Sunday 4/27/2014

My children will be more influenced by the future than the past. What they commit themselves to will determine who they are today and who they will become.

Philippians 3:13 

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  1. My daughter and myself pray everynite before we go to bed.
    My daughter play badminton game. Every time she pray for protection and to do well in competition, but she got the reverse prayer answer.
    I can feel that she is loosing faith in Jesus and myself is affected too.

    Sometimes, I wonder where is Jesus…why Jesus does not want to protect her from injury and let her play good game.
    Those non believers seems to do well and protected. Why ???

    She is questioning me why Jesus is not helping her. It is no point for her to pray to Jesus.
    She is wondering where is Jesus…

    Please help me….I am lost too. My faith is affected too.

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