bills and we are in fear of losing everything we have worked hard in getting our lights are way past due our rent past due and now a car payment coming in a couple days we are down and need some uplifting. Lord please if you here my cry please guide us threw this hard ship. Amen

  189. I know we all go thru different situations and mine could be less than others,but to me it seems my whole world is falling apart. And I feel I put a lot of stress not only on myself but my husband as well ,we married 15 yrs ago and he has helped me raise my two daughters who were 5&1 and now 21&17now..we also had two sons 14&10 ..Our family is struggling now our youngest daughter just withdrew from school to get her GED and has just given up on life😢😢we’ve helped out every way we know how and we get no good results. We got her an apt and resently found ilegal drugs in it we don’t know what else to do, feel like just letting Go. Needing prayer and good advice.thank you. Fear the the worst for our baby girl

  190. I am praying for protection and healing over my childen and fiance. I am praying fir a better paying job and a financial breakthrough. I am praying to be debt free and to fill our cupboards with groceries. Amen. Amen

  191. Please pray for my husband he feels like he doesn’t want to be in a marriage anymore. He wants to travel meet people and do his own thing without me and the kids. I want to save our marriage

  192. My daughter and her.one month old baby are in hospital. Both of them are not feeling well. I really need prayers.

  193. God please help me to get my son home and help me to protected my children. Please God give me strength and help me to be strong so I can fight for my children. I call to you at this heartbraking time in our life’s to aloue my son home with his family. I ask for your forgiveness my lord. Please help me and my family and reunite us. I love my son with all my heart and want him home with me so please my lord please answer my prayer I will forever be thankful

  194. Please pray for me that I will overcome fear . I fear being alone especially since the death of my husband. I know all things are possible with God. Also pray for my health to spring forth speedily. God bless you.

  195. I magninify the lord for he is worthy to be praise;I am a teen attending high school and facing many challenges;I was baptised last march but since then I have not been keeping the faith.I just want you to pray that I will pass my cxc subjects this year and also ask god to open doors for me.Bless my family financially and economically cause we are poor and I believe that god has the power to touch our lives.May god bless you too.

  196. I love this site it helps me to learn how to prayI prayed is it real or keep you in this website because you do help others in Jesus name

  197. Thank you please let’s keep on praying for the love of GOD a job for my child health and love thank you

  198. Powerful prayers which I will use every day my God is awesome, thank you so much for these powerful prayers, the holy spirit led me to this site for help with my prayer life amen thank you Jesus

  199. I need prayer for my son he is 17. He has no respect for anyone and seems to be troubled
    Im lost with him. I don’t know how to control him. I’m am afraid he’s going to lose his life to jail or the streets. He doesn’t get along with any one not even his younger brother. Please pray for a positive change for my family and for us to seek a stronger bond with Christ.

  200. I have faith that the Lord said my children are a exception. I believe my son will come thru this situation with a miracle

  201. Please pray with me for my daughters, for the Holy Spirit to fill them up and give them power over anything! I know The Lord has a plan for their lives, they have drifted away a bit now that they are in college, but I believe The Promises of God: “believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your whole household will be saved.” Please pray with me and believe with me that they are used for God’s glory in a mighty way, that The Lord gives them a Spirit of Power and Self Control and through them the Lord gets glory and a lot of people come to know Him. Please pray and believe with me over my daughters for protection, safety, wisdom and grace where they are and with all people they get in contact with. Deliverance over anything that is not of God. Healthy sleeping habits and healthy eating habits and no vices or bad habits that are against God. One of them is in Cambridge, MA. The other one is in College Station, TX. Please pray and believe with me over my husband that he can return to the level of authority over his family (my daughters and I) and his own body, and to be the provider he needs to be; please believe with me over my family for spiritual, physical and material blessings to be able to be a bigger blessing for the glory of God. In Jesus name, amen!

  202. I am afraid of death. Not just for me but I am afraid of losing the ones I love most of all my children. I have an adult som who is afflicted with cerebral palsy. He lives in a group home because I am unable to care for him. I feel guilty everyday that I may have caused his disability. I was young. Only 18 when he was born. I feel guilt that I have placed him in a home even though I visit often. I am afraid for him. I’m afraid of loss. I have two daughters 21 and 16. I am in fear all the time that something bad will happen to them and I will lose them. I am also In fear that I will die and know one will care for my son. The fear of death rules my life. It depresses me and makes me feel hopeless. Like “what’s the point”. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I don’t wAnt to feel chained to the fear of death and have it run my life. I want to Trust in God more, but how?

    1. Try this, as you drift off to sleep, listen to Christian songs and sing them in your heart over specific people who you would like to pray for. If music keeps you awake, then just picture one person and pray specifically for them until you fall asleep! Let us know how it goes!:-)

  203. Each day I become more confident with the reading of these prayers and I believe that every single one of them will and I are coming to fruition for me my wife and my children thank you and may God bless you for speaking prosperity into our lifes.

  204. Thank you for sharing this prayer i just start i already feel the power,keep my family and prayer plz mariage,broken,house forclosure,one of my children has learning disability, my hans is full mother of 7children today i. Put my trusted ,and Jesus name all will fixed

  205. i need prayer for my sick father, his name is Kennedy Okiemute, Agbogidi Iyara, he has spiritual attack, different kinds of sickness, pls i want the healing of God to permanently rest on him and heal him totally and God to restore his health, i want my mother to be saved and come to Christ in his fullness, i want my sister Amabel to get married and have a happy family, i want to be rich and doing well in my endeavor and i want God to help me locate my life partner and grant the desires of my heart in Jesus name i ask amen

  206. I thank God I found this site, I have the Sunfrom the age of 13 he is been in and out of jail. He was recently bailed out and the enemy has him yet again. His name is Raven he is missing for two days. Please pray for his safe return. Thank you and God bless

  207. Thank you for the uplifting site. Please pray for my children and I. We are going through a difficult divorce and have been forced away from each other and the family court system seems biased against good men if they happen to be falsely accused by a woman seeking divorce/custody advantage. My 9 yr old son and 13 year old daughter are being alienated from me by my wife who initiated the divorce. I try. Lord give me patience and help me trust that your plan is in motion

  208. i pray that i find a job so that i can take care of my daughter , that i can look afta myself and pay my bills without struggling

  209. Lord Jesus by faith in your merits. I now take your precrous blood and sprinkle it over myself and over my near and dear ones, on our mind, on our menory, on ourcencentration, on our grasping power,on our retaining power,,,on intelligence, on our books, right from the crown of our head to the very soles of our feet. Amen and Amen.

  210. I really enjoyed these prayers please send me more and also I just make a deal to buy a truck I don’t have the money but with my faith in God I know he already provided me the money to purchase it. In the name of Jesus I command money come to me now, money come to me now..

  211. Lord our 17 yr old daughter has made an awful mistake that could send her to jail. It was a teenager trying to find herself and misread signals from a friend. Now there are protection orders and pending charges. They want her kicked out of school with 6 months left of her senior year. I am heart broken!! Cannot stop crying, we don’t have much money to hire a defense attorney but I can’t do it myself. Pleasse help my daughter find the right path to lead her through this horrible mistake! Bless our family with strength to make it. Amem

  212. I want to pray for my family as the devil is doing all in his power to destroy the joy of my home. May the almighty God step in fully and assume full control to restore peace, health, wealth, fruitfulness, gainful employment and wisdom to handle all in our lives.
    I am believing God that he will fully restore all our losses over the years in multiples, all our tears will be replaced with laughter , all sorrows over taken by joy, divine comfort for all sufferings and absolute happiness for all pains, in Jesus Mighty Name, I pray,Amen.

    1. In all things we truly should give thanks. No matter what we go through the Lord ALWAYS makes a way. My husband doesn’t work and I manage (somehow) to take care of the family needs, with some struggles of course. My job doesn’t pay much but I manage. I feel saddened that I have to support the family when I have a husband who won’t help out as much. Lord I am praying for wisdom! You have never left me short of anything when it comes to providing for my children. Just when I begin to worry about where I will get money for gas/electricity or food you make a way and I am I truly thankful! As for my husband oh Lord, I have just seemed to have lost interest in him. My feelings are not the same. I leave my marriage to you Lord..IJN

  213. praying for me and my family we are having a hard time financial and health wise… i know my lord will make away.

