Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Posted 6-14-08:

In 2000 my health went haywire. I wilted and became very frightened and discouraged by the deterioration of my once healthy body. It wasn’t until around 2003 that doctors were able to give me a firm diagnosis. Auto immune disease… specifically Rheumatoid Arthritis. You could say it was then that I felt as if I was dangling at the end of my rope. I was spending most of my days in bed, unable to do much, depressed and fearful that my life would turn out like my mother’s (She was very ill all of my life and died when I was 29… she had auto immune disease… Multiple Sclerosis.)


A friend saw how lost I was and invited me to her church. I was attending my church… but I guess it was pretty obvious that my faith was not working and my spirit wasn’t being fed. It was a new experience for me as I had never been to a church that really believed ALL of God’s promises. Up until that point, I had been taught that many things in the Bible weren’t relevant for today. I was moved that day to place my whole life in the hands of God. I was anointed with oil that very day (which believe me, I thought was weird but was willing to obey the promptings of the Spirit!)… and began the journey of a lifetime…


As I placed my WHOLE life in the hands of God, that very week He delivered me into the care of a new doctor that changed the course of my life. That doctor talked to me about faith and not just medical options. I was moved to read the Bible. I got better and better with the passing months and as gratitude began to fill my heart, I also began to mourn for all I had done throughout my life that was displeasing to God. (Until I read through the Bible… I hadn’t even realized how I had displeased him so!!!)


I repented deeply, renewed my faith, was baptized by full immersion so that I was truly born again with no traces of sin and inequity from my past. I then searched my heart and soul asking God to reveal to me any area of my life that displeased him. What he revealed to me was so painful I rebelled in my heart… but obeyed with my actions. It took years of good teaching, inspirational authors, moving sermons and another read through the Bible… and then… last fall… a strangers voice on the end of the phone finally propelled me to embrace my deliverance.


As a side note, last fall, the very same week I began deep and purposeful prayer to embrace ALL of God’s promises of healing over my body, I began sending out these prayers over our children. I felt so selfish spending so much time praying over myself… I decided to spend even more time praying over my family… and ALL of God’s children.


I no longer have Rheumatoid Arthritis. God’s healing has manifested in my body. I haven’t taken one drug to treat the disease in almost a year (I was taking 6 hour chemo infusions every 4-6 months to suppress the disease) Today… the disease is simply gone… my doctor can’t explain it… but I can!!!


I love each of you dearly and am here for you. If there is anything I can do to encourage you along your journey, please reach out to me. I have compiled an incredible list of books and teachings I would be happy to recommend… and of course would love to take you to my church for a real shot in the arm if you are in need of worship that will fill you with His Spirit!  


If you have trouble reading your bible daily, feel your prayers are being blocked by the enemy, or just need guidance in learning how to walk more closely with God… send me an email or call me today… I have just what you need!!!


Joyfully and with love,




P.S. I have received more phone calls and emails than I can count telling of the awesome changes in your lives since we began praying together… or the result of fervent prayers of your own over areas of your lives and those you love… please consider sharing your miracles (large or small) with us by leaving a comment on this page… we ALL need encouragement… and your stories WILL change lives… we just need to SHARE!!!


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