Thursday 11/05/2015

As my children mature, I pray they begin to rejoice when they see people acting differently from ‘the world’ … following the Lord in obedience instead! When my children truly begin to serve You … their definition of ‘cool’ will completely change from those imitating Hollywood … to those imitating Christ!

1 Corinthians 13:6

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  1. As the mother of a 21 yr old boy and 20 yr old daughter, I can truly say that we MUST completely TRUST God and his timing. Often we get caught up in how things LOOK….looks like (our kids) are lost….but God is actively pursuing them (for your sake AND for His sake)….He will forever (til His return) work to do this. And, for me, and TO MY UTTER AMAZEMENT….it was “Hollywood” and their crazy lifestyles that are so fad right now….that caused my kids to say….”hold up….I know there’s a God….bc this is too crazy. If there’s evil there must be good…maybe I should listen to my mama…..”Lol….oh God can use ANYTHING even Hollywood… for His bidding…..oh God is SOOO good 💕💙💚💛

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