  214. Dear Lord…please help my son Julian Sigat.. I have a hard time with him. He is out of control and he had been taking drugs and mixing wirh wrong friends. He become so hot tempered and rebellious…I don’t know what to do as I am a single mother and his father does not care for him. I only have you Lord and I trust in you to guide me through this. Amen

  215. Thank you lord for the beautiful prayers. Please pray to protect my family, prove my husband innocent, guide my eldest daughter to concentrate in her studies, protect my youngest daughter all tbe time and make me strong to save my hose. Amen.

  216. I say these prayers. I request for special prayers for family bonding and that we walk and act in the wisdom of God

  217. I ask That you keep my family in Prayer..I need Extra prayer for my Son he has a very bad anger problem..i am praying that the LORD will send the right Mentor into his life …And that he will come to know the Lord and the fullness thereof.. in Jesus Name

  218. Prayers for my son who at this moment has lost his way. Please help guide him and keep him safe. As for myself I just ask to help keep me for that I am struggling financially and also in my path as well. And my husband also in his path.
    In Jesus name… Amen

  219. Please pray for me my 15:year old son …21 year old daughter 3 year old grandson and 4 year old daughter that we may live righteous and holy pleasing and according to god …that we may honor him m recieve the blessings of the most high…thank you and I thank the lord for you

  220. Dear Friends, Please pray for my daughter rena, as she is always not listening to the teacher / in class . she is alwys day dreaming. and tell lies too. i have tried to talked to her but still no changes in her. i received a lots of complain from the school teacher about her. i am worried. Please keep in your prayer . thank you & God bless you all.

  221. Please pray for my 17 year old son, Logan. I pray for his acceptance of Jesus Christ in his heart, I pray for the right people to enter into his life, I pray for his health and for him to know and love Jesus because when this is done he will have everything. Please pray for my healing. I did not have a good mammo report but I BELIEVE it is a mistake and if not then God will lay his healing hands on me and cast out all the bad. Thank you for your prayers for me and my son. God Bless and Amen and Amen. Through Christ ALL things are possible

  222. Prayers for my son, that he will be healed from his addiction. That it will not take over his life and he will not want this evil anymore! Please pray for us to get my son back and for him to take his life back.

  223. AMEN Danlyn, Maureen! May it be according as you have prayed it to be, May you all find favour in the sight of God. May strength come to all of us who put our trust in God alone. I love this blog, i just discovered it and i am please that God guided me here. I pray for my young family, that God will lead us all along the path that He alone decides for us to follow. I also desire more grace to run this christian race, and that God should lead my little Odafe (3mths old), and make her grow to be the pride of her generation. I desire that the hand of God be evident in her life as she grows in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God & man, Amen & Amen!

    1. Thank you..i’m glad that god has guided me to this sight as well..these inspiring words i’ve taken comfort in..may the almighty bless you..

  224. My 15 yr old son has a medical problem which he finds very hard to deal with..he’s also sturding for his exams now..i pray that the almighty lord will guide and protect his through this trying times.

  225. Pls pray for my son kene to accept christ and be saved. To be established in God’s way. To honor his parents so that he will live long .

  226. pls pray for my family.my mum passed on Aug 19 .2014,since then my sisters have been sick..n the sickness seems to rotate from one person to the other…am worried that something is gonna happen because before my mum died same thing happen the sickness seemed to rotate from one person to the other.i request for prayers for my family.

  227. I ask for prayer for my teenage (16) son who passes out for no reason. We have taken him to many doctors and he has undergo so many test but they can find nothing wrong. He finds these episodes so upsetting as he does not like to have people worrying about him. He tends to be the one who watches over his twin brother who has some disabilities due to a stroke that he suffered as a baby and now his brother is watching over him. He is always so strong and is so upset that they can not find anything wrong as he feels if they would just find something he could deal with it. I pray that he finds the strength to believe that some things are unexplained and that our Lord is with him at all times even though he does not feel it may be so. I look forward to your thoughts and prayers

    1. The lord will strengthen him, as he puts his trust in God to finalise his healing, because we were already healed by HIS stripes. May your family begin to experience a total transformation, and joy as things beging to turn around for good in Jesus’ name. receive strength to hold on for your son. Gods favour is upon him

  228. Please pray for protection for my family (my husband, my 2 children, myself, and my 2 dogs). We are currently renting a house and we found an alarming amount of mold in our basement due to water damage that our landlord never properly cleaned up after seepage and a broken pipe. The property manager and the owners are slow to resolve the issue due to the cost and we are battling with them everyday to get some clarification as to what they are going to do. While this is going on, we are being exposed to mold (not sure what kind and if it is toxic). I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thank you and God bless all of you.

  229. Please pray for my healing and strength to be able to work and fen for my kids and be able to open my new company abd be finacilly independant. And for mmy son to get the scholarship for his education. for my daughter’s marriage and my entire family’s sucees. Pray for my son and daughter to know the Lord Jesus more each day and change their behaviour and make me a proud single parent. pray for the job that i have to have bosses that are understanding and willing to help me and not shout at me and make me fell inferion as if my efforts are next to none. i just want my own hose soace where i can be able to praise the Lord and meet a man husband who loves God in every aspect. and teach me the word.

    1. tonie I’m in need of pray’ for my son’s they are having some legal problems .i’m just ask god to see them both throw this strom.lionel,carlos strom don’t last always .

  230. Thank you this are good prayers , I will like a prayers to me and my love ones my husband my son my daughter and my baby granddaughter , he need a blessing from god for this family to be happy together and nothing to stop that and a blessing for my financial and my kids financial they are having problems with love too please I need a miracle

    1. I thank God for enabling me get all the good things i have received i.e. my children Matilda and Marythereza, my husband Pascal. I have one prayer request for God to enable me accomplish all my expectations, unity in my family, financial problems and solve the wrangles my family experiencing in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  231. People please pray for hedge of protection over my family . No weapon formed against us shall prosper . I pray that my family will stay together and in the name of Jesus it shall not break

  232. Please pray for my son and his wife. I love her dearly, and she loves me. She is not a Christian. I pray for all of them daily. (Their son is 18 months old.) she told me last night that they are having problems and will begin counseling on Friday. Join me in praying that the Heavenly Father’s healing power will put them exactly where He wants them. I KNOW that He can, because I have seen in my own life. We need fellow prayer warriors. Thank you, and blessings.

  233. Dear Lord, I pray that you will clean out all the demons with in my son! I pray Lord that he will seek your guidance and live by your commandments. I pray Lord that you will help him rise up and over against all that keep him him down. Father I ask you to help him mature into a fine young that fears God in his heart. Lord please help him to take good care of his children and be a better father to them than i was to he. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  234. I pray for my country South Africa and its problems and temptations. May we be vigilent enough to not let the devil fool us.And also for all children of South Africa. The devil has started already started a war on you. Everyday a child is killed. In the name of jesus I stop that spirit now.and confess that no child will be killed no more because of devils works. Amen.

  235. Theses words and verses are just what I needed and at the right time! I have been going through so much in my life and trying to make a better life for my children and pay bills and keep my marriage together without letting my family know how much all of this along with my childs college tuition at has taken a toll on me until I read these prayers of power and inspiration freed my mind, body and sole. I feel so much better and I’m very thankful to God and the publisher abd the thoughtfulness that was put into this site.

  236. I pray for my daughter Linda to have patience with life and learn to enjoy the beauty in it…to embrace the love I have for and totally have joy and peace within herself God please BLESS my precious daughter EVERYDAY ….I also pray for my son Jason BLESS him and his family with your” Will” he is deserving of all your Blessings in this I pray in your sweet name Amen!!!!!!!

  237. Please pray for my son Brendin he is struggling with self worth and thoughts of suicide he walks around in a defeated state of mind he told me that he wanted to kill himself because of the emotional pain he is in he lost his job, his girlfriend, his never gets to see his daughter he received 2 DUI’s for drinking and driving he lost his license it seems God has allowed him to be stripped of everything yet he will not surrender Please pray he will yeild to the Lord and be set free and delivered from all the guilt and pain. He has

  238. Lord i thank you for everything thank you for releaseing our finanal breakthrough .For me an my family an friends in the name of jesus amen.Thank you for sharing your beautiful prayer.

  239. I need a protection prayer for my husband had surgery on is neck, pray for my kids and my self , I love your prayers for protection

  240. I would like a prayer for my family so things can get better in the house and also a prayer for my businesss to prosper

  241. I would like to ask for prayer for keeping shelter, food, job and financial support from their fathers. It’s hard to be a single mother of five but I know my lord strengthens me and everyone else as well. I ask for renewed mind , wisdom , discerning spirit, patience, and knowledge. I ask me and my family be uplifted in prayers please.

  242. Good morning, plse send me more prayers for the family and better job opportunities 4 m, my son is not wrkng, he left sch. I need Gods favour on my fam,kids, marriage and finances,

  243. I ask everyone and all to help me pray for my kids my daughter to be back in my lyfe her name Ceniya Marie kinler i ask for everyone who reads or even see this message to pray for me and my baby to become one again thank you all and may God continues to bless and forgive you and your family too

  244. Please for my son Giovanni Jean to surround his self to Christ fully…Chance of life to surrounding only with positive people a total change in Jesus name. And also pray for my daughter kayla Laventure to have a good health to love God and to also be addicted to God’s words and prayers..Please James StCyr up in prayer so our relationship can be stronger cause what God put together no man can break also pray for my finances and for me to dwell in His words.thank you!

  245. Love reading the Bible help me grow more stronger in Jesus word love my awesome. Lord I praise him every day of my life! Amen!

  246. Trusting in my Lord Jesus and asking St Jude to intervene in my despair for my son Daniel I believe that all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength ! Please hear my plea please ease my heart !! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ “”!!

  247. I ask Our God, the One and Only God of the Bible, to answer the prayers of all the people on this list. To take away all their fears and doubts, and pur their hearts and minds at rest with that Peace that You can only provice. I also ask that you protect all of my family. Touch my wife’s heart and help her to forgive and bring her the peace that she desires; bless my daughters with knowledge of You and Your authority over everything and free them from the glarring eyes of the world. And touch my son’s mind and give him the peace and calm that makes every fear disappear and show him Your strength that he can count on to see him through this world. And thank you Lord for forgiving my shortcomings as a father and husband and for leading my children and wife to a place of Your knowledge, Your safety and Your eternal love. Amen.

  248. i pray for gainful employment for my husband and i . please help us find tuition for our two sons who are in school. am so desperate and living in a a lot of fear and doubt of the unkown help us live a debt free life. i pray for all marriages and families so as to find peace and harmony. chase the devil or bad spirits that are breaking up marriages. please protect our children and peace in the world.

  249. Please pray that God over flow my son with self confidence that he work hard in school so that he graduates…pray that I find the job that will help alleviate my financial worries so that I can better provide for my two teenaged boys….pray that my boys be instilled with strong faith in our God….in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen..

  250. I’m am needing prayer for my famy as awhole, especially my 16 yr old granddaughter Ally, she is so lost to this world, she is rebellious, angry, and doing thing of the world that she shouldn’t be using or doing. My heart aches for Ally because she used to be so loving and kind, now I don’t even know who she is. Please prayer warrior’s help me pray for my granddaughter to find Jesus in her heart again, and see the ugly that this world has, it has nothing good to offer her but pain and suffering. Thank you

  251. I thanj you for these prayer were very helpful to me. I have been going through alot with my finance for some years. lPease pray for me and my family.

  252. Please pray for me and my family at this tough times that we have on right now. We just lost our janitorial business and our finances are in the midst of trouble and also please pray for my coming surgery I suffered a tumor in my ovary it is getting big I’m still awaiting for my schedule to come prayers for quick recovery in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.


  253. i am asking for prayer for victory in the small claims court August 25, Separated from my husband about three years and he has decided to sue me for 15,000.00. He abuses me in 2011 and now he claims he is stressed and sick. His sister whom i was close to he will be using her as a witness. I am asking prayer that God will stop the plan of the enemy. Also prayer that this case will be dismissed before the date. She does not lives at my house but she is now a witness. Claudette

  254. paulette I will be lifting up your son Jakob in prayer. I will also place his name in our prayer petition at church. Stay strong in your faith and KNOW that he will find the right way. Bless your home and rebuke any evil, pray for all the saints & guradian angels to surround Jakobs every step.

  255. I found myself grieving for babies that are killed to smuggle drugs. I cry and wish there was a prayer or wish there was something I could do. I want a prayer that I can pray every day for those precious babies. And also children every where suffering. Please help me find a prayer.

    1. Ne 8:10 Tell us to: “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet drink, send portions to him for whom nothing has been prepared: for this day is holy to our Lord. And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.”

      I always remember to mediate Ne 8:10 when I am consumed with grief for God’s people… those in pain and hurting because of abuse/neglect/poverty. I make sure I am helping others, but also take care of me and find joy in the Lord.

      God wants me to feed and take car of the basic needs of the poor in our own communities… but He also wants me to rejoice in His provision at the same time. I’m not His favorite… the scriptures are for all of his children… so I believe he wants this for you, too.

  256. I’m praying for my 14 year old teenage son Jakob who is hanging around with some real bad kids who drink and do drugs he’s already starting to dress like them and his grades dropped. He doesn’t come home or answers my calls. I’m desperate for change. I pray that Jakob wakes up real fast and realizes this is wrong. With fear, pain and cries beg for my son to come back.

  257. My daughter needs all the prayers possible..her husband and his mother took her children out of hate..my daughter lovina is a great mother. She and her children left to get away from the domestic abuse that her husband has done to her and the children..now after a few days the children are coached into saying things to their mother that are not even true…how can you even ask an 8 and 5 yr old to lie..I don’t understand. .I ask god to please return her children to her…Lord jesus I ask that you will take my daughters children under the wings of an angel and return them safely to lovina ..Lord these children are among evil at this moment we need to bring these children back to their mother for she is the one that nurtures them and shows so much love she is the one that plays with them the one that sits next to them when they are sick and she is the one that’s brings them into your house where they have been learning about you…Please lord bring them home…..amen

  258. I am praying for protection over my family especially my babyboy so many evil things happening to kids and I pray for Gods protection over my baby. I also pray that my husband finds employment to Qatar to take us away from all this sick things that is happening around us. I pray no harm shell come to my baby and when in creche he is in good hands. Also to be able to pay off all the bills with no more stress. And to take away the fear from within me concerning the well being of my baby.

  259. The prayers are truly powerful, covering everyone and every area of our lives, with the help of God i will be using them everyday.Be blessed.

  260. There is always power in prayer, do I please ask for those to pray for my family. We are in a place where we know that spiritual weakness only opens the door for trouble. My.husband and I both have recent jobs that take a lot out of us and unfortunately makes it hard to consistently meet with the body. It is beginning to show, the irritability, lack of patience and annoyance too. Just little things going wrong! We both need balance right now especially now in our lives.

    So much is going on and we’re both feeling overwhelmed. We need to move by August, snd have no idea where we’re moving yet, so we need a lot of direction and grace. Our credit is not that good, so that’s an issue too. Whatever your heart moves you to pray about, I thank you and my family too. Trying to raise three kids with these crazy schedules is very difficult. Thank you

  261. Please pray for my niece Hope she needs to be lead back in to the light so she can have the life God intended her to have with her beuitiful son Roy

  262. I need a prayer for my son; he’s fallen back into a dark road and I need the Lord’s guidance and protection upon him. I am a strong believer and pray to you dear lord to keep him safe and guide him back to us and to his baby boy, who loves him dearly. I believe in you, because you’ve never forsaken me in my darkest hours. May he be safe wherever he may be. AMEN

  263. I need a pray for my 14 year old son he thinks he can do what ever he want and hit me hit my kids beat up my house make holes in the walls cuse at me plz pray for my bad kid to be good and have respect for my family . I cry every day for god to be with him and show him the right way to act:(

  264. i pray for my family..my kids my husband my friends and for the forgivness of my enemies.. god will bless our home, open doors for us, for he said knock and shall be opened, seek and u shall find, ask and shall be answered,,i know he wil make a way, and he also said “IF UR CHILD SHOULD ASK FOR BREAD WILL U GIVE STONE INSTEAD TO EAT “DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW, FOR TOMORROW SHALL FEND FOR IT SELF” IN JUSES MIGHTY NAME …AMEN!

  265. I pray the above prayers most days and I believe God is going to come through for me. Breakthrough is near. Praise to God, the Most High, Abba Father, King of kings, Thank you for these prayers it is really helping me getting through tough times

  266. Please pray for guidance, strength and clarity in his future including becoming a man and securing his academic future. With much gratitude.. a mom in need

  267. I really enjoyed reading the powerful strong prayers really touched my heart and the prayer made me relate to some of the things that are going on in my everyday life.I just couldn’t pray in that order.I thank God I ran across the prayers.


  269. Father God All Mighty, please hear my prayer I have a court date July 9, I need a Miracle so they can over look it and Dismiss it, I lost my job because of this the only way I can earn my job back is if they Dusmiss charges, please pray for me, I’ve been so stressed & depressed with no energy, I’m the name of ur son Jesus Christ Amen🙏

  270. I am a single mother of two girls. I am praying for a job so I can take care of my children and myself. I ask God to provide enough so I would always have enough to help others. I pray for protection for my family and loved ones. Please Lord, guard and guide us….in Jesus name……Amen

  271. I found this page by accident I thought at first, but have come to realise that it was not by accident but that I was meant to come accross this page (led by the Holy Spirit) because the prayers on here spoke into my situation….”fear”. Thank you, I have found the prayers to be helpful in overcoming my issue of fear. And I find all the prayers work. I also am drawn to pray for the named children. I pray your page continues to bring people to God and strenthen their faith or help them to grow in faith in Jesus mighty name Amem

  272. My family has also been riipped apart by darkness and the works of the devil ! Please pray that we may be reunited through the power of chrsit

  273. Please pray for my daughter Christina who is going through depression and anxiety and is having lower back and hip problems. Also is experiencing bleeding in her bowel movements. Pray for complete healing over her body and total peace in her mind. Thank you for your prayers.

  274. Thank you Jesus my king my lord for every blessing you’ve bestowed upon met family my children praise your holy name

  275. Prayer for my two kids for knowledge and wisdom, also my eldest daughter to relieve from all sickness, my youngest daughter get angry really fast, not to get bully anymore, for my marriage and health so god can restore it. For me to get a permanent job i have a job but temp full time for the pass two years. To be strong for my kids.
    May 22nd, 2014 at 402 pm

    1. God will work out your situation. Just have faith and truly and wholly believe he will turn you and you childrens situation around. All God asks is that you believe that when you ask for help, that you leave ALL your burdens at his alter and trust him to answer your prayers and take you out of your situation.

      I pray you continue to put God first in all situations praying and praising him in all things in Jesus might name Amen

      1. Thank you for your words , I know he will surely help me . With him I am everything with out him I am nothing.

  276. Please pray for my son that he is able to get his child and not have any harsh comebacks against him. His girlfriend gave their baby up for adoption and did not tell him. He is now having to fight a legal battle just to see his baby. Please pray that his heart and soul remain strong and that gods angels protect him throughout this journey and that all evildoers be shielded back away from our family and our home. Please pray he stays strong and no harm comes his way. Amen

  277. i want to thank you for these prayers god bless you all today i am desperately in need of prayer my husband of 8years whom i love dearly we being seperated over a month now its very hard for me and the children i have being crying out to god to send him home i know this is the plan of the enmy and the witchcraft they put between our marriage please pray god will deliver my husband and open is eyes please pray for my son he is a very anointed young man of god the enemy is trying to drive him insane thereis a gay spirit trying to take over is mind but the devil is a liar he is eighteen years old he not doing so well in school he cry many days but as a mother i continue to put him in gods hands even other teenager like prayer please help me to touch haven for my family i need amiracle god bless you all

    1. I pray for your family and that god sends his angels to gather around your home and protect your family from anything bad. I pray that your heart is healed and your sadness is gone and to be a strong woman of god to not let this break your spirit. I pray for your son to find strength and courage to help get on the correct path in life. I ask you lord to be with this family and bless their lives. Amen

      1. And God said where two or three agree so it is done. I am in agreement in Jesus might name Amen

  278. God knows what no man can, he is an awesome God, our God never fails, he is never late and always intercedes for us, our God is faithful and mighty and may all prayers from your hearts come to pass, God will grand them according to his riches in glory. As you pray, pray for my family for Gods favor, that we may never lack, even in times of despair, our cups will overflow, in Jesus name

  279. I pray for my sister who is diabetic and fighting an infection. I pray for my mother who is in constant pain that she finds relief. I pray for my daughter who is fighting for her class ranking and a scholarship. That she will remain calm, study hard, and perform to the best of her ability. I PRAY FOR ALL the underemployed that they will find appropriate work. Amen.

  280. Lord Heavenly Father I thank you this day for allowing me to live another day in this world.i thank you for being my lord and savior in my life.i bless you today ,I exalt you today, I place above all kings and queens and rulers of this world. Please come into my life today Holy Spirit and encourage me to be a blessing to a lost and dying world.bring people into my life that May minister to my soul and that I may say a word today to bless your kingdom.i ask that forgive my sins are before you,for my short comings,for me for forsaking you in the good times and only remembering you in the bad.i ask that you cover me and my entire family with the blood of your precious son jesus,that was shed on a cross in Calvary over two thousand years ago,I thank you for sending your only son to be sacrificed so that I would be able to have everlasting life.for the joy of my heart is you,for the love of my life is you,and I thank you and praise your holy name today. Amen and amen

  281. My family and I are in need of prayers, my fiance found a good job 63 miles one way and our car has been overheating and breaking down it barely makes it home then I have to leave for school that’s 20 milesone way. We really need a dependable ride easy on gas and room for our children. Also my 4 year old daughter kaleigh has been uncontrolable and mean to her baby sister. Its been so bad the poloce were called because she was screaming on the porch like I was hurting her, I don’t know what to do my patient isreally thin, financially we are stuggling since he just started this job last week and its going to take time to catch up on bills we need all the prayers we can get. Ineed the support to be a good wife and mother and not stray from my god. I know he has a greater plan for us in life but at this moment in time I believe the devil has been working a toll on this family. I’m battling depression and he battles TBI depression, carple tunnel in his hands, bi polar, adhd. After serving his country for almost 10 years he is denied his beniftes and we have been fighting for them for 2 years now god bless all

    1. its is well Stephanie, God is in charge, have faith and you will move mountains, I pray for you this day and your family, may our Good Lord restore you and ease your difficulties, he is dependable and an awesome God always.


    1. Thank you 😃 N please pray for my son Drake. Who is in bondage with Crystal meth. Lost his job n family. I’m believing that by the power of the Blood of JESUS CHRIST he will get back what the devil has taken from him. YOUR PRAYERS have helped me to go through this with my son. Before I read these prayers my faith was weak and I felt rejected by GOD. Thank u again.

    1. Dear Sandra, this is a most worthy and important prayer! Your son needs his father, and your prayers for a strengthening of this special and very important relationship will be heard. God smiles on you for loving them so much. May the love of Jesus Christ, and the mercy of our father manifest itself in this family in a supernatural Godly fashion.

  283. My daughter is 16 years and her name is Amantle. She will be sitting for her final academic exam in October 2014, she is studying hard but getting dissapointing results. Please help me pray for her success. I know this pains her heart, I see it in her eyes and I feel it when she talks.

    I thank the Almighty God for you by standing with me in prayer

  284. Hi my name is Lourdes im a single mom and I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter (Destiny) shes 4years old that anything that is bothering her to go away in the powerful name of Jesus. Its been two weeks that sometimes she cant sleep at night. She tells me that she can’t!! Idk why. Before she would talk to her self couldn’t sleep. But I Thank my Lord GOD that he has been doing changes.. As for now sometimes she can’t sleep and im by self every night praying for her singing songs of jesus and she would fall a sleep. I ask for prayers that she’s 100 percent herself and would sleep. I know God hears my prayers. I would really appreciated if you could please have her in prayers.

    1. Lourdes, praying for your child, Destiny! You know how dearly Jesus loves the little children! We call on you, Lord, in the name of Jesus to watch over Destiny, cover her with your great shield of protection. Restore her to her natural state of being and health in body, spirit and mind. Let no one or no thing come between this child and your unfathomable love for her, in the name of Jesus Christ. We ask you to give this child and her mother rest! We ask that if there be anything ungodly or unholy tormenting this mother and her child, causing them to feel such distress, that you cast it out this moment and forever more, that they may both rest in your magnificent state of peace. We call on your faithfulness, and almighty power to touch this mother and child with your all healing hands. Amen and let it be so!

  285. LORD Please help my husband and myself with our finances .our health .just so we could live confortable together .thank you in Jesus name I ask

  286. My son is going through some difficult times, he is angry feels unworthy has addictions to substance abuse and is homeless, I had to call the police on him . he was arrested, He has a court date and may serve time. I pray that my son will turn his life around get treatment and help for his anger issues, alcohol abuse and drug use. He is a good kind person who has let alcohol and drugs affect him . I want him to know that he is loved and a good person he needs help. I want my son back

    1. Regina, my husband and I are reading this together, and fully understand from our own experience . As Abraham had to place his son, issac, on the altar in faith, so we had to place our son in faith. God has provided a ram of sacrifice in his stead. The Lord KNOWS your desperation, and has great compassion for the brokenness of your son, as he has for ours. These are HIS children whom he knew BEFORE they were in the womb. His love for your son and ours is so much greater than our own, and he knew these days would come. Rest in the assurance, that HE has a plan! Be faithful, and love and trust our Lord God with all of your heart! Let your son see your great love and faith. Let him marvel at your wisdom and mercy even in your necessary discipline. Lead him by example, and do not forget that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God! Many blessing on you and your son, child of God.

      1. Once again I want to thank you for your Blessings and thank God for answered prayers. My son began communicating with me, and is home temporary. He is not arguing, or threatening. No, he doesn’t sit at the dinner table to eat with us, but…..what we do have is a start. Thank u for the many prayers.

  287. Thank you so much for sharing these prayers they have touched my life. please pray for my son Hunter to pass and graduate he only has 3 weeks of school left then I support his gradesup

      1. Debra,please stand with me as I ask my lord and savior Jesus Christ for his loving favor upon my life and the lives of my family.i pray health into my body and life into my ailing diabetic body. I declare the righteous of jesus into my life and the breaking of any enemy tactics trying to capture my family.i pray for my finances ,that in be s
        Able to afford my sons college education.

  288. in the name of the lord our father i would like to pray that u help me father so that i can be able to take care of my family well like paying for there school fee, housing them well, feeding them well as well as helping me to clear all those debts that are surrounding me i pray that u help me God thru st ritah of casiaciness as well as the novena of our lady Fatima amen

  289. LORD I thank you for entering my life, I ask for you to please direct my path I am at a cross road in y life with my health. In Jesus Name AMEN

    1. In the name of jesus I stand with you Sandra in you’re health issue.i ask The Lord ,that in the name of jesus according to the book of the prophet Isaiah by his stripes you are healed,take your healing now that is manifesting in your life as you sleep.i declare that any infirmity in Sandra’s body be removed in the name of Jesus. I declare that doctors will be amazed at her healing, that only she will understand.i pray that her testimony will touch the lives of many people and she will continue to be a living testimony to a lost and dying world. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ of mazer itch. Amen and amen

  290. I ask for prayer over my little boy that he be filled with awareness, strength hope. That the stigma placed over my child with school politics be removed. That no harm come in any way shape or for come upon my son. Whatever decisions what ever words I speak in regards to my, that they may be guided by the Lord.

    1. Novella, let the ever gracious Lord light your way in truth and justice to stand and speak the same for your son. You shall be armed with the shield of the LORD whom created all
      living things, and gazes lovingly over those who need his fiery sword of protection. Let the words you speak in his behalf move mountains, and cause great transformation and any necessary and just change, such that all may witness the goodness and the glory and mightiness of our God in Jesus Christ! Amen

  291. Please pray for my two sons who are going through a difficult time in their lives. Please let them find the Lord in their hearts to let God guide them and protect them. I love my sons and can only protect them through the Lord. Amen

    1. Susie, those who truly love The Lord know that a mother can hope and pray for nothing more wonderful and beautiful than that her children grow to know and love The Lord! We ask not for riches or notoriety, nor any other worldly things, only that your sons and mine love their God and creator, who lent them to us for a fleeting time, with all of their hearts, minds, bodies and souls! The Lord can only be pleased that this be your greatest wish!
      It shows how much YOU love him and your sons! The Lord is faithful to those who love him. Be prepared for miracles! He loves it when we pray for our children! He will answer you. Be patient. God bless this family. Amen

      1. Thank you Debra for your prayers and most of all thank you for taking the time to care. God Bless you and your family always. Amen

  292. Amen! Ronnie Sr.,
    Grately touched by your prayers. Continue to intercede for your family. God in his infinite mercy Will answer you.
    Trust God!!!

  293. Join me in prayer cooperate lay stand in agreement against the enemy desperately trying to destroy my family.i lift up my son Ronnie jr. ,,mark, my daughter Erica,my wife Diana , my granddaughter rylan and friend Sandra and her daughter Chaz and myself Ronnie sr. That my household will serve The Lord, as the head of this family I take full authority by the power of Jesus Christ for my family to be renewed physically and spiritually. Lord ,in the name of your son jesus I declare prosperity, health and goodness in to the lives of my family members.i ask that my son Ronnie will return to his first love,my lord and savior Jesus Christ, I ask that his mind will be renewed immediately and I ask lord that you show him your grace and mercy because he loves you and has a good heart.i ask lord that my son mark continue to grow in his love for you. Show him your favor and grace father. I ask lord that you minister to my daughter Erica who is involved in a relationship with another woman, I ask lord that you remove the scales off her eyes so that she can see you Holy Spirit, I ask that you minister to my granddaughter rylan, who turned 8 months on the 25th. I ask that you guide her Holy Spirit in her walk with you lord. I ask lord that you continue to hear the prayers of my righteous wife, for she has always been after your heart lord. I ask lord ,that as the head of this family, even though I am a sinner saved by grace bless my family physically, financially and spiritually by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus.i ask for guidance for my friend Sandra and her daughter Chaz that you minister to their hearts and souls. Thank you father for allowing me to live another day in this world. I command the powers of darkness that have held my family hostage be loosened and removed from my life and my family’s life in the name of Jesus.i proclaim that as for me and my family we will serve The Lord. Thank you lord amen and amen

    1. I pray too, Ronnie, that all of these things that you so beautifully, and lovingly prayed for shall come to pass for your family you love so much. The Lord has surely witnessed and heard the great fervor of your love for these people, and for him as well….. As it is your heart’s greatest desire that they know their God. You are a great master of your household, and all of its members have been truly blessed! Amen

  294. Jeb1, Tracy and all mums who love and pray for their children, God is keeping them in the hollow of his hands!
    They will be a source of blessings for you and not a cause for pains in Jesus name! Our Restoration God will restore all that the devil has devoured in the lives of our children in Jesus name.
    Pray always for your children and trust that god will never abandon you and your household, for he has written your names in the palms of his hands. Isaiah 49 :14-16 . This means we are God’s priority!

    Keep the faith!

    1. Thank you Ernestine,please stand with me. For finances for my son marks college education ,my son Ronnie jr. Renewing of his spirit mentally ,physically and spiritually,my daughter Erica and my wife and I continued prayers for guidance ,wisdom in our ongoing relationship with our lord Jesus Christ

  295. Abiodum, The God of abundant blessings will grant you a job in Jesus name. Pray, believe and actively seek for jobs. God will answer you.

  296. Please pray for me and my family.I am a single mom,I pray for financial help I pray that God keeps us healthy and I thank him daily for our son.PLEASE lord PROTECT OUR SON ON WAY TO SCHOOL WHEN HE RETURNS AND WHILST HE IS AT SCHOOL SAT FRIENDS AT HOME,WHEREVER HE MAY GO.While he is at camp please Lord God cover him with your blood and protest him ,let them all be safe on journey home and while they are there ,Thank you Lord for getting them there safely.Lord God you know my mother circumstances at work please help her re this you know we need your help always – we can do nothing without you.I need help with my anxiety ,my panic attacks I know they don’t come from you and I believe in you but yet I still get them and I cant sleep at night because my mind is consumed with worry. Please Lord help me ,cover us all with your blood and the Blood of the lamb protect our flat and people we know and don’t know.People that pray for us please Lord bless them Amen.

    1. Tracy, fear not! The Lord hears your prayers for your son. He wants to give you peace and rest. He wants you to cast your cares on him and trust him. You must run to him in prayer. He is your great protector and his arms are your safe abode, as well as your son’s. Teach your son your faith, not your fears. Cry out to The LORD for healing, peace and rest from these anxieties. Lay your head down and rejoice at how he loves you! Read his word on
      Deliverance from fear. Take your bible to bed at night, or whenever you are fearful or anxious and bask in the gentleness and compassion and desire your father has for you to come closer to him through the psalms. Read and let those words comfort your weary soul. Let him bring you the shelter from the storm of life that you seek. He is there waiting!

  297. Please join me in prayer for my son’s health and that this be the year that he meets the love of his life and that he be the love of her life. Grateful

    1. Jeb1, we pray Lord, for Allan, that you open his eyes and his heart so that he may come to know and love you, so that you can pour out all your blessings upon him. Let him begin to seek, and to find all the wonderful things you have put aside for those who know and love you! Heal him , Lord, make well his mind, body, soul and heart in the blessed name of Jesus Christ. And finally, help him find the perfect lifemate in which his love and knowledge of you can take root, and branch out as far as the east is from the west! You know that it is a great and holy desire for parents of adult children who know your name that their sons and daughters be blessed in an everlasting union with those who call you Father. These are unions that can weather storms as no other. Help Allan find a woman that is beautiful and worthy in your eyes to love him all the days of his life, and help him to come to know you so that he too can honor this chosen mate all the days of his life. We pray your great blessings on this man, Allan, his betrothed to be, and all the fruit of their divine union, in the great name of Jesus, Amen!

  298. Please pray for my 25 year old son Allan who continuously goes back in a relationship with a girl who cheats on him and physically and verbally abuses him, and since we’re against their relationship he is willing to give us up just to be with her.

    1. I understand. My son is giving up his relationship with his brother and me, his Mama for his girlfriend. Since he got with her he has begun to change. She is his whole focus. She has verbally abused him at my house and is dependant on pills and alchohol. He has gotten behind in his bills and now misses work because of her. He was doing good avoiding drugs and drinking and now going towards them again. We had words and now he and her are living in his van.I will pray for you. God bless.

  299. PLEASE pray my son needs prayer he needs his family and too to getf of drugs. His girlfriend is on drugs too.
    Please pray I have not seen my grandkids.

    1. Nora, God knows your grief! It is the enemy who has stolen your son, and vexed his mind!
      We pray now that in the name of Jesus Christ that all evil depart from this man’s household, which includes himself, his girlfriend and their innocent children! The almighty power of God rules over this household, and orders evil to depart immediately, as he is in control of this family. We ask that The Lord come into this house, reside there with a stronghold on all evil that has bound this family, and innocent children! Jesus will NOT stand by and watch these children suffer! Let the knowledge and love of the LORD fill up this house in a most miraculous way, free these parents of the chains of addictions, and that the man of this house call on his mother who loves him and his children to show him the way, and become an integral part of the lives of these children who need her also. Finally we ask that the mother of these children also be freed immediately of the madness of addiction. That she stand with their father, unite together in this fight for their own salvation and that of their children. Dear Lord, let this grandmother cast her weariness, her fears, and her grief upon you, because you love her and will fight this fight for her and this family. Let her rejoice in a new holier and beautiful union with this family you want to and will heal! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

  300. I am a believer and the word of God says when two or three are gathered in His name, there He will be also. I just woke up from a dream and I am concerned about my grandson and his siblings. My grandson is 8 and the oldest of 4 kids that range from 3-8. His mother has been known to do drugs and forget to feed them….man after man in and out of her home. His father not married to the mother …and had not been with her since conception is away fighting for our country. Child protection has been called numerous times and it had been decided she would keep all four of her kids. But in my spirit and in my dream he is crying out for help…..Oh Lord be with my grand baby right now! I am in another state without a job without finances so a prayer for God to open that door if it is in His will. Also my nephew has made some mistakes nothing malicious and He needs The Lord’s mercy and grace in a special way.

  301. Please lord.. I don’t go to church.. I barely pray. I DONT know if he will help my son and me and family.. But he is addicted to drugs. He was just put in rehab. I need the lord mightys help more then ever!!!! I can’t even explain. Please help us… My son . please help me dear lord!! Amen!!

    1. Lorraine, in the name of jesus I pray that all that satan has caused for bad in your life will be restored by my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I pray that The Lord minister to you and your son and bring about abundance into your life. I ask The Lord to restore your sons health and break his addiction to drugs. I ask The Lord for his continued guidanced upon your life

  302. Please join me to pray my husband that who are always on high temper.and to my daughter have skin asthma.Thanks you & God bless

  303. Please join me to pray for my son, he is almost 3yr and not talking the way he should, do not identify things, does not know thing he should know ,I am worried but I put my hope in God. Please pray that he will begin to talk in wisdom and understanding and behave properly . Satan is really playing with my mind regarding my son, putting so many thoughts in my mind, but I will not give in by the grace of God. Thank you for joining me to pray.

    1. That day will be a day of success, and God will put Satan to shame in you life. God will do exceedingly,abundantly above all you imagine or plan for that day for you. God bless.

    2. What kinds of things would you like to pray for specifically for your marriage? Is this a first marriage & do you or your fiancé have any children from other marriages etc? I ask these questions because I work with a music minister that performs beautiful weddings with lovely & very moving prayers & vows. It might help to know the answers to some of these questions. If there are any children involved, he always likes to make them a part of the ceremony which makes it very special for them too!

  304. Please prayer that i get new permanet job,with good salary to change our life&God to forgive our sins,&to break any hindrince that stop our answer to manifsat,please,please prayer that me&my man pastor Thabo to get married this years,i have been longing to get married we lack money,seems 3years

  305. Please pray that God may end my limitation i am going through of unemplyment&financial heavy berden i go through,may you please prayer that God may touch someone to help with R180 000,we so desperate for it,from south africa can contact me on +27747344739;

  306. Hello, GOD Bless. I was online lookine for a prayer for my 30 yr old son who has been lost for soo long. And it seems like it’s getting worse, but i still have hope. I found a prayer on your site and i just wanted to say Thank you. I will be revisiting, GOD Bless you all

  307. Please pray that i can change my career , i would like to move to gorvenance and risk area. Africa needs strong gorvenanace things are slowly changing however we need to start making sure that things are done correctly reflecting Gods’ love for all people

  308. please pray for my husband to get a permanent job(source of income) -right now we have so many outstanding bills…Also for my entire family’s good health.my first son is always falling and his head getting swollen all the time…i rebuke that in Jesus, Name.

  309. Please pray for my son to return to the Lord with all his heart, to start attending church stop smoking pot and drinking and living for himself . Please pray for me that I would know how to pray and I could release this to God

  310. Please pray for me and my family. I am a single mother of two trying to make ends. Last week my 17 year old raised his hands on me while we were having a disagreement. After the incident, i said some hurtful words to him and exchanged, he said some hurtful words to me. I am in pain for what happened between us. I felt like disowning him at that moment. I feel like there is an evil spirit around us. Please pray for me and my son to reunite as mother and son and have God as part of our daily life. I know God is good. Thank you and God bless.

  311. Dearest Heavenly Father,

    Please touch Billy’s heart and the heart of all those in his life. As You know, he is going through hell on earth right now. Every area of his life is in crisis. His marriage, his health, his finances, his job. He is at the breaking point. It is more than one man can stand. He is on the verge of taking his life. Please send him a miracle. Please show Yourself to him, and let him feel your total love and acceptance. Please give him hope and a reason for living. Please send him a job and equal custody over his daughter. Please help him to know You. “All things work together for good for those who love God” -Romans 8:28. Please empower him and give him strength. Please cast out the evil in his life. Please give him mental peace and help him not to worry.

    My foes are many,
    they rise against me,
    But I will hold my ground,
    I will not fear the war,
    I will not fear the storm,
    My help is on the way,
    my help is on the way.
    Oh my God,
    He will not delay.
    My refuge my strength always.
    I will not fear,
    His promise is true.
    My God will come through always,
    Trouble surrounds me,
    chaos abounding,
    My soul will rest in You,
    I will not fear the war
    I will not fear the storm,
    My help is on the way
    my help is on the way.
    I lift my eyes up,
    my help comes from the Lord,
    I lift my eyes up,
    my help comes from the Lord.

  312. I would like to get a Prayer for my young brother who’s using drugs, and his life is out of track.The problem is he is staying in Mossel bay and i’m in the Freestate.So it’s very much hard for me to get through him.pls help.

  313. Please continue to keep my family in prayer that god will restore all we have lost and we shall be bless with greater and better financial opportunities and we shall be protected from al evil and the fowl and our enemies. That my children shall be bless abundantly and all blockage shall be immediately removed from me, my husband, children and family. That our family shall continue to build a stronger relationship with The Lord.

  314. I ask for prayer for my son john for god to guide him and keep him strong in prison also for him to lay hand on him to fine peace and wisdom.

  315. Thank you for the prayers posted. Please pray for my daughter Cel. She is going through tough teenage times. She needs strength confidence and peace in her spirit. It is hard being accepted for her. I pray for Godly encounters and protection from bullies.

  316. Thank u very much for the powerful prayers and also I would u also to help me prayrra for drlivrtance and total cleansing for my husband my two sons from power of darkness.

  317. My family needs your prayers. We are facing the possibility of losing one of our boys and need help believing it will all work out for us. All of us, especially the children, are feeling anxious and burdened.

  318. I enjoyed reading this prayer. Keep me an my family in prayer.I have a teenage son who is incarcerated. I am a single mom who’s seeking employment. I need a bigger home. I need my car fix that’s my reliable transportation.Lord I’m asking for guidance an that u protect me an my family. My fiance is seeking employment as well times are really hard.I’m walking by faith.

  319. Thank you for the blessing of these prayers.

    Please pray for the deliverence of my son Cole and that he will be healed in mind, body and spirit, giving him the ability to break free of the fears that bind him so that he may live the blessed life he is meant to live.

    And that God will bless him with people in his life that will bring him closer to The Lord our God.

  320. Please pray for my family. My father is facing prison time for a crime. He has never been arrested and is facing 20 years. Please pray for us. He is older, he is 67. Please pray for my mother, my sister and my father. I am very scared.Pleashttp://open.spotify.com/track/4lU7ZRgUSPLYFG9QMfmbYxe protect him and us.

  321. I need prayer for a brother of mine who is in need Of his freedom god give him the justice he has been anxiously awaiting for the past 12 yrs…the name of jesus.

  322. Im a single parent with three kids..I lost my job on xmas..Also lot my husband n car n house..I’m living with my sister n her 4 kids n a two bed room house..I have no money and can’t seem to get help…I’ve woke up twice.with bruises on my legs..I ask for prayers to keep going every day. Prayers to keep my kids safe n healthy. .Also to keep all the bad way from my family. .my name is crystal ..n kids names are mea..n Kimberly n saul…Thank you and have a bless day

  323. I having a hard time with all of the pain and hurt I need answers to why a man would just turn his back on his family if he claim to love them and take up with someone new, Lord please help me to understand and please come into my life and my children life it we are the ones that need changing so the father will come back to me and love us again .. amen

  324. I needs prayers for me and my children, there father has left us an taken up with another woman. I love this man dearly and I pray that we will return and to help me give his children a home and a place of joy. He said that he no longer loves me, but I don’t believe him.. All the burdens of money and provide for our children is on me and me alone. The kids are 18 and 8 they are very hurt by him as well. I pray for a hedge of thorns around this man to open is eyes, mind heart and sole. I love him so and so does his kids we need to forgive and forget so that we may love again and rebuild our home and family .I greatly need all of the prayers we can get. So when my family is resort I can shout…God name and claim all glory to him and his son Christ Jesus our Lord… Amen!!!!

  325. Thank you for the wonderful prayers. Please pray for relationship with m boyfriend to be god centered relationship and let God open the doors of marriage for us.

  326. I come into agreement with each and every person leaving comments on this prayer wall. I intercede for my three children Victor, Myrella, & Miguel Pulgarin, for myself Claudia Pulgarin, for my parents, for my friends and the nation that God gives us strength and grace to over come all obstacles that we face in this world. To teach us each how to repent and live the lives that our father in heaven have chosen for us to live by. I pray that my children will always have our God in the center of their lives. I intercede for all the unbelievers and ask that our Father forgives them for they not know better. Lord thank you for loving me and not forsaken me. Thank you for everything that you do for us even when we don’t obey you. I pray for strong and healthy marriage, abundance and prosperity will continent to overflow in our lives. to be debt free, to own a beautiful home and pass medical school and have a financial stable well paid career that will help me to be generous to others and help those in need. In Jesus name, I decree and declare this petition. Amen

    1. Please pray for me i have had a bad life all my life and i am sick i can not joy my everyday without having pain in my body there is other things going on in my body.i need prayer for my hold body this been going on for years now i just want it to and to be well i no go love me .

  327. Prayers are worth to be prayed as they fulfill your heart with joy and trust that it is done. You are the winner, successful, you are the head not the tail, in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Thanks for letting us express ourselves through prayers that brings success to our lives.

    In Christ Jesus we are free,redeemed,delivered,healed,successful in marriages,finances,career,health,businesses,family prosper throughout.

    Isabel M

  328. Pray for my premature som andall the children and familys in the world that are facing what me and mywife are facimg amen

  329. These prayers has been such a blessing to me I have been under attacks so many years but I also have been exercising my authority please keep me in prayer while I continue obeying the Lord thank you so much keep being a blessing.

    1. Thank you Lord that vonceil is standing on your promises. Thank you that she is strong in the Lord and the power of His might. She is seeing breakthroughs in every area – financially, physically, emotionally, relationally. Jesus is Lord in her life. He is her peace. he is her strength. His banner of her is love.

  330. Im sitting here at the hospital praying for my wifes premature son that is due any minutei sit and pray fo her my son my mom my dad my family my beothers my Friend..i sit here restless with the power of gods faith and strenth..i pray for every ones comment an loved ones above i pray for my premature son to be able to live a happy healthy life…… In the name of jesus christ AMEN!!!!!

  331. Pray for my brother that he trust /belive /pray to God n my sister/dad /me so even though we don hve mum by our side today dat we wud be strong giving God all glorly n honour /praise .lastly pray dat our family receive God financail maricles

  332. I would appreciate a prayer for my son who’s 18 & plays basketball he’s a great kid.he hasn’t gotten any college offers yet.and I just would love for whoever reads this to pray that he will go to college & play basketball & receive a good education & for him to be around good people while he’s in college.and for him to stay safe.

    Thank you so much!!
    Be blessed all

  333. I am on 15 days prayer and fasting, praying for my life, family, friends, relatives, church and the nation. help me with prayer points for all. My husband is jobless for 8 years, so i am also praying that God grant him a permanent, good job that will satisfy him and the family. My sister’s marriage is on the edge of collapsing, they are quarreling with her husband

  334. Needing prayer for my son in law a full time job with great pay and benefits. also for our mortgage to come down so we can afford our home if it is Gods will, for God to restore my marriage. For God to send the right person to my son at college so he won’t be lonely . Been at school for two years and has not made friends For Godly friends. For healing in husbands back been suffering for years.

  335. Lord I need you my family needs you. My husband is struggling and can’t beat his drug addiction only you can help break his bondage. Please break the bondage all the evil people have on him please let them get out of his life so he can be the husband and father you want him to be. Please go to him and show him the right way. We are hurting and need your help. Please help. He left and didn’t contact me until yesterday after a month. We need you please forgive my sins and I thank you for going and taking my husband and family in your hands in your protection. In Jesus name amen.

  336. thank you for these prayers. Pls i need your prayers for my family. We need god’s deliverance from household wickedness. We are really suffering,no money,no jobs,no admission into the university. We struggle in order to feed. Pls i want you to pray against household enemy serving as a barrier to our blessings. Thanks and God bless

  337. Please pray for my family.. The Balboa family needs prayer over there finances!! And a job for myself to help my husband with bills ASAP.. Thank you

  338. I ask for prayer and deliverance form my oldest son. He has not been coming home on a daily basis. He turned 20yo today. He is no longer in school , he’s no longer going to church, and is dreams for his life have changed dramatically. I just ask for anything and anyone that is not of God, and does not mean him well be removed from his life. I ask that his eyes and heart once again be opened to the goodness of God. I pleed the blood of Jesus over him and a hedge of protection around him. I ask that he become a productive member of society, that he has the goals of the king he was created to be. I ask for peace, winsdom , faith and understanding that these things will come to pass. My God is great and he hears my prayers. Glory to God!

  339. I would pray for my 18 years old son, who is very overconfident by nature his behavior towards his teacher and parents , he never wants to sit at home and is serious about his girlfriend but not serious about his carrier or studies at all, we are worried about him a lot, we are going through acute financial problems, and I think prayers can heal our problems for sure.

    1. Dear Lord my son is in bad fried circle , he needs to change his behavior and friend circle, he is not serious about his future at all. the more he is serious about his other things and activity. I pray for his well being, may he change himself and make good friends.
      In Jesus name I pray

  340. My daughter Gabriela is under attack. I praise you Lord for Your love and protection. Reveal Yourself to her dear Lord.

  341. I have 2 daughters 19th & 21. Both raised in a Christian home. The 21 year old, went to college, dropped out after her 1st year. While their meet a young man and got married. now separated because he fought her and was very mentally to her. My 19th year old was an A&B student, top in her JROTC class, had 2 months left in school,dropped out of school. Now living house to house. 21 year old has an apartment, both of them partying, drinking. My husband and I, can’t seem to reach them. All I do is pray for God to please cover them with His Blood and please keep them out of harms way. All we can do as parents is to raise our children the best we can with a Godly foundation. A know that God will bring them back.

  342. I have spend my Life on the things jesus is doing for me. I trust by his mightyt and outstreched arm he will take you out of bondage and that I shall be restored. My health,my fiance.my work will be permanent and secure.Jesus christ may you be my everything and when I wake up I want you to be in my mind. I want you to be my role model. Let your hands be upon my children and I pray curses from the family to know it has no space in my Life cause christ dwell in me. May it return back from were it came. Occult spirit,socery,magic art and work of jelousy be destroyed. I plead the blood of jesus christ upon myself,My wife and My Son. Let Autism be cured upon my son in jesus name may he speak in jesus name and may the hands of the Lord restore him completely to make him normal as other children and may he have superintelligent and go to normal school. We break the negative words from the enemy who speak defeat upon our son Life. Every eyes of satan ,proud heart,brood mind and selfish heart be destroyed by fire. I comand this child God has taken in his Arm and done a great work by his Holy spirit. This child is know cured of Autism in jesus name. I pray the enemies have failed there target and spell of evil spirit upon my Life. Jesus christ has brought an end to my job worries and search,I have the best permanent secure well earned job and the enemie can not come close cause the fire of jerusalem cover the wall around my company. The angel of the Lord encamp around me and my wife and son. We are protected by the Lord forever

  343. I thank God for the prayer, please i need a prayer point that will deliver my husband from the kind of friends he keeps

  344. I need a special child she is 12 years old giving her mother to uncle kids at the school is bulling her a lot and she wants to run away

  345. Beautiful prayers , I want to know is there a place we can post a prayer and I have help and people helping me pray?

  346. I need a prayer to be prayed for my daughter who is 7.5 yrs old, she is too adamant and disobedient, this hurts us a lot in the family. Kindly pray that she should be obedient, a god fearing child who would do good in her studies and behaviour as well. she does not eat well and falls sick too often, Also do pray for my husband who only talks about committing suicide for every silly matters which occurs in the family. Do pray for his transformation. We had been praying for the construction of my house, but unable to do since 2008. Kindly pray for this intension as well.

    1. May the Lord jesus be the overseer upon your family and your Life. Stop whatever you are doing. And fall on your knees asking God for Repentence,May it be you have hatred upon others,you have Lied and also you might be doing something wrong in God eyes. Remember the Lord says confess your sin and you shall be forgiven. Bring up your child in the ways of the Lord and they shall not be Lead astray.Teach them and they shall teach others.

      God Bless and you will be remembered in prayer. You will see the Lord doing something upon your family


  347. Can you pray for my financial blessing, that I may find a job when I return home so I can support myself & my children comfortably and be able to help my parents. Thank you!

  348. God thank you for one more day and the strength to keep going day by day. Thank you for blessings me to be a blessing.God I’m in need of financial blessings to be able to get a job, pay bills and take care of my kids and maintain

    1. Dear Juanita, I’m praying for you, I ask for your blessing to come in the form of a job and financial security for yourself and your children.

  349. As I come back to the Lord, please pray for my son Zachary Ryan. That his heart may heal so he can live laugh and love. That our relationship will be repaired. There is nothing more I could ask for. Extending prayers to everyone.

  350. please pray for my son Micheal, that he would find his way back to our Savior Jesus. Pray that his anger would subside and that Jesus would soften his heart. Let him see God at work in his life and reveal himself to him. I believe in the sovereignty of our God and i confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life and of all.

  351. I would appreciate prayers of guidance and protection for my three children Sharonice,Brynn and Matthew,and for me and my husband Basil prayers for patience , good health, strong faith and return the warm love we had in our home.Amen

  352. These prayers are powerful. Regardless of what u may be passing thru, have faith in God that does all things, as you decree in the prayers therein, you wud see that all your challenges shall turn to testimonies. He is God and not man! He will surprise u by his mercy and grace.

  353. My marriage is under the attack from the devil,my husband and I are seperated,we have no communication,no support financialy,the devil is defeated I believe my marriage will be heal in the name and thru the blood of Jesus Christ

  354. Please pray for my Son Richard who needs guidance to help him take the right path in life. He has been taken in the wrong direction through the influance of drink and drugs. Thank you for your prayers Amen

  355. Pls help me in prayer. My family is breaking. I miss my children. God should bring back my family and also give me a stable job so that I take good care of my family. I believe God will do this. Amen

  356. Exactly 2weeks today, the cold hands of death snatch my mother. My son fell ill yesterday bringing in the spirit of fear in me, my husband travelled and when I spoke with him, he too complained of his health. God I need your grace, I need your healing upon my family and I need your mercy that we may emerge victoriously this period.

  357. It I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ a powerfu prayer. A̶̲̥̅̊​♏ beliving God for a good job or to hav a gud bizness of ♍γ̲̣̣̥ own.

  358. I ask that you pray for my 3 children, 2 step-children, my husband, and myself. Our 2 oldest sons are rebelling badly and I pray for them, even at church, I have people to pray for them. Our daughters who are learning things from their friends at school that shouldn’t be in their minds, please pray that God takes those away and be filled with Godly thoughts only. My husband works in the public, he picks up bad habits and I ask that you pray for his bad habits and hurts be removed in the name of Jesus! As for myself I ask that you pray for me to be a strong Godly women. A devoted Christian, wife, and mother. Thank you all that take this serious. God is Awesome! I will pray for all who write on this site as well as the rest of the world. Love and Blessings!!

  359. I Pray for a good companion, financial breakthrough and a healthy and bright future for my children. Nothing is impossible with God, I have faith in Him. He has taken me from bigger problems he will help me through this anguish also.

  360. Hello .

    I am asking for prayer for my family.
    Recently my little brother Isaac was takeb fron his current foster home and I am currently in the proces of becoming his guardian.
    He has claimed to be hearing voices and seeing things he cant explain. I come from a Christian faith so I prayed and told him my home is safe .

    Two days ago at exactly 2am he startled me and my husband laying on our floor screaming. My two year old son was in the room as well. Isaac said something waa trying to get him and he did not know how he ended up on our floor.

    Now tonight at 2am. Every night since my brother has been in my home my son Luke gets up at 2am standing in front of our bed . Just standing there it scared me to death ! I grabbed my phone looked up a prayer of protection found this site and began to pray. Putting Olive oil across his forhead.

    Im so scared please peay for my child and brother. I believe its an evil spirit in my home now messing with my child !! 🙁 .

    Thank you. God bless.

    1. May the Lord be with you and your family. I feel your pain and frustration, have faith, God will heal your brother and son.

  361. Please pray for my fantastic 1 year old grandson Kai that he would not by crabby, cranky, discontented, dissatisfied, grumpy, or ungratified. Rather that the Lord Jesus Christ would help him to be contented, happy, pleased, satisfied, be at peace.
    The parents, John & Keri will be filled with patience, and understanding to raise him with the Love of the Lord.

  362. I loved your prayers so much I have been looking for a prAyer that would say how I’m feeling and to go with me and everything around me thank you I loved them all and I will read the everyday in hopes that my lord Jesus Christ hears me and helps me ❤

  363. I was searching for a prayer for my son an stumble on your page the spirit move me to continue reading, and I love what I saw. Just wanna say thankyou you have open a nxt chapter in my life. Amen. May the lord continue to shine his light on you an through you. Stay bless.

  364. please pray for a miracle for my son Jarred that God will protect him and heal his mental condition. I pray God will put a hedge of protection above and around him and send his angels to stand over him, please pray with me for Jarred. In Jesus mighty name I pray amen.

  365. pray for me pls.. hello to all.. i am 24 same with my husband ferdinand.. at our young age we already have four children. help us to make our family goes strong, were independent. i have small cellphone shop business, thats where we get our everyday needs.. pray for me to make my business more strong for the future of my children.